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Winning by Losing: Drop the Weight, Change Your Life

Winning by Losing: Drop the Weight, Change Your Life

3.7 97
by Jillian Michaels

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Drop the weight and change your life with Jillian Michaels’ Winning by Losing. The fitness expert on the smash hit NBC TV show “The Biggest Loser” and “Losing It,” Jillian offers her unique, comprehensive, no-nonsense health and fitness program that can help anyone lose unwanted pounds and keep them off. Losing never felt so


Drop the weight and change your life with Jillian Michaels’ Winning by Losing. The fitness expert on the smash hit NBC TV show “The Biggest Loser” and “Losing It,” Jillian offers her unique, comprehensive, no-nonsense health and fitness program that can help anyone lose unwanted pounds and keep them off. Losing never felt so good!

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Changing menus isn't enough. Fitness mentor Jillian Michaels knows that the only way to lose weight permanently is from the inside out. The coach of the winning team on The Biggest Loser weight loss TV show has developed a plan that combines a behavioral makeover with realistic diet plans and a no-gimmick workout. But make no mistake; her Winning by Losing isn't a "one size fits all" weight loss plan. The book includes a section that will help readers identify their unique biochemical and metabolic needs, enabling them to formulate an individual diet plan.

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Winning by Losing

Drop the Weight, Change Your Life
By Jillian Michaels

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2005 Jillian Michaels
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0060845465

Chapter One

Getting Real: Planning For Success

Your first step on the road to total health and your best life is simple: you can't achieve success if you are not moving toward something, so before you do anything else, you have to establish a long-term goal. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast. It's easy to say to yourself that you want to look like an action hero or a supermodel. It's a little bit different to arrive at an ultimate goal that is at once ambitious and attainable.

What exactly do I mean by attainable? In our day-to-day lives we are bombarded with images of supposed perfection and beauty all the time; it's easy to let the media and the world at large dictate how you feel you should look and consequently how you feel about how you do look. I'm telling you right now, that's got to stop. You know those articles about how to get J-Lo's toosh, Gwyneth's arms, Brad Pitt's rock-hard abs? Forget them! Even Cameron Diaz doesn't look like Cameron Diaz. Those photos we see in magazines are shot after hours of hair and makeup sessions, then airbrushed to perfection.

Unrealistic aspirations to live up to these impossible standards lead nowhere except to poor self-image, self-loathing, and disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Lizzeth from my Biggest Loser season 1 team had suffered all her life. And I know because I've been there, too. When I went from being a chubby kid to a chubby teenager, I became obsessed with my weight, falling into a cyclical pattern of self-hatred and low self-esteem fueled by the bogus images of women in magazines or on TV. I struggled desperately, obsessively, with the desire to be as skinny as Kate Moss. In my worst years I starved myself and even went for a liposuction consultation. I would spend hours in front of the mirror picking myself apart, analyzing my every flaw, beating myself up over every imperfection; my body became a screen onto which I projected all my negative feelings.

It wasn't until I started to accept and love my body -- and work with it rather than against it -- that I got real results. I might not look it on TV, but I'm short and stocky. Period. I even have cellulite on my butt. I am a real flesh and-blood woman with plenty of imperfections. And I happen to look and feel great -- I have learned to be the best me that I can be. I'm healthy and strong and in the best shape of my life because I accepted the reality of my body. I will never have the petite, slender frame to which I aspired for so many years, but now I don't even want it. Once I let go of that unrealistic notion of what I thought I should look like and realized that I could be a sexy, voluptuous woman, I was able to look at myself honestly and see what could be done to make me look and feel my personal best.

Take a good hard look at where your negative feelings about yourself are coming from. Whatever the source may be, whether it's media brainwashing, judgment from family or friends, or maybe a bad relationship, you must recognize it so that you can begin to let it go. Forget perfect. Perfect is boring! Our bodies are beautiful, no matter how narrow our cultural definitions might be. Embrace your perceived imperfections -- they make you unique -- and love who you are. It's the only way to move forward.

So what is a realistic expectation of an ideal you? Below are three basic body types -- identify the one that best applies to your body. It is important to understand your shape and what you can and can't expect from it.

1. The apple shape. The apple tends to store fat in his or her upper body, so if a person is carrying extra weight, it is usually around the belly. Fat stored in the upper body can lead to cardiac disease, so it is important for apples to be health conscious. Apples have evolved to store fat in this way to adapt to long periods of famine.

2. The pear shape. Pears hold the majority of their fat in the lower body: hips, buttocks, saddlebags. Pears are mostly women. This shape has evolved because fat stored in these areas aids in fertility and breast-feeding. This type of fat is not as much of a health risk as abdominal fat, but it is harder to lose.

