Winning Resumes

Winning Resumes

by Robin Ryan

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Covering all the bases, Winning Resumes pinpoints exactly what you should - and should not - do to create powerful, attention-grabbing resumes. Ryan's proven Goldmining Technique, an easy-to-follow, 7-step process, helps you analyze your most important skills and accomplishments, and shows you how to emphasize and custom tailor them for specific jobs. Here's where you… See more details below


Covering all the bases, Winning Resumes pinpoints exactly what you should - and should not - do to create powerful, attention-grabbing resumes. Ryan's proven Goldmining Technique, an easy-to-follow, 7-step process, helps you analyze your most important skills and accomplishments, and shows you how to emphasize and custom tailor them for specific jobs. Here's where you'll find tips from hiring managers and human resource personnel on key mistakes to avoid; market-tested resumes that landed interviews - and jobs; the latest information on using the Internet to post your resume; special sections with advice for new college graduates, senior executives, and career changers; and much more!

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Winning Resumes

By Robin Ryan

John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0-471-26365-6

Chapter One


"Amazing-I've sent out 10 resumés and got 10 interviews. That's a 100% success rate. I would never have believed I could be in such demand," said Tom, a real estate executive and one of my career counseling clients. "In fact, the old resumé I had been sending out for months before we redid it, got no response. But this new one made a big difference for me-it pointed out my unique strengths and demonstrated accomplishments. Now I know that's exactly what employers want to read. My field is jam-packed with executives looking for jobs, but that was no deterrent for me once I had the right resumé. Employers saw me as a top candidate coming in the door. Now I've had the luxury to evaluate several job offers that came as a result," he concluded.

Anne, an advertising executive and career counseling client, wrote to report about her success. "We've done such a fantastic job on my new resumé that the managers and executives who interviewed me actually commented that my resumé was excellent-easy to follow, and provided details in a clear and brief manner. One manager picked out my resumé from among 300+ she received and commented on how good it was. A great resumé sure helped when I'm trying to beat the odds. Who would have thought that I would get a new job this fast?"

Jack, chief financialofficer and seminar participant, wrote to say, "Previous to your job search seminar, I virtually never got a response to any resumé that I sent out. However, subsequent to your seminars, I seem to have had about one interview per week either on the phone or in person. Interviewers in the Portland area tell me that they receive about 100 to 400 resumés for each position. To stand out in such a crowd was a result of your seminars, and I now hold a superior new job to prove it."

The Goldmining Technique-that's how each of these people wrote their resumé and subsequently got their new jobs. Client after client had similar success and got the job they wanted. Proven, market-tested resumés that were successful with employers-that's all you'll see in this book. More importantly, you'll learn how to write one for yourself!

Now you will beat out the competition with the new resumé we'll write together as you use this book. A better resumé is your ticket to a new job, more personal satisfaction, more money, and a better future. In today's competitive workplace your resumé cannot just be good, it must be outstanding.

Together we're going to create an advertisement of your skills and abilities that really causes employers to stop and want to meet you! This book is based on the past successes of my clients. I also conducted new research and an extensive employer survey to determine employers' needs and preferences. The advice in this book will enable you to deliver exactly what employers want.

What must you do to stand out? Must you lie? Deceive the employers? Make stuff up? Is that the way to the top? Absolutely not! The employer will see right through that scam, and it will surely be exposed and unravel on you during the interview. The exclusive survey I undertook for this book went to 600 hiring managers and human resource personnel to provide you with the facts on the best ways to create an outstanding resumé. In my experience reviewing over 10,000 resumés, most people are too general and devalue their experience. They lack the know-how to self-market and capture employers' attention. Ineffective or weak resumés remain in the stack and never elicit an interview. I do not want that to happen to you. I'm committed to your success. Here's the secret to writing a more powerful resumé that gets employers' attention. Create accurate assessments that use facts, statistics, and noted contributions that demonstrate your ability to perform the job. To write your winning resumé, you'll use The Goldmining Technique. This is a writing technique that I developed and used for years to help clients and seminar participants hone and advertise the very best they can offer to excel at the potential employer's job. This seven-step process is easy to use. You'll learn how my clients rose above the other candidates. How, even in a crowd of 1,200 resumés, the one using The Goldmining Technique stood out and got the interview.

In no time, we'll have a great resumé put together for you. Soon you'll be beating the competition when employers respond to your new resumé by saying: "Call this one in for an interview."

Success Stories

Every person in this book was looking for a new job. Success eluded them until we improved their resumé. During the writing process they learned about what they had to offer an employer. Their ability to communicate their most important skills heightened. You will be able to relate to their challenges: being fired or laid off, seeking a promotion, just launching a new career, or bored at the old job and wanting something better. You'll learn how the job analysis and the dissection of their skills relates to your situation and skills. You'll see the whole process Cindy went through and how she only sent out one resumé and got the job. You'll discover how Gladys became a human resource manager at one of the country's top companies. Joe got a promotion and landed a bigger store to manage. Dennis found a terrific new job and really learned his true value to employers when he started with a $20,000 jump in salary. Better jobs. Bigger salaries. Happy people working, contributing, and adding meaning to their lives every day. This is what we'll be working to obtain for you. Your success is my goal. We'll define your strengths and your accomplishments to stress the very best you have to offer an employer. We'll work together to land you a great new job.

