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With Hearts Aflame

With Hearts Aflame

4.5 2
by Patty Devlin
"Sweet Sinclair: Masters of the Castle Book Five" by Maren Smith

Since a competing sweets shop opened its doors, things have not gone well for Sinclair's candy shop, Maybe's Candy. Business was slowing, her finances were dropping and no matter what she did she just can't think of any way to get her business back on top. Even the one highlight of her week -


"Sweet Sinclair: Masters of the Castle Book Five" by Maren Smith

Since a competing sweets shop opened its doors, things have not gone well for Sinclair's candy shop, Maybe's Candy. Business was slowing, her finances were dropping and no matter what she did she just can't think of any way to get her business back on top. Even the one highlight of her week - that moment when handsome Parker Johnson, a man she'd been flirting with for over a year, came to buy his usual bag of caramels - even that wasn't much of a treat.

Then an unexpected ray of good luck: From out of the blue, she's offered a job. All she has to do is cater a candy party - one day, 900 people, and her store would be financially set all the way through summer. The only catch? The venue is a place called the Castle, a fantasy BDSM resort inhabited by some of the hottest Masters she has ever met. And one of them just happens to be Parker, the same man she's been drooling over for the last year.

What a coincidence! Or is it? Sinclair always knew there was something wrong with him. What she didn't know, was how he could make WRONG feel so wonderfully RIGHT?

"Master My Love: Decadence L.A. Book One" by Maddie Taylor

When a mysterious invitation to a new BDSM club arrives in Valerie Thornton's mailbox, she sees it as a fateful intervention. She has long suppressed her desire for a strong man who can nurture her inner-most desires and bring the submissive inside her to life.

Walking into the most exclusive club in LA all alone, Valerie almost loses her nerve, but the testosterone-filled atmosphere is pure temptation. Each dominant man she sees is sexier and more handsome than the last. When she meets intimidating Eric Dupree, the Master Dom takes her breath away.

As managing partner, Eric should be thrilled. Club Decadence LA is successful, and Rossi is growing by leaps and bounds. But as he approaches middle age, he finds that he needs more than his career and bachelor lifestyle can give him. In walks Valerie Thornton, an innocent to his world. What has brought her to his club, of all places, and why can't he get her out of his mind?

"Love Hurts" by Dinah McLeod

Karen Donahue is intimidating, but she has to be. The youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company, her job is stress personified. She's used to being in charge, and if she doesn't always like it, well, it's part of the job. And if she's a little bit of a brat, it's just because she works so hard.

An excuse that is not good enough for Brandon Fuller.

After Karen's car breaks down, he comes to the rescue, only to be chewed out by the fiery, hot-tempered brat. He informs her that he won't fix her car unless she accepts a spanking for her behavior, and having broken her phone during her last tantrum, she has little choice but to accept. What she's not prepared for is how much she'll enjoy it.

"Love Potion #9.1" by Robin Smith

Harper Hicks is a bona fide witch who has brewed up a bona fide love potion for sale to the normal and not-so-normal customers at her bookstore. After all, who doesn't want a little extra heat around Valentine's Day? And this one is guaranteed to make fantasies come true. What could possibly go wrong?

"Lovely Little Liar" by Patty Devlin

Charlie gives the cop who pulls her over for speeding and reckless driving the performance of a lifetime, telling him that her mother is in the hospital on the edge of death.

Trooper Vin Loveanu wants nothing more than to pull her out of the vehicle and comfort her, but has to settle for sending flowers to the hospital, only to find out that the mother is not a patient. Further investigation turns up an obituary for Charlene's mother from four years before!

Charlie's lies, abominable driving and strong family ties continue to bring the two together. She can't run away far enough or fast enough, and maybe - just maybe - she should be running to Vin, not away, even if it means a trip over his knee - or more than one.

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Meet the Author

Maren Smith: “Hi, I'm Maren. I'm 30, married to a wonderful, dominant man, and have five four–legged children: two dogs and three cats. I love strong, authoritative men–men who are both ready and willing to leave the lady of their choosing red–bottomed and weeping and for her own good. Writing has given me the wonderful freedom to explore my spanking side without feeling 'weird.' Even better, with the invention of the Internet, I can write what I love and know it will be appreciated by people with the same interests.”

Robin Smith: Robin Smith is an inveterate liar who lives in the middle of Nowhere, where she has disguised herself as a very poor person so that she won't upset the natives. She shares a dilapidated old house with an assortment of family members, furry animals, and surly turtles, and in addition to the massive stacks of accolades she's received for her writing over the years, she's also been awarded Deadliest GameMaster five times. Her first publication was in her fifth-grade newsletter, but she has since appeared in all sorts of periodicals, including "Dagger of the Mind," "Dark Desires," and "Hustler" magazine. She hopes to someday win the coveted Golden Tissue for her work in mainstream erotica, just as soon as they start awarding one.

