A Wizard Abroad

A Wizard Abroad

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by Diane Duane, Christina Moore

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The next three novels in Diane Duane's Young Wizards series, now in digest size for young readers! See more details below


The next three novels in Diane Duane's Young Wizards series, now in digest size for young readers!

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Clearly fifteen year-old Nita's parents don't fully grasp what it means for their two daughters to be wizards. Misunderstanding the nature and intensity of Nita's relationship with Kit, her wizard partner, they bundle their daughter off to Ireland to spend the summer with her father's sister, Aunt Annie, unaware that the trip actually fulfills a much larger purpose than their own, and also that wizardy runs in the family. While in Ireland, Nita goes "on call" and is summoned to use her powers together with those of a group of Irish wizards to do battle with malevolent forces which, unchecked, would pull Ireland, Europe, and in fact, Earth itself into a time-space void where barriers between past and present, the physical and nonphysical, break down and dark chaos rules. Batttles with the Formori (the early monster of Ireland) and the king, Balor of the Evil Eye, and the conversations with Tualha, the cat-bard, play easily alongside the everyday realism of contemporary rural Irish life. This well written book, fourth in Duane's Wizardy series, moves quickly and will undoubtedly please wizardy fans that have outgrown Harry Potter. Genre: Wizardy/ Fantasy. 1999, Harcourt Brace, 339 pp., $6.00. Ages 12 up. Reviewer: Peter E. Morgan; Carrollton, Georgia
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This book continues the story of the young wizard, Nita, as her parents ship her off to Ireland to visit her Aunt Annie (and to get her away from her partner Kit, whose attentions seem too intense). Ireland isn't at all what Nita expected, with all the ghosts, and with a young cat who knows too much about the far distant past. Everything Nita sees is fascinating, and the history of Ireland soon captivates her. But soon she is linked with a group of Irish wizards fighting for their lives with an nightmare-Ireland's demons, legends, monsters-that is all too real.

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Recorded Books, LLC
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Young Wizards Series, #4
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11 - 16 Years

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She went out through the little concrete yard to the front of the house, where the front door was open, as Aunt Annie had told her it almost always was, except when everyone had gone to bed. Her aunt was in the big quarry-tiled kitchen making a cup of tea.

"So there you are!" she said. "Did you sleep well? Do you want a cuppa?"

"What? Oh, right. Yes, please," Nita said, and sat down in one of the chairs drawn up around the big blond wood table. One of Aunt Annie's cats, a black-and-white creature, jumped onto her lap: She had forgotten its name too, in the general blur of her arrival. "Hi there," she said to it, stroking it.

"Milk? Sugar?"

"Just sugar, please," Nita said. "Aunt Annie, who were those people out there with the horses?"

Her aunt looked at her. "People with the horses? All the staff have gone home. At least I thought they did."

"No, I heard them. The hooves were right outside my door, but when I looked, they'd gone away. Didn't take them long," she added.

Aunt Annie looked at her again as she came over and put Nita's teacup down. Her expression was rather different this time. "Oh," she said. "You mean the ghosts."

Nita stared.

"Welcome to Ireland," said her aunt.

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