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The Winter Rose
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The Winter Rose

4.4 226
by Jennifer Donnelly

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It has been twelve years since a dark, murderous figure stalked the alleys and courts of Whitechapel. And yet, in the summer of 1900, East London is still poor, still brutal, still a shadow city to its western twin. Among the reformers is an idealistic young woman named India Selwyn-Jones, recently graduated from medical school. With the help of her influential


It has been twelve years since a dark, murderous figure stalked the alleys and courts of Whitechapel. And yet, in the summer of 1900, East London is still poor, still brutal, still a shadow city to its western twin. Among the reformers is an idealistic young woman named India Selwyn-Jones, recently graduated from medical school. With the help of her influential fiancé—Freddie Lytton, an up-and-coming Liberal MP—she works to shut down the area's opium dens that destroy both body and soul. Her selfless activities better her patients' lives and bring her immense gratification, but unfortunately, they also bring her into direct conflict with East London's ruling crime lord—Sid Malone.

India is not good for business and at first, Malone wants her out. But against all odds, India and Sid fall in love. Different in nearly every way, they share one thing in common—they're both wounded souls. Their love is impossible and they know it, yet they cling to it desperately. Lytton, India's fiancé, will stop at nothing to marry India and gain her family's fortune.

Fractious criminal underlings and rivals conspire against Sid. When Sid is finally betrayed by one of his own, he must flee London to save his life. Mistakenly thinking him dead, India, pregnant and desperate, marries Freddie to provide a father for hers and Sid's child. India and Sid must each make a terrible sacrifice—a sacrifice that will change them both forever. One that will lead them to other lives, and other places . . . and perhaps—one distant, bittersweet day—back to each other.

Editorial Reviews

Claudia Deane
If Jennifer Donnelly doesn't watch out, she's going to get a reputation. With publication of The Winter Rose, she proves that her first fast, fat and fun historical romance—2002's The Tea Rose—wasn't a fluke…she's a master of pacing and plot, with enough high points scattered throughout to keep your pulse racing, from a manhunt in a rat-filled London tunnel to a child missing on the African plains (the book's final section takes place in Kenya). I became so consumed with finding out how it would end that I read the last third at near-choking speed. I just had to know: happy or not happy? I imagine you will, too.
—The Washington Post
Publishers Weekly

In late Victorian London, idealistic new medical school graduate India Selwyn Jones goes to work at a clinic in the city's poorest neighborhood, much to the dismay of her aristocratic mother and ambitious fiancé, political up-and-comer Freddie Lytton. The squalor isa bit much for India, but she manages to keep her emotions under control until she meets underworld crime boss Sid Malone. Sid begins as India's nemesis, becomes her patient and ends up something much more than that. What India doesn't know is that Sid is the brother of tea heiress Fiona Bristow, wife of self-made, highly principled businessman Joseph Bristow. What Sid doesn't know is that India's fiancé is as ruthless as Sid's most ruthless henchman, willing to commit theft, betrayal and even murder to launch his career, force India out of hers and bring down Sid in the process. In typical epic style, Donnelly (The Tea Rose) alternates India's story with Sid's, Freddie's, Joseph's and Fiona's, leading the reader through turn-of-the-century England from the Houses of Parliament to ale houses and whore houses, and from London to Africa and beyond. It's all familiar stuff, but Donnelly's passion and energy will keep readers turning the many pages, rooting for India and the gruff underworld boss she loves. (Jan.)

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Library Journal

The second book in a planned trilogy (after The Tea Rose), this story of notorious East London criminal Sid Malone (formerly Charlie Finnegan, believed dead) and crusading woman doctor India Selwyn Jones takes many melodramatic turns between their first antagonistic meeting in 1900 and their final passionate rendezvous in 1907. Fighting their desire for each other, Sid struggles to go straight, and India devotes herself to healing poor women and children. By the time India thinks to break off her engagement to Freddie, the handsome, politically ambitious schemer who only wants her family's money, it's too late-she's trapped in a loveless marriage, and Sid is on the run. Fiona and Joe, characters from the trilogy's first book, figure prominently, but this book stands on its own. The author includes interesting details related to medical practices of the time, but her main characters have contemporary attitudes, and the history goes down easy. Readers looking for a historical page-turner along the lines of Barbara Taylor Bradford's A Woman of Substancewon't be disappointed. Recommended for public libraries.
—Laurie A. Cavanaugh

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Meet the Author

Jennifer Donnelly is the author of The Tea Rose, a Booksense Pick, and the children's award winning book, A Northern Light. She lives in Tivoli, New York, with her husband and daughter.

