Without Mercy (Sean Dillon Series #13)

Without Mercy (Sean Dillon Series #13)

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by Jack Higgins

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"In Jack Higgins's acclaimed bestseller Dark Justice, intelligence operative Sean Dillon and his colleagues in Britain and the United States beat back a terrible enemy, but at an equally terrible cost. One of them was shot, another run down in the street. Both were expected to survive - but only one of them does." As Detective Superintendent Hannah Bernstein of…  See more details below


"In Jack Higgins's acclaimed bestseller Dark Justice, intelligence operative Sean Dillon and his colleagues in Britain and the United States beat back a terrible enemy, but at an equally terrible cost. One of them was shot, another run down in the street. Both were expected to survive - but only one of them does." As Detective Superintendent Hannah Bernstein of Special Branch lies recuperating in the hospital, a dark shadow sent by a figure from the past steals across the room and finishes the job. Consumed by grief and rage, Dillon, Blake, Ferguson, and all who loved Hannah swear vengeance, no matter where it takes them. But they have no idea of the searing journey, both physical and emotional, upon which they are about to embark - nor of the war that will change them all.\

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Publishers Weekly
Higgins picks up where his last novel (Dark Justice) featuring top-level British intelligence officer Gen. Charles Ferguson and his right-hand agent, former IRA enforcer Sean Dillon, left off, three weeks after a shootout killed Russian billionaire Josef Belov and his agents Yuri Ashimov and Maj. Greta Novikova. But hold on, not all of the above are really dead, and those left alive have sworn to destroy the general and his band of spies, who are also grieving for their colleague Supt. Hannah Bernstein, another casualty of the confrontation. President Vladimir Putin makes several appearances to give orders to various minions and Russian super-agent, Igor Levin. Their mission is to secure the now-deceased Belov's vast oil interests for the Russian government. With few double-crosses, deceptions or surprises of any sort, Higgins's plotting is not very inventive, and the final shootout, when it limps onstage, takes two short pages. The whole mise-en-scene feels dated, with little in the way of modern-day tradecraft or technology. Ferguson's admiration for his Russian enemies and bonhomie for Levin in particular seems plain silly: "Damn his eyes, I like the bastard. Who knows what the future holds?" Not much for Higgins's fans, if we're to judge from his latest example. (Aug.) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.\
Library Journal
In this sequel to Dark Justice, Charles Ferguson, Sean Dillon, and Billy Salter are back in the pub trying to figure out what the Russians and the IRA are doing, who exactly is responsible for the murder of Hannah Bernstein, and what steps they should take. Overheard by a Russian operative in the next booth, the Englishmen lose their edge, and the usual bloodbath follows. Darkly amusing is the continual denigration of the IRA by the Russians who hire them to do their dirty work and then complain that the Irish are so untidy. By the end of the novel, there are many bodies, yet a few English and Russians are left to connive another day. Talented reader Michael Page infuses emotion and suspense into the story by speeding his pace and altering his pitch so that the listener is drawn into the tale. His range of accents also helps to delineate the various characters. Given Higgins's popularity, most libraries will want to add this recording.-Juleigh Muirhead Clark, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Lib., Colonial Williamsburg Fdn., VA Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.\
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“When it comes to thriller writers, one name stands well above the crowd—Jack Higgins.”—The Associated Press

“The master’s master of spycraft storytelling”—UPI

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Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
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Sean Dillon Series, #13
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6.26(w) x 9.24(h) x 1.14(d)
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14 Years

