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Winning Virgin Lust [Winning Virgin 3] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)

Winning Virgin Lust [Winning Virgin 3] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)

2.5 7
by Destiny Blaine

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[Menage Amour: Erotic Urban Vampire Menage a Trois Romance, Fantasy] It's the morning after a sexual romp and Constance Spenser wakes up with more than a headache. Since she doesn't seem to know who she is or where she belongs, Sebastian Sabbat buys into the old adage of finders keepers and that's just his first mistake. The Sabbats and the Spensers aren't friends


[Menage Amour: Erotic Urban Vampire Menage a Trois Romance, Fantasy] It's the morning after a sexual romp and Constance Spenser wakes up with more than a headache. Since she doesn't seem to know who she is or where she belongs, Sebastian Sabbat buys into the old adage of finders keepers and that's just his first mistake. The Sabbats and the Spensers aren't friends and when two of their own join for unconventional purposes, the families aren't exactly pleased. Add in a little brotherly love and a threesome guarantees Constance will soon be tied to more than just one Sabbat. Gabriel Sabbat will join his brother and Constance in a very accepted vampire ceremony, but when Darian Sabbat realizes Constance has her hooks in Sebastian and Gabriel, he makes a quick decision. Darian knows he can't trust his brothers now that Constance wants their undivided attention. In a bold move, he takes the initiative to secure the future of his family and he has a little insurance to ensure the Spensers never get in his way. NOTE: We recommended reading the Winning Virgin series in the order written. Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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Winning Virgin , #3
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Barnes & Noble
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Gabriel lowered his head and dipped his tongue deep into her pussy with every goal of staking a full claim. She was glad, oh so glad he did. Within seconds, Constance felt the explosion of lust take her, claim her and break her under his suction.

"Oh God! Sebastian! Gabriel!" Who should she cry for? Who she should call for? "Coming..."

He didn't savor the oral feast like she thought. No, instead, he wanted her to come fast and hard and he drove her to it with any easy goal in mind. Where he gently made love to her mouth when he kissed her, his tongue nearly hammered into her now.

A shocking climax, no maybe it was a wave of orgasms, pulsed through her body and she cried out a few times, but each time Sebastian's mouth covered hers and the loss of vocal release only agonized her. She wanted Gabriel to hear her call his name. She needed to say his name in the heat of the pleasure he brought.

Sebastian held her hair fisted in a knot while he kissed her into a heaven only angels experienced but she didn't quite classify as one who earned the title. Right now, she wanted to be bad--naughty as hell.

Gabriel's hands settled on her hips and he pushed her away from him and slapped her ass before gripping her only tighter. The one smack he brought lit a blazing fire in the core of her pussy.

She flinched and then writhed as if she was going to come with nothing there to start her or hold her back. "Don't stop. Not now." Her hips rotated forward.

"What's wrong, honey? Did I miss a spot?" He slammed her pussy right back against his mouth and latched his lips over her clit.

"Oh! Damn it! I'm going to fall!" Her knees buckled and Sebastian braced her againsthis chest pushing her toward Gabriel's tongue with the lightest pressure on the small of her back. Gabriel's aggressive nature took him wherever her body allowed him to wander and there were few barriers to stop him with Sebastian easing her body over his mouth.

Gabriel's approach, his sexual skills, varied from Sebastian's. He liked to play rough and he didn't plan on taking her any other way. It didn't mean she enjoyed it any less. He rode out her orgasm with her and never left her needy or without, but then he swatted her ass and pulled her back on the bed as he did. He lost his pants in record time and somehow, she didn't expect to be man-handled without additional foreplay, but that's exactly what Gabriel needed and wanted--he wasn't a man who stood by and waited for opportunity. No, he created them.

She was drenching between her legs. She didn't know how in the hell she could still be wet, but lust saturated the folds of her pussy and she begged for cock.

Sparkles, yes damn it, beaded little pearls of moisture tipped Gabriel's dick and she wanted to taste him. She had to swipe them away with one wispy motion.

She did it. Her tongue carefully licked the slit at the tip of his dick as she moaned her approval. He grunted in satisfaction. Morse code had nothing over on them once their oohs and ahhs began with more heat-defining lingo suggested in growls and groans than any language ever defined.