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The Winter Rose 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 226 reviews.
Debbie-J-1970 More than 1 year ago
Just finished reading this book. Apparently this must be a continuation to her book, "The Tea Rose", although you don't need to read that first because both books stand alone as complete novels. I first became interested in Ms. Donnelly's books when I read "The Northern Lights". She writes beautifully, her characters aren't just one dimensional nor two dimensional. She brings so much life to each and everyone of the characters in her books that I could empathize with all of them, even the secondary ones. I loved this book and could hardly put it down. It was over 700 pages but I finished it in two days.
-JACKI- More than 1 year ago
I didn't read THE TEA ROSE first, but after reading this masterpiece, I'm going to order it! Jennifer Donnelly has yet another fan!! ... A couple more books I consider masterpieces that came out this year are EXPLOSION IN PARIS, by Pirrung, and BREAKING THE RULES, by Bradford....
Guest More than 1 year ago
I debated over whether or not to dedicate time to reading a book that was a tad bit over 700 pages. So I made a deal with myself. I¿d give it the 50 page test. If in 50 pages, I am not hook then I won¿t finish the book. Can you believe I was hooked on the prologue? In a word, the book was unbelievably great! Okay, so that¿s two words. The story centers around India Selwyn Jones, a lady doctor, her ambitious fiancé, Freddie Lytton and the man she falls in love with, a crime boss Sid Malone. Their story collides with the characters from THE TEA ROSE, the first book in this trilogy. The characters¿ lives with its turmoil had me so wound up emotionally that I needed to read a bit of nonfiction before dozing off at night. Without giving anything away, you won¿t know until the very end if there is a happy ending for India and Sid or if they are doomed to more tragedy. This riveting love story had so many unexpected turns that it was hard to guess what would happen next. Even though it¿s a mammoth of a book, I was sorry to see the story end. Jennifer Donnelly, with her masterful skill of story telling, moved me out of my comfort zone and had me wanting more. I can¿t wait to read more of her creative tales.
poosie More than 1 year ago
India and Sid have a rough start to their romance due to Sid's past and the difference in their backgrounds. Just as their love affair is getting started, their world is shattered by Freddie, the ruthless, ambitious politician who just happens to be India's childhood friend and former fiance. Just as it looks as if Freddie has won and Sid and India find themselves world's apart, fate has more in store for them. This beautifully written novel takes you from the London slums to the plains of Africa to the beautiful California coast. There is romance, adventure, and evil to keep the reader intrigued. The author worked in good period detail and politics of the time. Like its predecessor, The Tea Rose, The Winter Rose is a page-turner full of intriguing characters, suspense and romance. It was impossible for me to put down.
iwantsomebass More than 1 year ago
Is there anything better than a bad boy reformed by love? The answer is no. That's why I loved reading about India and Sid. It's the classic tale of hate turning into love and my favorite kind of story.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was ridiculously good! I didn't think I'd ever read a historical novel on the level of 'Gone with the Wind' again, but Ms. Donnelly's talent puts Margaret Mitchell to shame. This book requires an investment of time, but it provides an amazing return. You will find The Winter Rose very difficult to put down.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have read both books and loved the way the stories take so many turns. Very clever how the 'rose' comes into play. There has to be a book three, as I need to know what becomes of all these great characters.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was an epic tale but it held my interest all the way through. I had to read it while I layed it on a table because it was so heavy but I could not stop reading.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was a little apprehensive about reading this daunting 700 page novel for two reasons. First, I hadn¿t read the prequel, The Tea Rose. Secondly, this was the first historical romance novel that I have read. Despite these facts, I jumped into the book feet first, and when I did, I discovered that for the most part, it was worth spending weeks reading it. Some critics have called this book an early 20th century soap opera and I agree ¿ I love soap operas, they help me escape from my reality. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and reading about adventures in England, Africa and America. In particular, I liked getting acquainted with the newly minted female physician, India Selwyn Jones and I enjoyed reading about her quest to find love. I look forward to reading Donnelly¿s next novel, The Wild Rose ¿I just hope it is more concise.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What a treat -- especially on these wintery days -- to sit down with this epic, romantic, suspenseful book. Ms. Donnelly did very thorough research to give us this wonderfully constructed book. It seems these kinds of books are rarely written these days.
AZLatin More than 1 year ago
Follow up to Tea Rose this book continues with it thoughtful characters and vivid descriptions. I wanted to keep reading even though at times it seemed drawn out.
Litwoman88 More than 1 year ago
I could not put this book down. The length of the book would make it difficult to complete in one sitting but I wanted to try.I did not initially realize that it was the second book in a series and wish I had read "The Tea Rose" first. The characters are really well developed into the historical plot. I like that it altered scenes not only from different areas of London but continents as well. The amount of historical information made it an interesting read, everthing from the cockney language to the imperial race for Africa. I would recommend this book even to those that are not into historical fiction. Can not wait for the next book to come out.
pattithebaker More than 1 year ago