3. The proportionate shape. Lucky proportionates have fat cells distributed equally throughout their entire body. When they gain weight, they gain it everywhere. When they lose weight, it comes off evenly.

As you can see, your basic shape is just a result of your particular pattern of fat deposits. With proper diet and exercise -- the kind that I lay out and personalize for you in the "Science" and "Sweat" sections of this book -- you can do a lot to alter your shape, but it's important that you get a grip on the fact that you can only win against genetics up to a certain point. Once you understand this, you can let go of unreachable goals and replace them with real ones.

After identifying your shape as one of the three basic types, you need to establish a realistic weight for your specific build. You've probably heard of the body mass index. The BMI is used to determine the amount of fat you have on your body according to your weight and height. Here's why you're not going to use it: it fails to distinguish between fat and muscle, so the BMI will ultimately give you an incomplete sense of your ideal weight. The medical industry has most recently set its weight guidelines according to the waist-to-hip ratio method, which is a much more accurate way of arriving at an ideal goal weight. Follow these steps to find yours.


Excerpted from Winning by Losing by Jillian Michaels Copyright © 2005 by Jillian Michaels. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Jillian Michaels is best known as one of the trainers from the NBC hit series The Biggest Loser. Jillian has also written Making the Cut: The 30-Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Sexiest You. She has a line of workout DVDs, a successful online program at www.jillianmichaels.com, and is AOL's fitness coach for 2007. Jillian lives in Los Angeles with her beloved and faithful Chihuahua, Baxter.

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Winning by Losing: Drop the Weight, Change Your Life 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 98 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I like evaluating new diet books out of simple curiousity and to pick them apart. I have never watched the show Jillian Michaels is on - The Biggest Loser. The title is a real turn off. I bought this book expecting to hate it. I thought it was at best going to be a piece of fluff and at worst a dangerous, misinformed, and unrealistic weight loss program that would prey on the desperation of overweight people. Jillian's program is, in fact, exactly the opposite. Winning By Losing is the most honest, informative, comprehensive weight loss book I have ever read. Her passion for what she does leaps off the pages in the books SELF section and it is obvious to anyone who reads the diet section that she is an expert in her field. I am refrerring this book to any of my patients who are looking for a real solution to their weight loss problems. Last, this book is reader friendly, simple to understand, and well laid out. However even if you follow it to a 'T', you'll be doing the same thing you've always had to do to lose weight- eat less and exercise more. This book is no- nonsense and well worth reading for anyone who wants to get serious about losing the weight - permanantly.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love Jillian Michaels, from her role on the Biggest Loser to her always informative radio show. I'm a big fan and I love the way she combines knowledge with a true passion to improve peoples lives. She can talk tough, but it's tough love to help people reach their potential.

This book is a powerful mix of all the key elements needed to lose weight and feel good about doing it. The book is divided into three sections: Self, Science and, of course, Sweat! But rather than treating weight loss like some kind of magic recipe that must be followed, she understands that weight loss and the reason's behind it can be different for each individual. Jillian shares some of her history (she was overweight and unhappy) and she had to deal with her emotional issues. If anything, that seems to be the formula that most people miss; deal with the emotional side of things and you'll be more motivated to eat right and move your body. (Not all of us have a personal trainer and pressure of millions of people watching our every move like the contestants on The Biggest Loser)

This book is awesome and is great to kick start a positive change in your life. Combine this with a deeper approach to dealing with the emotional side of things (there's a bunch of books on this subject out there). The best thing I found was a book called "Body Esteem." It's written specifically for women, sorry guys. Perhaps someone else out there has a suggestion for men.

