Winter's Journey

Winter's Journey

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by Kathryn Meyer Griffith, Dawne Dominique

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To keep the bank from repossessing her eighteen-wheeler and putting her and her daughter on the street, trucker Loretta Brennan takes a dangerous route to Wyoming with a winter storm approaching. She worries if she can make the deadline and navigate the icy roads since her driving partner husband died in an accident the year before.
At a truck stop, Loretta meets


To keep the bank from repossessing her eighteen-wheeler and putting her and her daughter on the street, trucker Loretta Brennan takes a dangerous route to Wyoming with a winter storm approaching. She worries if she can make the deadline and navigate the icy roads since her driving partner husband died in an accident the year before.
At a truck stop, Loretta meets handsome hitchhiker Sam Emerson, who helps her out of a bind. She feels compelled to return the favor and offers him a ride to Cheyenne. Blizzards, a series of trucker murders, and a sinister truck haunt them along their route. They grow close despite Loretta's fear that Sam may be aligned with the killer. Is Sam a good man down on his luck or is she falling in love with a murderer?

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The truck's interior light spread across the darkness and for the first time she got a clear look at her Good Samaritan. Under the cowboy hat he was clean-shaven, except for a mustache, and had intelligent eyes that reminded her in the weak light of a wolf's eyes. She'd met men with those same eyes before and they'd been dangerous in one way or another. His hair was shaggy and unkempt and curled at the collar of his shirt.

But he was smiling now, his smile as wolfish as his eyes, and he'd done her a favor and had been nothing but a gentleman with her. "Anything I can do to help?" he asked.

"What I need," she said, waving a hand at the raised hood and the engine after she'd picked up the flashlight she'd dropped from the ground, "is a doctor for my truck. It's sick."

The man took the flashlight from her, walked over and peered into the engine. His fingers traced along the metal parts, jiggling something here, something there. He seemed to know what he was doing. "Yep, looks like you need a fuel filter."

"You're pretty knowledgeable for a hitchhiker." She forced herself to stop looking at him and his long legs and shifted her gaze to the buildings at the end of the lot. She'd been having strange thoughts about the man. When he'd come back from dragging off her drunken admirer she'd had the urge to throw her arms around him and kiss him. Which was crazy.

Even now she kept sneaking peeks at him because she wanted to see his smile again. The feelings were so unexpected they took her off guard. She never reacted to a man this way.

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About Kathryn Meyer Griffith...
Since childhood I've been an artist and worked as a graphic designer in the corporate world and for newspapers for twenty-three years before I quit to write full time. But I'd already begun writing novels at 21, over forty-four years ago now, and have had twenty-two previous novels, two novellas and twelve short stories published from Zebra Books, Leisure Books, Avalon Books, The Wild Rose Press. My Dinosaur Lake novels and Spookie Town Mysteries (Scraps of Paper, All Things Slip Away and Ghosts Beneath Us) are my best-sellers.
I've been married to Russell for thirty-seven years; have a son and two grandchildren and I live in a small quaint town in Illinois, which is right across the JB Bridge from St. Louis, Mo. We have a quirky cat, Sasha, and the three of us live happily in an old house in the heart of town. Though I've been an artist, and a folk/classic rock singer in my youth with my brother Jim, writing has always been my greatest passion, my butterfly stage, and I'll probably write stories until the day I die...or until my memory goes.
2012 & 2014 EPIC EBOOK AWARDS *Finalist* for The Last Vampire & Dinosaur Lake.

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Evil Stalks the Night, The Heart of the Rose, Blood Forge, Vampire Blood, The Last Vampire (2012 EPIC EBOOK AWARDS*Finalist* in their Horror category), Witches, The Nameless One short story, The Calling, Scraps of Paper (The First Spookie Town Murder Mystery), All Things Slip Away (The Second Spookie Town Murder Mystery), Ghosts Beneath Us (The Third Spookie Town Murder Mystery), Egyptian Heart, Winter's Journey, The Ice Bridge, Don't Look Back, Agnes, A Time of Demons and Angels, The Woman in Crimson, Human No Longer, Four Spooky Short Stories Collection, Forever and Always Romantic Short, Night carnival Short Story, Dinosaur Lake (2014 EPIC EBOOK AWARDS*Finalist* in their Thriller/Adventure category), Dinosaur Lake II: Dinosaurs Arising and Dinosaur Lake III: Infestation