I would sugest reading the Tea Rose first. The Winter Rose was exciting from the beginning to the end, it was a sequel to the Tea Rose. I could not put down the book. The characters were well introduced and very interesting. Jennifer donnelly is an excellent writer. I hope we see more of her thrillers and romance books. The plot to this story was amazing. I would every one to read this book.
CelticSkye More than 1 year ago
In this second installment of the 'Rose' Trilogy, Jennifer Donnelly picks up where she left off at the end of 'The Tea Rose.' This book is the tale of Fiona's brother, Charlie, a.k.a. Sid Malone and the fearless passionate Dr. India Selwyn Jones. Dr. Jones, a female doctor in a man's world and the daughter of very rich and somewhat royal parents falls for the crime boss of East London, Sid Malone. Dr. Jones's money hungry and insane ex fiance is killing people left and right just to keep a hold on the millions of pounds that he stands to inherit so long as he marries the Dr. Sid Malone, a.k.a. Charlie Finnegan, has decided to go straight and leave his life of crime behind. This thrilling tale takes them all the way to the plains of Africa and back. Jennifer has an amazing ability to create such a vivid and clear story that it's almost like a movie playing in your head as you're reading the book. I couldn't put it down and once I was done, I reread The Tea Rose and then Winter Rose again. I am excited to see The Wild Rose come out next year to finally see what happens to the whole family.
LaurenW9 More than 1 year ago
The Winter Rose is the sequel to The Tea Rose. Both of these books are an excellent way to escape from your everyday life and jump into the lives of Jennifer Donnelly's character. These books are about the lives of people in the Victorian Era. The setting is mostely in London, but also it has parts in America. I am currently involved in a play about the Victorian era and I have been able to take alot of information I gathered from these character's lives and incorrporate them into my acting. These books will take you on a journey that you will want to relive over and over again. I would recommend these books to anyone who enjoys reading books about interesting lives in a troubling world.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I finished Tea Rose and went right out and got Winter Rose. I love both and can't wait til the third one comes out!!
dcbell05 More than 1 year ago
I read a lot of books every and this is one I will not be forgetting anytime soon. I was hesitant because it sounded just so-so from the back, but it was AMAZING! The story was so unique. The drama and mystery had me biting my nails. I cheered for characters, cried for them, and felt sympathy for others. I was so pleased to discover this new author. The only thing that could have made this book better was read "The Tea Rose" (the story that comes before this one in the series) before this one. And the Tea Rose was just as fabululous even when I knew some of the details already. I just can't wait for the final book in the series!
awesomegirl More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was pleasently surprised by this book! I didn't think that I would be as enthralled as I ended up being. I just wish that I had realized that there was a book before this one. I would definetly recommend this to anyone who enjoys historial drama/romance/fiction.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jennifer Donnelly has the ability to pull the reader in as she spins her story. You feel the hope, despair, loneliness, happiness and love as the characters unfold. Don't let the size of this book stop you from reading the wonderful words Donnelly has written-you won't be sorry!! I can't wait for the third installment in this series!
rosi More than 1 year ago
i read the synopsis & i was hooked . i g ot the winter rose and the tea rose, am waiting for the next one if there is a nexr one. the charactors were believable, and the story kept your interest. it wasn't boring and kept going at a fast pace that kept your interest. the chapters wern't long either. ialso like how it continued into the next book. i would read it again it was awesome!!!! like i said i hope there is a third one..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The historical facts and fiction in the book are fabulous. You really feel for the characters and get so involved with them, you miss them at the end of the book.
APRILJO More than 1 year ago
gyabo More than 1 year ago
though not as dashing and great as the first, it was a new and interesting read from "Sid Malone's" point of view. It was insightful and pleasant. Greatly reccommended. And I agree with those above me, the roses are a great recurring image in both books. Donnelly deserves a star!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Like The Tea Rose, The Winter Rose is another enjoyable story by Jennifer Donnelly. Once again, the characters are likable and the plot is compelling. In both The Tea Rose and The Winter Rose, if the reader can over-look the historical incongruities and vagaries of chance the story presents, they will be in for an epic-length treat. The Winter Rose picks up the story of Joe and Fiona Bristow a couple of years after we last saw them (in The Tea Rose). They are now starting a family while still working at growing both Fiona¿s Tastea tea empire and Joe¿s Montague Grocery chain. Additionally, Fiona is obsessed with making contact with her brother Charlie who, as we found in at the end of The Tea Rose, is not dead but who instead has taken on the identity of a local bully, Sid Malone. In this book we also get a chance to delve more into the story of Sid (Charlie) when he falls in love with a young woman doctor, India Selwyn Jones, and decides to leave the grifting life in order to make a new start with her in America. Sid and India soon find out how hard it can be to try to leave the crime world behind. Seamus Finnegan is also back in this novel. He quit school in order to join Scott and Shackleton on their Discovery expedition to the South Pole. After that adventure, his romantic attention is captured by a young female mountain climber who he accompanies on a climb of Kilimanjaro. I particularly enjoyed reading about a whole new set of characters while still getting a chance to check in with the cast of The Tea Rose to see where their lives have taken them since we last met. I also really enjoyed the villain, Freddie Lytton ¿ pure evil with a gentile face. He really kept the story hopping.