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Without Mercy (Sean Dillon Series #13) 3.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Guest More than 1 year ago
This was my first Higgins book and will be my last for a LONG while. The plot was confusing because it jumped around and scenes that should have been written in detail and should have been full of suspense and action were summed up in one page. The action is minimal, there is no character development and I was so horrified by the poor quality of this book that I made myself finish it just to see where he took the story. I realize this novel is late in a series of novels with Dillon, but a strong novelist will write a series book as a stand-alone piece as well as a continuation for established fans. Unlike other series that I've discovered half-way through, I won't be going back to the earlier novels to read about any of these characters.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I haven't read Without Mercy yet, but just the fact that Hannah Bernstein has been killed off makes me wonder if the book will be as good as his others. I love Higgin's books especially the Sean Dillon series. I feel that getting rid of Hannah will do the story a grave injustice. But, I can't make a decision until I at least read the book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hello I didn't read the book because in Germany it's not availible at this moment but i will buy to know whats happen to Hannah Bernstein. But now i read that she will be killed. Now i think the action is maybee flown away. I'm a great Fan of Mr. Higgins but i think to cut Hannah out was the wrong decison. Dilon and Hannah were a great team with this toch of love. Maybee i'll buy it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been a fan of Jack Higgins for over 30 years. Almost all of his books have been great, fast paced excitement, plausible stories rooted in history or great espionage thrillers designed to provide dashing heroes and ¿Daring Do¿ plots to show how good the good guys can be and how bad the bad guys can be. However, after the last three books dealing with the Rashid dynasty I had made the decision not to buy this lasted excuse for a ¿Jack Higgins¿ novel. However it was my birthday and my kids bought it for me. So I had to read it. (I wish they had bought me an UGLY tie instead.) This book follows the trend of the last two books. The characters are the same old tired bunch. The book jumps back and forth so much it loses continuity and all sense of rhythm. However on a bright note by now Mr. Higgins assumes we all know Sean Dillion¿s complete life history so he doesn¿t explain it to us each time the great ¿Sean Dillion¿s¿ name is mentioned. The plot is as weak as a two week old tea bag and about as exciting. There is no action in the book what so ever! Most of the book is written in the third person as a narrative. There is very little dialog between the characters. If any more people are shot and fall off the balcony of the Gangster¿s penthouse on the Wapping Pier, then the British govt. can designate it the official execution chamber of the ¿Wandsworth¿s Prison¿. Also if the Salter¿s are such rich and powerful ¿Govners¿ in the British underworld, why do they have such a lousy security system if they have one at all? Also the friendly banter between people who have just tried to kill each other for the second, third and in some cases fourth time is ludicrous. Also if they are that bad at killing each other, how did these people become the pre-eminent spies/agents of their respective governments? By the next book I expect to see poor old Hannah Bernstein back in action because all the bad guys get resurrected why shouldn¿t Mr. Higgins inflict it on one of the good guys too? Not only does Mr. Higgins keep replaying the falling dead guy off the balcony but this is the third time that Dillon has been shot down flying a sea plane and just like in the book ¿Thunder Point¿ he goes down in the same water depth and of course just off shore with in easy swimming distance. Otherwise he wouldn¿t be able to heroically drag his companions to the beach and save them. Another point I am sure that Al Bowlly was a Great Jazz Pianist but didn¿t these guys ever listen to anyone else. Also since when does every Bad guy in the book have to be a Jazz pianist himself? Come on Mr. Higgins, the books are getting repetitive and boring. The best thing that could have happened in this book is that the bad guys would have succeeded and Dillon and company are killed. Then Higgins would have to come up with some new characters for his books. I am sorry this rant was so long but I hate what Higgins is doing to his books. He is too gifted an author to write such garbage. And if his editor won¿t tell him so then we, his audience should.
harstan More than 1 year ago
During a top secret operation sanctioned by England¿s Special Branch Chief General Ferguson, agent Sean Dillon killed several Provo IRA operatives. and Russian Major Greta Novikova. Russian Josef Belov, who used his multi-billion dollar company, to fund terrorism, also was killed. Special Branch thought Major Yuri Ashimov and Russian Major Greta Novikova were also killed but they survived. General Ferguson¿s aide Deputy Superintendent Hannah Bernstein was critically injured. --- Ashimov wants revenge and is backed by President Putin in his desire because he saw too many of his plans and operatives destroyed by the Special Branch. In the hospital where Hannah is recuperating a nurse who is a sleeper agent in the IRA is ordered to kill her. She succeeds and is then killed by her handler. After a few more attempts are made on General Ferguson¿s agents they find out the two Russian agents are alive and pulling the strings of the IRA. Chasing each other half-way across the world, the adversaries vow to kill the enemy and only luck and skill will determine which side wins. --- Jack Higgins never writes a dull book. His novels are always exciting so that readers can¿t turn the pages quickly enough to find out what happens next. One of the author¿s greatest talents is his ability to make cold blooded killing machines like Sean Dillon sympathetic to the reader. This book is one of Mr. Higgins' best novels to date and will definitely appear on the bestseller lists. --- Harriet Klausner