Winning Virgin Blood [Winning Virgin 1]

Winning Virgin Blood [Winning Virgin 1]

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by Destiny Blaine

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WINNING VIRGIN BLOOD [Winning Virgin 1] [Erotic Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Vampire Romance] Las Vegas lures in those with a taste for temptation. If the allure of easy money is craved, there's no better place to be than Sin City. Orlando Spenser discovers in the desert all that glitters is not gold when he loses a substantial amount of his family's fortune. He returns


WINNING VIRGIN BLOOD [Winning Virgin 1] [Erotic Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Vampire Romance] Las Vegas lures in those with a taste for temptation. If the allure of easy money is craved, there's no better place to be than Sin City. Orlando Spenser discovers in the desert all that glitters is not gold when he loses a substantial amount of his family's fortune. He returns home with a broken spirit, only to discover his kinsmen have decided to send him back to the very place where he almost lost everything. He will return with one goal—to find a suitable mate. When Orlando returns to the desert and locates his ideal life partner, he must convince her to return to his family estate in Scotland. The task won’t be a simple one for the vampire who knows better than anyone that Las Vegas wasn’t built on winners and even when Lady Luck falls in his lap, he quickly discovers she is anything but agreeable. *** "The Winning Virgin series will lead you through several generations of Spensers. You'll visit Las Vegas, Scotland, and many other compelling places. You'll sink into the lap of luxury with the Spenser clan and find wherever the family visits, they enjoy the best of all worlds—the one they live in now and the past they'll never be able to leave behind." ~ Destiny *** 5.5 Kisses: Recommended Read: "In Winning Virgin Blood, the first book of her new Winning Virgin series, author Destiny Blaine introduces us to the rowdy, willful and 'sexy as sin' Spencer clan. Although Orlando starts out more the love 'em and leave 'em type, fate has other plans for him. When he reluctantly returns to Las Vegas and meets the redheaded Natasha, he hits the jackpot when their chemistry is off the charts. I felt the sizzle just reading it! The lovely Natasha however, is no easily won prize. She requires some major convincing so the very determined Orlando pulls out all the stops when it comes to his personal brand of 'persuasion'. I think you'll find Winning Virgin Blood a very enjoyable and steamy read, with a highly likeable cast of characters. I personally cannot wait for the next installment of this series. Winning Virgin Blood is a 'must read' and one for the keeper pile." --Tina, Two Lips Reviews *** 5 Pixies: Recommended Read: "Winning Virgin Blood is spectacular! This is Destiny Blaine's first attempt at a paranormal novel, and I am completely astounded. Readers expect an author's first foray into a different genre to pose a few issues in the storyline. However, I couldn't find a single thing to detract from this amazing story! Filled with a wickedly dynamic storyline, very engaging characters, and a romance that will blow your mind, Winning Virgin Blood is at the top of my favorite paranormal list this year. I was totally swept away by this story and the complexity of this vampire family's lives. I genuinely feel like I've gotten to know everyone involved in this story, and I wasn't left with feelings of boredom or repetition anywhere. If you're looking for a phenomenal paranormal romance, look no further. Winning Virgin Blood is the book for you!" --Amanda Haffery, Dark Angel Reviews *** 5 Hearts: "Winning Virgin Blood by Destiny Blaine is hopefully the first in a series of vampire brothers on the search for virgin brides. Ms. Blaine's compelling, erotic novel is a masterpiece. It was hot, sexy, and sinfully exotic. Hooked from the first words, Ms. Blaine truly delivers an amazing tale of feisty red hot love!" --Crystal Adkins, Book Reviews by Crystal *** 4.5 Blue Ribbons: "Winning Virgin Blood is a book that pulls you in and totally keeps you hooked. Once you start this book you won't be able to put it down. This is the first book in the Winning Virgin series and it proves to be a wonderful start. I can hardly wait to see what the next book in the series will bring. Destiny Blaine has done an excellent job of creating a tale that readers won't soon forget." --Angel, Romance Junkies

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Siren Publishing
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Winning Virgin Series
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By the time Orlando and Almonzo slipped into The Dark Castle of the Desert, they were exhausted. They stumbled through the long hallways of the magnificent castle while Almonzo commented on the structure. "Makes you feel like we missed out, and we were anything but short-changed." His hand stroked the velvet walls.

The floor gave way to a slant leading them underground. Orlando smelled blood. He savored it like fine wine. It quickly filled his nostrils and became part of him. He instantly knew others had met similar fates.

Letting his mind race, he grew uneasy, feeling the presence of another being in the darkness. "Wait. Stop. Listen." He held up his hand to break off his brother's stride.

Almonzo had always trusted his brother's instincts and halted without question.

"Someone is here. I smell his blood." Orlando turned his face to the ceiling and inhaled deeply, allowing his nose to lead the way.

"You're sure?" Almonzo tried to do the same, tilting his head upward.

"Positive. It's familiar."

Tate appeared without need for an introduction. "Come, boys, I'll show you to your quarters." He walked quickly ahead of them. Bewildered looks were fired back and forth between the three once Tate stopped at the end of the corridor.

"What the hell are you doing here?" they asked in unison.

"I came ahead to prepare for our long stay." Tate sneered when he placed emphasis on just the right word.

"Don't count on it. I intend to find her, bed her, and get the hell back to Scotland, so I can leave her ass there," Orlando fired back with venom.

Defiantly, they pushed by the caretaker and Orlando followed the smells that aroused him. Hefound it in a master suite within the four walls confining furniture for the most discriminating tastes. The smell of blood drove him to the brink of madness. "Here? It's here where I will bring her, isn't it?"

Tate commented to Almonzo, "I'm not surprised he found it with ease among all the rooms. The scent would have led him to the one room where many have fought the urge to join with their partner for eternity." He turned then to Orlando. "These quarters are suitable then?"

Orlando's lips formed a perverse smile. "Perfect. The smell of virgin blood in this room is a scent I'm sure I won't soon forget. I'll sleep like a baby until I meet the woman I will marry. This is just indescribable." His nostrils flared with the excitement.

Almonzo wasn't nearly as intoxicated by the smell as his brother, who was more than a little obvious with the sniffing gestures he made. "Look." He pointed to the nightstand where a journal was open. "It looks like some of our own have left you details of their experiences." He started to chuckle soon after he picked it up, skimming over the first page.

"Who cares what happened here before? I'm only interested in the future."

"I thought you weren't too antsy to find her? Now, all of a sudden, you are eager?" Always the observant one, Almonzo shot his brother an inquisitive glance.

Tate showed reluctance when he volunteered what he knew. "When the panel decided it was time for Orlando to choose his life partner, there was no turning back. He'll be driven to find her."

The caretaker continued, "The mix of blood, sweat, and even the salt from tears will be maddening to you as you dream about her. You'll want to find her, but by the time you do, it will not be a moment too soon. One night in here with such a mixture of pain and pleasure, sorrow and joy; will fill you with need more powerful than even you know."

Orlando felt the words heat his skin as much as the truth that was evident to his instincts. He could feel the animosity that had been there as well as so many other emotions. There had been passion certainly, but it had been preceded by hate, remorse, deception, lust, and a concoction of so many feelings characterized by fear.

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Winning Virgin Blood [Winning Virgin 1] 2.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book would not open on my nook. I had to download book to my laptop to be able to read it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read in order or you'll be lost: Winning Virgin Blood Winning Virgin Love Winning Virgin Lust Winning Virgin Promises Winning Virgin Devotion This is the only one that isn't menage. Wish they were all menage, frankly.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
wcvamp More than 1 year ago
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