Overall, Jillian has written a book that should help you reach your goal of a healthier, happier life...good luck!
ksmeyer More than 1 year ago
I loved this book...it was EXTREMELY helpful in getting me to live healthier all-around. Jillian starts from the beginning - you need to be in the right mindset to lose weight and start living a healthy life. Then she goes into the "science" of healthy eating and finally into the "sweat," great ways to work out and overcome plateaus doing so. This is a great book for beginners or people with a lot of weight to lose. If you have less than 20 lbs to lose, you might prefer her book "Making the Cut" instead, as it has less about the mindset than the food and exercise.
lihle More than 1 year ago
I am on my third copy of this book! I loan it out and it never comes home. I recommend it to ANYONE looking to improve their health, body, self-image, fitness...she does it all. The writing is exactly how she would talk to you face-to-face. She doesn't try to impress you with her knowledge that is being fed to her by a team of writers, she shoots it straight. I haven't found a product of hers that I haven't loved. She doesn't promise you some quick fix by killing your body or restricting anything. She tells you how to do it right and she is so positive, you can almost hear her cheering you on.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I can't say enough positive things about this book. I was already a huge fan of Jillian's from watching the Biggest Loser Show but this book has impressed me even more. She goes into every area of weight-loss from how the body works, what mental changes need to be made to make real lasting changes, food recommendations and a great hard-core work-out program. An added bonus is that she includes a detailed break-down of each exercise. On a very small aside note, I thought it would have been great if for each exercise listed in the workout schedules there was a page number beside it for the reader to have an easy reference to jump back through the book and see exactly how that exercise is to be performed. But I can't complain because I have been working out and feeling great! Thanks Jillian, you rock!
solah29 More than 1 year ago
This book is great if you're just starting out toward a healthy lifestyle and getting fit because it lays things out in simple, straightforward terms. It also helps you to figure out the formulas for your calorie intake, how much you burn, etc. However, since this is her first book, some of the information is not on par with her recent philosophies. For example, in this book she suggests that you use artificial sweeteners like Splenda in your food instead of regular sugar. But with her most recent book she tells you not to use any artificial sweeteners. But all in all, it's not bad.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is absolutely amazing. It is great for the beginner exerciser and for the regular gym goers who need a change in their routine. Very educational in the fact that it outlines body types, heart rates, calories, food labels and will power. The author's motto is based on circuit training to gain maximum results rather than the myth of straight cardio. A bonus 50+ pages of exercises with photographs and a 12 week "circuit training" routine to get you motivated and kept on track. I would rec this book to anyone who can stick to a workout routine without the boredom of constantly having to run on a treadmill, stair climber and those of the like.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is great. It contains a lot of useful information in easy to understand terms, including information to customize your diet based on your specific metabolic type. The diet is not restrictive at all -- it basically gives you the information you need to decide how many calories you want to eat to lose the weight at the rate that you want to lose it. It takes a little bit of math but it's simple and worth it. It also has a great exercise plan. Most books, especially that crap Biggest Loser Book, don't really go into the details of how the foods we eat affect our body and our weight. I only got the book last week and I've just started the plan but I'm very optimistic. This is definately not a get thin quick gimmick.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read many diet books and plans. This book has really given me the courage to start and finish my weight loss goals. I have only just begun, but I feel like I can finish this time. She not only covers the food and exercise, but also gets down to the route of the problem. I highly recommend this book for those who want to improve their life through weight loss. Weither it be 10 pounds or 75 (like me)!!!
amy82AC More than 1 year ago
I was looking for a book to help me lose weight and start a whole new life and this one helped. I love Jillian from the Biggest Loser so I was really excited to see that she had written a book and when I read the summary I was very interested. She has everything from her own favorite recipes to pictures of different moves to do. When you read it you will feel like she is right there in front of you talking to you. It's great I'm sure you will love it too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I learned a lot from this book. Not only does it provide valuable information, it's great to know that Jillian has been where I am as well. She wasn't always in this great of shape. So, I am more inspired to give it a very dedicated shot because I know I can succeed if I give weight loss and healthy eating a real try.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've been following the diet and workout plan in 'Winning By Losing' since just before Thanksgiving. It really amped up my weight loss... in the last 6 weeks - the critical weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day - I've lost 14 lbs. The workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment I use a ball, a set of 40 lb. adjustable dumbbells and some resistance tubes. The eating plan is easy to understand and follow. I recommend this book to everyone I meet who wants to improve their health and fitness.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you are the type of person who has a basic understanding of fitness and nutrition but wants to put it all together, this book is for you. Jillian hits the nail on the head with the first 'chapter' of the book. This is one of the first 'diet' books I've read that has really looked at the mind before the body. Very easy to understand this book because it's not rocket science. Jillian points out what we all know...to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume. She also tells you how to get the most out of your workout and what amounts of food you should be consuming. Bravo to Jillian for such a straight forward, health conscious book. I will be passing this book on to friends!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this book. Jillian tells it like it is, but also provides the data and facts to back up what she says. Anyone looking to make a lifestyle change and get in shape should read this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I hope to incorporate the philosphy of this book to my own life, the explanations are logical and simple yet revolutionary all at the same time. The book is easy to read and Jillian approaches a sometimes touchy subject with humor and caring. Educational and motivational... this book is superb. I highly recommend it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
By far the most informational and heart felt weight loss book I have ever read. Jillian Michaels doesn't make any empty promises of quick fixes or fad diets in her 'three prong approach' to weight loss. Instead she offers real solutions to those of us struggling with our weight provided we are willing to do what it takes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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