Wine Lover's Guide to France

Wine Lover's Guide to France

by Michael Busselle

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Two very nice additions to wine book collections. The Hachette guide provides advice on wines, vintages, and vineyards, while Busselle leads readers through the wine countrysides. In addition to providing basic information on wine and wine areas of France, Busselle includes a glossary and limited advice on tasting, purchasing, cru classifications, styles, and vintages. His conversational, quietly enthusiastic writing style and spectacular photographs will please armchair travelers, while the detailed Michelin maps will be helpful to serious students and travelers. Hachette readers who persevere despite the somber format and complex system of symbols will discover a powerhouse of information that actually makes French wines and areas understandable. Beautifully organized, Hachette provides a good introduction to seasons, vinification, labels, aging, tasting, terms, food combinations, and varietals. Using evaluations from 200 judges, Hachette reviews 5000 wines, giving concise, generally positive comments. Although the book does not cover the fine 1985 vintage and leaves the reader wanting to know more about the vineyards and other vintages, it's a fine value. Similar books that do not cover the subject so well, or so completely, cost more. Both these are recommended for most collections. Carolyn Alexander, USACDEC Technical Information Ctr., Ft. Ord, Cal.

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