Now she had to hover. She wanted the absolute whole of his cock striking against the back of her throat while pulsing against her tongue with his full release. Oh holy hell, why did he have to moan like a man who truly enjoyed his woman?

Because I'm as much his as I am Sebastian's. She shivered as if a cool wind lashed at her back. Now, she had to have him cum in her mouth.

She was, without a doubt, thirsty for him and her mouth dropped over his shaft with one purpose--to quench the longing. His cock was large and at first, she did choke against the length. He snickered, withdrew, and then pushed the tip of it to the back of her throat. And the erotic effort began.

"There, baby woman. I want you to suck my cock like you'll never have another because I swear to you, this one will be one you'll need from here forward."

Oh God, why did he have to state the obvious?

A hissing sound filled the air and the anger between brothers cut through the act of joining for a split second but only for a passing moment. Nothing right then was going to stop them all for getting what they bargained for, what they all wanted to accomplish.

Sebastian's hands began to guide her hips. Both men fisted their cocks and each had a different purpose. Sebastian slid in from behind, bypassing one entrance, where his cock would certainly fit with some effort, he moved his dick right past her folds and gained her admiration and attention as he slowly moved right into the tight walls of her pussy.

"Good damn, you're tight." He clamped down on her shoulder and his bite drew blood. Gabriel's eyes shaded with recognition.

Her teeth snapped. Her fangs threatened to drop. Damn it all, she couldn't suck a man's cock with sharp fangs set. She fought for mind control, demanded oral obedience and she urgently defied pussy control because once Sebastian's sweet cock began to stroke, she wasn't sure how many times she came, but she found a rhythm and then she found a beat--each time, she only sucked Gabriel deeper because he accommodated her needs.

"That's it, little princess. Damn Sebastian, her hot little mouth." Gabriel fucked her moist tongue and throat with a large cock most women would run from if they had the option. If Constance only paid closer attention, she would've preferred to have him in between her legs rather than swelling between her lips but then again, delicious meat often came at a hefty price. He hurt her with the thrusts and only choked her with a daunting smile--one she put there and she'd be damned if she would leave him without it. He could pump his cock into her any day of the week if he'd just watch her take him.

Smack! Smack! Smack! With a pop she released Gabriel's cock. "Ah, finally." She arched her back and took the slaps. "What took you so damn long?" Two more slaps were brought down across her bottom.

Her mouth dropped open and Gabriel's smile was only wider. "Well, I'll be damned. The little vixen likes it when you paddle her ass." He looked at her breasts and opened his mouth like he might just take a nipple in between his lips but instead, he issued a request, a heady order.

"You're not finished yet, princess." With a fisted manly grip, Gabriel shoved his cock back to her lips. "Come on, baby, show me something wonderful with that hot little mouth of yours."

Her eyes closed as she took him and Sebastian took her. Her mouth surrounded him as she all but swallowed the strength of man's best and she deliberately held him deep, taking him with a slurping sound and a deliberate moaning as her body began to unravel with the extraordinary fuck Sebastian provided.

"I'm going to come--now!" Gabriel's hips drove his cock in between her lips and damn if he didn't tell the truth. The jolt of his release almost brought her off of the bed as the swirling hot cum drifted onto her tongue and he thrust against her tongue and throat as she swallowed all he had to give.

"That's it. Don't stop. Suck it baby. Take me little princess. Suck deep. Ah yeah. That's good, baby ... so good." His husky voice sounded tortured and it scared the hell out of her.

Bobbing her head up and down, she felt Sebastian abandon her pussy for a temporary break but when he came back with a forcible thrust, she understood he wanted her to feel him all the way to her soul. "Don't move." His hand moved around to touch one breast, just long enough to tweak her nipple with a simple pinch. The other one was well caressed by another adoring hand.

Sebastian's hand came down once again on her ass and then a sweaty palm gripped her hip. "Ah Constance, don't move baby. Never move away from me." He fucked her with forceful reminders of him, hurtful purpose, damn near broken beats and when he came, his juices seemed to drip on and on until she didn't want him to do anything more than simply bury himself in her.