Only One Purpose

Your resumé must get you an interview. It's the final test. It either works, or it doesn't. Once you get the interview, a great resumé sets the tone to elaborate on your skills and actions at past jobs. Employers want to draw conclusions by learning the results of your efforts elsewhere. You'll walk away from this book with a clearer notion about the importance of analyzing the jobs you've done and noting both the actions and the results. You'll find it's an easier task than you feared once you use The Goldmining Technique. Proven resumés and employers' insights will aid in creating a resumé that gets an interview for you.

Real Facts about Resumés and Employers

I've spent over 20 years helping people advance their careers and find meaningful employment. I've worked in higher education and in corporations and have personally hired over 300 people. My work with thousands of clients has led to their success in landing great new jobs. Additionally, I have taught hundreds of employers how to screen out and hire the best people. I have written other books on job search: Winning Cover Letters; What to Do with the Rest of Your Life; and 60 Seconds & You're Hired! These are all solid credentials to advise you on your resumé. But, that wasn't enough for me. I wanted you to know the latest, most accurate information on what makes a resumé really grab an employer's attention. Therefore, I created a survey and sent it out to 600 hiring managers and human resources people. The results of the survey gave us firsthand insights on what mistakes people make and what really impresses employers. I've laced this book with so many of their comments. Their advice will definitely help you to write a stronger resumé as well as perform better in the interview.

Exactly who participated in our hiring survey? Thirty-eight percent were human resource managers with a few executive recruiters. The other 62% held senior-level management positions. The human resource respondents worked at Fortune 500 companies-some of the most impressive organizations in the world. Others worked for medium-sized companies, nonprofit organizations, or within state or federal governments. They work in various industries from manufacturing to telecommunications, from service and retail to education and high tech. Healthcare, tourism, hospitality. The survey respondents came from all across the country offering a variety of insights but with common suggestions and advice. The human resource managers in the survey had all hired more than 200 people. One pointed out that he'd hired over 1,200 for the Fortune 500 company he worked for.

The 62% who held management positions were CEOs, vice presidents, senior managers, presidents, department heads, and program managers. They came from a broad cross section in every industry from Miami to Seattle, New York to Los Angeles, and most places in between. They have each hired an average of 80 professionals or managers (all the way up to the CEO position). Those at the largest organizations had hired more than 100 people. Their experience and insights will be eye-opening as you learn firsthand what they think and how they decide exactly who to hire.

Market-Tested Resumés That Landed Jobs

The resumés in this book are taken from my client records. Every resumé you'll see got the person an interview; most went on to land the job. Only their names and personal information have been changed to ensure their confidentiality. Though their background and circumstances differed, there's one commonality among them all: using The Goldmining Technique to write a resumé. IT works! I've selected people of all ages who've been fired or laid off, new graduates, senior executives, or career changers-real people just like you with real circumstances. I've taught resumé writing seminars for over 12 years, and seminar participants and clients all used this seven-step Goldmining Technique process. They praise the technique stating that it is easy to apply. You won't find silly gimmicks, untried resumé tips, or dumb techniques that won't work here. You'll do a thorough job and skill analysis; you'll consolidate your solid accomplishments to create your new resumé. To increase your competitive advantage, you'll benefit from our employers' hiring survey and get recommendations from the horse's mouth, America's hiring managers, on what it takes to get their attention and what impresses them.

Only 15 Seconds to Sell You

You have only a few seconds to snag the employer's attention. You must create interest in a proven, well-organized format, or the employer will simply move on to the next person. You'll soon discover that as you proceed through The Goldmining Technique, you start to clearly grasp your most important skills. You gain insight from all the advice the hiring managers have given to more succinctly list your skills. We're in a race-a race for time. You must sell the employer within 15 seconds of looking at your resumé or you'll lose that job. No interview, no higher salary, and no new position. The competition is heated, and the use of The Goldmining Technique will enable you to develop a competitive edge.

One added benefit of this writing process is that it will let you move ahead in the interview. You'll have the facts on your actions and noted results that allow you to offer interview answers packing information and punch to convince them to hire you. Before your next interview, I suggest you read about the 60 Second Sell(tm) and other interview strategies in my book, 60 Seconds & You're Hired! (Penquin). It will keep you performing at your optimum level.

You're Now in the Advertising Business

Your resumé is a succinct advertisement of you: your abilities, skills, talents, and experiences to do the job. Using The Goldmining Technique, you'll learn to create an accomplishments approach resumé. You will note the ACTIONS = RESULTS that you have achieved. ACTIONS = RESULTS-a powerful combination that is impressive to employers.

Step aside for one moment, and you will realize that you now have undertaken the job of an advertising executive-to create an interesting ad, or resumé in your case, that gets noticed. Your advertisement must be the very best you have to offer (your top skills, strongest abilities, talents, and credentials). Just as any company plans its marketing strategy, designs its ad, and sells the most moving benefits to the buyer, you must do the same. This time, the product is you. This is a critical piece of advertising. This self-marketing piece or resumé announces to the world that you are the one for the job.

What you'll learn from this book will enable you to improve the effectiveness of your resumé. It will open the door to more job interviews for some of the better jobs out there. We've got some important work to do to help you reach your goal and land a new job. Let's get started.


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