Winning Soccer for Girls

Winning Soccer for Girls

by Deborah W. Crisfield

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Children's Literature - Bruce Adelson
For any young woman interested in learning how to play soccer, this book will prove to be a valuable primer. With the aid of comprehensive detail and helpful photographs, the reader will learn much about the mechanics of soccer play. This is one of the oldest team sports known to us, having begun more than 2,000 years ago in 400 BC, Today, soccer has become one of the world's most popular sports, although the game still lags in comparative popularity in the United States at the professional level. Kids across this country have nevertheless gravitated to what is basically a simple game, needing only players and a soccer ball. In her book, the author provides information on varying facets of the sport, from passing, ball handling, receiving and tactics to how to play goalie. Don't expect your child to select this book for leisure reading. It is styled as a how-to book, replete with details and descriptions that do not lend themselves to recreational reading. But if you have a girl in the house looking to learn how to play soccer or improve her game skills, this would be an excellent choice for her to peruse.
Wes Lukowsky
One doesn't need a Gallup poll to realize that the number-one sport among young kids is soccer, but if youngsters are ever going to progress, they'll need coaching--and not from inexperienced parents. Crisfield, a freelance writer and--more importantly--an experienced youth soccer coach, provides a very solid foundation with which to increase skills. And there's nothing here that would limit the text's application to girls' soccer. The author discusses rules and equipment; stretching and training; ball control; receiving, passing, shooting, and heading; and goalkeeping. There's also a concise but valuable overview of basic strategy. A key element, often missing in other soccer instructionals, is Crisfield's guide to the skills and strategy needed for the game's many restarts (corner kicks, throw-ins, penalty kicks, etc.). Seventy-six black-and-white photos complement the text effectively. An exceptionally well done instructional.

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