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Wizard A True Star (Todd Rundgren)

Wizard A True Star (Todd Rundgren)

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Wizard A True Star (Todd Rundgren) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay, it was a while ago when this LP released and I admit I was in college at the time. Something/Anything had won me over to TR and I knew this album was coming but had not seen it out when I was at a friend's house late one night and Lightly Spiritually Detached and my friend said, "You just have to hear this while Lythely Spinning Delights." Wizard was the LP he put on the Technics turntable. To my utter amazement, as the sounds and words came flowing out of the speakers and flying around the room, the most amazing geometric shapes and vivid colors began taking form in the air. We were transported into a beautiful, swirling miasma of psychedelia and sound! After Looking South Determinedly many times, I had thought I knew what the "trip" was all about...I was wrong. Todd had mapped it all out and actually engineered a path on his mixing boards and instruments. Imagine my wonderment when I discovered that the "hallucinations" were all artfully painted on an album cover I had never seen!!! TR, master of his art, had recorded an adventure of the mind engineered to guide the neurons along a path he had discovered and enjoyed so much he just had to share!!!! Bravo, TR!