He collapsed on her back slowly and didn't pay much attention to the fact that Constance's arms wrapped securely around Gabriel's waist. Sebastian covered her back with kisses and everywhere he kissed, hot fire held her in place. He lavished her with an affection and love she'd never known. Her lips drifted too and with circles of emotion, she planted kisses into Gabriel's skin, but what she seemed to be doing to his heart would leave him forever changed because she saw it in his eyes.

* * * *

Time passed but it didn't seem like the clock ticked off the minutes quickly. Gabriel held her to him like he didn't care that Sebastian rested against her back and he carried the weight of two bodies. His hand began to move over her forehead and his lips settled on her brow for just a second before he whispered against her lips.

"I have to get inside of you. Let me feel you, Constance."

She blinked with a response because her throat was far too dry to state yes or no. He reached under a pillow, and proved he was a man who planned ahead. He pulled out a foil package.

He brought it to his lips and ripped the corner with his teeth. It was easy to place the condom in her hand then and together they rolled it over the length of his engorged cock.

His hand remained wedged between their bodies as he told her what to expect. She watched his mouth move as Sebastian left her temporarily only to return before she had the opportunity to comprehend where the Sabbats planned to take her.

"You are going to be uncomfortable for a minute but I promise you, we're going to bring you pleasure. You're never going to know this kind of pleasure or this kind of pain." He locked his focus on his brother and with a true purposeful smile, he nodded as if he suddenly earned the right to act as the deciding party.

Sebastian spread a lubricant over her butt and his shaft. She felt the cool moisture as he rubbed it everywhere--her ass, his cock--was he bathing in it? She didn't care. She was so turned on that she began to react to wherever his finger trailed arching against him and bracing for what came next--undoubtedly, it would be her.

When Gabriel bit down on his lower lip, her eyes bulged with knowledge and expectancy. A cry left her lips as one cock wedged slowly into her ass and the other began to stroke the walls of her pussy.

"Oh my..." She didn't know how to define it or begin to describe it so she only tried to feel--feel what they were doing to her body, what spaces they invaded and yet so cautiously controlled now. She heard Gabriel tell her there would be pain but this ... it was so close to hell and yet so incredibly close to pure bliss. Both men leveraged themselves into their respective places and then they did not move.

"Help me." She closed her eyes and swallowed hard. Gabriel started to withdraw. "No! Don't move. Just wait." Her eyes flew open. "Don't leave me, yet. Just give me a second to adjust to you ... both."

Sebastian's warm lips began to move across her back. "What is it, Constance? Can you do this?"

"Can I do this? Hell! I am doing this!" She stretched her neck upward and her eyes dropped as she tried to tempt Gabriel with a bite he ignored. "I need you." He glared at a vein she felt tingling with her life. He damn well knew what she wanted.

"Just for that, you are totally fucked." The thrusts he made between her folds only forced her to part her legs for a more personal invasion from the rear and all three bodies shifted at one time.

"Damn woman, you're tight." His head dipped to her chest and he began to carefully lick around her nipple as Sebastian stroked her ass with a thick cock guiding him forward in a rush.

"You like two for one, don't you, sweetheart?" Gabriel only hoped, and she only inspired it more as she deliberately clenched her vaginal walls tighter against his penis.

I love it. She mouthed the words. She didn't want to hurt Sebastian but Gabriel realized her position. She not only loved fucking both Sabbats, she cared for both of them.

"Damn it to hell!" Sebastian held onto her hips as he tried to grind his cock against her ass slow. "Forgive me, Constance. I can't take you nice and gentle, baby. Damnation, you feel too good. Too damn hot." His breathing hitched in his chest. His thrusts were stronger with every stroke, and while he broke through the sensitive flesh of an untouched barrier, Gabriel's thighs bunched and he brought her in for a kiss so passionate she thought he'd kissed her literally into another decade. It was a mind-blowing detailed kiss where his whole mouth responded in an earth-shattering moment and if kissing brought on a more potent climax, this was it. It was a man's kiss. The kind that forever remained embedded in a woman's mind.

"Love me." She mouthed the words and his strokes picked up as his lips curled into a deplorable expression.

"I do love you." Sebastian heard the silent whisper she meant for only Gabriel to witness.

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