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Winter's Journey 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Once I started reading this book I couldn’t stop. I never knew what was around the corner and needed to keep flipping those pages so that I could find out. Loretta Brennan lost her husband Jed two years ago to a trucking accident. Widowed and trying to survive with a mortgage, a balloon truck payment due shortly and an eleven year old, Loretta decides to take a job with a big named trucking company. This could be her break and give her the money needed to make the payments. But the route she is to take is the same one her husband was killed on two years ago. There is a winter storm approaching and the deadline is almost impossible. She is to transport oranges from Oklahoma to Wyoming. Because she needs the money she agrees to do the run even with the dangers of the impeding storm chasing her. From the onset she faces mechanical problems, harassed by another driver, stranger steps in coming to her rescue. Loretta meets Sam Emerson who is hitchhiking his way to Wyoming. She needs the help, he can drive a truck and he needs a ride. So she agrees to get him to Wyoming in return he will help drive giving her the chance to get the shipment there on time. When truck drivers are murdered along the same route she is taking, she starts suspecting Sam. By this time he has stolen her heart and she wonders if he is the serial killer and he made her fall for him? As they continue on their route we find that this sweet tender romance, between Loretta and Sam continues, but not without doubt and problems. Ms. Griffith shows us the dangerous side to truck driving while building a romance between to souls that so desperately need each other to help them find their way. Not wanting to spoil the storyline for you as it is a compelling page turner, Ms. Griffith takes your imagination on a journey right to the end. I enjoyed the strong women making it on her own, but how the tenderness of the romance told her that she can be strong but she has needs also. This book offers romance, mystery and suspense. A great read and highly recommended. Review by Robin. Book provided by Author for review. Review Originally Posted @ Romancing the Book.
arlenadean More than 1 year ago
"Winter's Journey" by Kathryn Meyer Griffith was a very good thriller that will keep you turning the pages. After Loretta Brennan's husband (Jed)had died she desperate needed money for her last payment, the balloon payment that was due on her "Baby Blue" rig, her home and the well being of her daughter, Tessa. Getting a call from the trucking company, Loretta excepted a job (since she was a truck driver) with a bonus to deliver oranges to Cheyenne, WY. This was a very risky job due to the bad weather on the mountain roads but again Loretta need the money. Loretta being a female independent trucker was off on the job and soon she started to have problems ...first with her big rig Baby Blue ...then accosted by a truck driver...then she got help from a hitchhiker...Sam Emerson.... Was Loretta falling for Sam? ....then a series of murders start happening.. maybe this was she leave a note on the cops car .... and this story gets even more exciting with every page turned. There are a lot of questions to be asked and answered. Will Sergeant Wilder believe this hitchhiker... Sam Emerson is not the killer? Will they find Loretta before something horrible happens to her? Was Sam in love with Loretta and did she have feeling for him? The Sergeant Wilder and Sam later went to look for Loretta and the weather was now a blizzard. Now Loretta is thinking about Sam and what had happened to him after she left on at the truck stop. Had Sam be arrested? Now she was still having problems again with her 'Baby Blue truck... someone had cut 2 of her tires...Who had a grudge against Loretta? Had Sam come and did this to Loretta? There are a lot of questions that needed to be answered but Loretta still left the truck stop and only had a few hour left to get to Cheyenne. Now a 'white freight liner truck' was trailing Loretta too close. What was she to do? Loretta now realized she should not have left the last truck stop.... There is No escape...She was being trailed very closely...deeply into the mountains. I don't want to give away any more so..... Now you are going to have to read the novel to find out what is happening with Loretta and Sam. Will Loretta get out of this nightmare and back to her daughter and sister safely? Will she see Sam again? Will she make it to Cheyenne? Did any this mess have anything to do with Loretta's husband Jed? Ms. Griffith characters were off the chart....all were so good and really made this story! This is a great suspenseful story and you will soon know just who the hero is in this wonderful read. "Winter's Journey" was well written, suspenseful with mystery and even some romance. I would definitely recommend this novel as a good read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SIMPLY ROMANCE REVIEWS Said: GRADE: B+ In Winter's Journey Kathryn Meyer Griffith tells the tale of a single mother who is fighting to save the life that she has made for her daughter after her husband's death a couple of years before. Ms. Griffith does an excellent job expressing the feelings of her main character with all the hopes for her daughter and the doubts she feels in keeping them afloat. The last thing Loretta wants to do is to take this job to deliver oranges to Wyoming, especially with a big snow storm coming. Worse yet is this is the same route her husband took two years before when he was killed in a hit and run. But she does take the job to make sure she can keep a roof over her daughter's head and her truck on her driveway. From the very first Truck Stop strange things start happening disappearing tools not the least of them. But also at the first truck stop she meets hitchhiker Sam Emerson. Sam had been hitching with a trucker who was drinking and needed a new ride to Cheyenne and that's where Loretta was headed. After agonizing over her decision she decides to take Sam with her, sharing the driving and hoping to get her load in on time. Only thing is truckers start turning up dead every place they've been and to top it all off this rogue truck keeps trying to run them off the road. Winter's Journey is filled with suspense, keeping you on your toes until the very end. We are never quite sure if Sam is guilty or not, there are so many "ifs" you could trip over them. The relationship which grows between Sam and Loretta even with all the doubts and troubles is sweet and you really hope they'll be able to make it. Life on the road has to be hard and Winter's Journey goes a long way to showing us just how hard and how rewarding it can be. Give this one a shot I don't think you'll be disappointed. ~ Reviewed by Lynda at Simply Romance Reviews