Maddie Taylor: An author of erotic romance, Maddie is also a voracious reader. A fan of all genres of romance, some of her favorite authors include Kristen Ashley, Cherise Sinclair and Jennifer Crusie. Maddie likes to write edgy erotic romances with sexy dominant heroes and spirited real women with a twist.

Dinah McLeod: My name is Dinah. I enjoy a CDD relationship with my husband Jim and freely admit to love all things spanking--reading about it, writing about it, daydreaming about it...you get the idea! As long as I am not in trouble, that is! I hope you will enjoy my books, and feel free to let me know what you think!

Patty Devlin: “I have always loved to write, and daydream, of course. It just comes naturally to me. I love to read. I devour books. Sadly, I had a hard time finding the good books, the ones that had sexy, dominant men in them. The ones where the men weren't afraid to spank a girl if she deserved a few well earned swats. The books that had those scenes were very few and far between.
My books are romance- and they are fun and naughty but you won't find any full sex scenes. (Just enough teasers).

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With Hearts Aflame 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Redrabbitt More than 1 year ago
A wonderful box set, five amazing authors with their own special Valentine's holiday story. Sinclair to make memories at the Castle, Harper to conjure up a love potion, Valerie to fulfill secret desires, Karen to treat people better and Charlie to become responsible.  Each of these stories has dominate men, that know just how to handle submissive women and take them in hand.   SWEET SINCLAIR (Masters of the Castle book 4) by Maren Smith Valentine's Day The Castle Style  Another wonderful story and addition to the Master of the Castle books, but can read as a standalone. Parker came into Maybe's Candy once a week, he was a regular for one pound of caramels.  Sinclair enjoyed the visit and was hoping he would ask her out. But what happens when she gets an invitation to come to The Castle and cater their Valentine's Day event. What happens when competition finds out she is going to the Castle and spreads the word to ruin her and her business. Master Parker can't do vanilla, can Sinclair fit into his world. The twist and turns as Sinclair works at the castle getting ready for Valentine's Day and Parker opens up a new world that Sinclair embraces, but will it be for a few days or is there a future? LOVE POTION #9.1 by Robin Smith Normal's Over-rated Anyway What happens when Harper Hicks, a bona fide witch, makes a love potion but alters some of the ingredients? Better yet, while she is making the potion, she thinks of what she wants in her own relationship/sex life and it transfers to the potion. Yes the potion works, but with an unexpected twist, the person who drinks it asked to be spanked, and they are! Lifelong friend, Damien Kaine was against her making the love potion and when it backfires he agrees to help her, but not before he punishes her. MASTER MY LOVE (Decadence LA Book 1) by Maddie Taylor The End Justify the Means I loved the relationship of Master Eric Dupree and Submissive Valerie Thornton. When she gets a mysterious, unsigned invitation to open Sub night at Decadence LA BDSM club, she goes. Her late husband was strictly vanilla and left her desiring more. Taken under the protection of Master Eric, Valerie soars to new heights. The story had delightful characters, colorful descriptions of the club seen through a new Submissive's eyes and witty dialogue.  This is a series but can read as a standalone, having read others in this series out of order.  LOVE HURTS by Dinah McLeod Attitude Adjustment Karen Donahue is a stressed out CEO of Dusty Records trying to merge with another company. She has a nasty attitude towards her employees.  Brandon Fuller is less than impressed with her sassy mouth, bossiness and abuse of people in general and decides to put her in her place, or over his lap for a good old fashion spanking.  Not only does he spank her, but he plans on helping her make changes in her way of treating people.  Old habits die hard, and her bottom gets red, but for the first time, Karen feels loved and cherished. LOVELY LITTLE LIAR by Patty Devlin TAKING RESPONSIBLITY When it comes to being a nurse, Charlie is a very good one.  When it comes to taking care of herself, she fails completely. Losing her Dad when she is 18 and then her Mom at 20 hasn't helped, but having a big brother, Alex, who has taken it upon himself to be her guardian and punishing her when she messes up just becomes too much. Then to have to deal with a new state trooper, Vin, who turns out to be a cousin to her sister-in-law feels like a set up.  Charlie's lies and excuse really are hurting her and finally she realizes that family and love really do matter. This is an emotional story and deals with several health issues including anorexia. 
SLGIL More than 1 year ago
A nice bundle of 5 stories. My favorite authors and some I didn't know. There was a mixture of a lot of themes, from a bit of age play, to sweet to a little more hard core .. .but still a great set of books.