Wish You Were Here: Love Songs for New York

Wish You Were Here: Love Songs for New York


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  1. Memory Gospel  -  Moby
  2. Returning from the Wreckage  -  Cornershop
  3. I Love an Apple  -  Mekons
  4. Build Back Up  - Joseph Arthur
  5. Fired Up  - Moe Tucker
  6. I Love NYC  - Andrew W.K.
  7. Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)  -  Hydraulic Funkahaulics
  8. Don't Say Nothing Bad About NY  - Ari Up
  9. 11  - Sheila Chandra
  10. Hava Habiby @@Hakim
  11. Baro Faro @@Gogol Bordello
  12. New York, New York  - Uri Caine
  13. No Sure Way  - Loudon Wainwright
  14. We're Still Here @@Du-Tels
  15. Summer Song  -  Atmosphere
  16. Djarabi  - Baaba Maal
  17. Amazing Grace  - Matthew Shipp
  18. Extreme Terror  - Lenny Dee

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Peter Stampfel   Track Performer
Loudon Wainwright   Track Performer
Sheila Chandra   Track Performer
Baaba Maal   Track Performer
Mekons   Track Performer
Matthew Shipp   Track Performer
Moby   Track Performer
Afrika Bambaataa   Track Performer
Uri Caine   Track Performer
Moe Tucker   Track Performer
Ari Up   Vocals,Track Performer
Lenny Dee   Track Performer
Cornershop   Track Performer
Joseph Arthur   Track Performer
Hakim   Track Performer
Atmosphere   Track Performer
Hydraulic Funkahaulics   Track Performer
Andrew W.K.   Track Performer
Du-Tels   Track Performer
Gogol Bordello   Track Performer
Wilton   Vocals

Technical Credits

Peter Stampfel   Producer
Anthony Davis   Producer
Matthew Shipp   Arranger
Moby   Composer
Gary Lucas   Producer
Afrika Bambaataa   Producer
John Leckie   Producer
Richard Michos   Arranger,Producer
Joseph Arthur   Producer
Mike Napolitano   Engineer
Greg Thompson   Engineer
Chuck Eddy   Producer
Tjinder Singh   Producer
Steven "Boogie" Brown   Producer
Tim Poswell   Engineer
Dan Glomslay   Engineer
Sean Daley   Producer
Alex Saltz   Mastering
Doug Simmons   Producer

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