Wizards of Country Guitar: Selected Sides 1935-1955

Wizards of Country Guitar: Selected Sides 1935-1955


The invention and introduction of electrically amplified instruments -- most notably the guitar and steel guitar -- began slowly transforming every branch of pop music beginning in the mid- to late '30s, shifting emphasis in bands from an ensemble approach to one that allowed for sharper sound definition and easily heard instrumental solos, all of which made the world… See more details below


The invention and introduction of electrically amplified instruments -- most notably the guitar and steel guitar -- began slowly transforming every branch of pop music beginning in the mid- to late '30s, shifting emphasis in bands from an ensemble approach to one that allowed for sharper sound definition and easily heard instrumental solos, all of which made the world, at least the recorded version of it, more defined and, well, louder. For the Western swing, honky tonk, and country genres, the change came when steel player Bob Dunn went electric with his group Musical Brownies in 1935. This fascinating four-disc, 100-track set attempts to put Dunn and his followers in perspective as the move to amplified instruments began to sweep through pop and country, and devotes a disc each to classic tracks by Dunn, Billy Briggs, and Lefty Perkins and closes out with a disc featuring electric guitarist Jimmy Bryant and steel guitarist Speedy West searing through studio sessions. It's an illuminating collection full of stinging guitar lines and gracefully skewed arrangements that shows once and for all that rock & roll didn't invent the electric guitar.

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Jsp Records


Disc 1

  1. Chinatown My Chinatown  - Bob Dunn
  2. Some of These Days  - Bob Dunn
  3. The Sheik of Araby  - Bob Dunn
  4. St. Louis Blues  - Bob Dunn
  5. Somebody's Been Using That Thing  - Bob Dunn
  6. Cheesy Breeze  - Bob Dunn
  7. Fan It  - Bob Dunn
  8. Taking Off  - Bob Dunn
  9. Kangaroo Blues  - Bob Dunn
  10. Draggin' the Bow  - Bob Dunn
  11. Little White Lies  - Bob Dunn
  12. Ease My Worried Mind  - Bob Dunn
  13. Truck Driver's Blues  - Bob Dunn
  14. I'll Get Mine by and Bye, No. 2  - Bob Dunn
  15. Out Where West Winds Blow  - Bob Dunn
  16. Jitterbug Jive  - Bob Dunn
  17. Mary Jane  - Bob Dunn
  18. Takin' Off  - Bob Dunn
  19. Mama's Gone, Goodbye  - Bob Dunn
  20. Blue Skies  - Bob Dunn
  21. What Difference Does It Make  - Bob Dunn
  22. Texas Hambone Blues  - Bob Dunn
  23. Washington and Lee Swing  - Bob Dunn
  24. Easy Ridin' Papa  - Bob Dunn
  25. When I Take My Sugar to Tea  - Bob Dunn

Disc 2

  1. Bring It on Down to My House Honey  -  Lefty Perkins
  2. How Come You Do Me Like You Do  -  Lefty Perkins
  3. High Geared Daddy  -  Lefty Perkins
  4. Honky Tonk Blues  -  Lefty Perkins
  5. I Can't Give You Anything But Love  -  Lefty Perkins
  6. Confessin' (That I Love You)  -  Lefty Perkins
  7. There'll Be Some Changes Made  -  Lefty Perkins
  8. The One Rose  -  Lefty Perkins
  9. Long Long Ago  -  Lefty Perkins
  10. Everybody Loves My Marguerite  -  Lefty Perkins
  11. I Just Want Your Stingaree  -  Lefty Perkins
  12. Rose Room  -  Lefty Perkins
  13. Louise, Louise Blues  -  Lefty Perkins
  14. Cross Patch  -  Lefty Perkins
  15. Boyd's Tin Roof Blues  -  Billy Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers
  16. Frosty Mornin'  -  Billy Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers
  17. Goofus  -  Billy Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers
  18. Beale Street Blues  -  Billy Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers
  19. I've Got Those Oklahoma Blues  -  Billy Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers
  20. Must I Hesitate?  -  Billy Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers
  21. Lone Star  -  Billy Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers
  22. River Blues  -  Billy Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers
  23. Wah Hoo  -  Billy Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers
  24. Cross Eyed Gal on the Hill  -  Billy Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers
  25. Eyes of Texas  -  Billy Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers

Disc 3

  1. Hi Flyer Stomp  -  Hi-Flyers
  2. Joe Turner Blues  -  Hi-Flyers
  3. Under the Double Eagle  -  Hi-Flyers
  4. Old Tobacco Mill  -  Hi-Flyers
  5. Static Stomp  -  Hi-Flyers
  6. You're the One I Care For  -  Hi-Flyers
  7. There's a Little Green Mill (By a Little Green Hill)  -  Hi-Flyers
  8. The Five Piece Band  -  Hi-Flyers
  9. There's Evil in You Chillun'  - Billy Briggs
  10. Visions of the Past  - Billy Briggs
  11. Mama Inez  - Billy Briggs
  12. Am I Blue  - Billy Briggs
  13. Spanish Cavalier  - Billy Briggs
  14. Oh Monah!  - Billy Briggs
  15. I'll Always Be in Love with You  - Billy Briggs
  16. My Gal Don't Love Me Anymore  - Billy Briggs
  17. Following You Around  - Billy Briggs
  18. Thinking of You  - Billy Briggs
  19. I Live in Memory of You  - Billy Briggs
  20. My Prairie Queen  - Billy Briggs
  21. Make a Wreath for Mary  - Billy Briggs
  22. Panhandle Shuffle  - Billy Briggs
  23. Sally's Got a Wooden Leg  - Billy Briggs
  24. Pretty Baby Boogie  - Billy Briggs' XIT Boys
  25. Down in New Orleans  - Billy Briggs' XIT Boys

Disc 4

  1. Cracker Jack  - Jimmy Bryant
  2. Georgia Steel Guitar  - Jimmy Bryant
  3. Midnight Ramble  - Jimmy Bryant
  4. Serenade to a Frog  - Jimmy Bryant
  5. Roadside Rag  - Jimmy Bryant
  6. Truck Driver's Ride  - Jimmy Bryant
  7. Hub Cap Roll  - Jimmy Bryant
  8. Bryant's Bounce  - Jimmy Bryant
  9. Hop Skip and Jump  - Jimmy Bryant
  10. Old Joe Clark  - Jimmy Bryant
  11. Blue Bonnet Rag  - Jimmy Bryant
  12. Low Man on a Totem Pole  - Jimmy Bryant
  13. Country Capers  - Jimmy Bryant
  14. This Is Southland  - Jimmy Bryant
  15. Arkansas Traveller  - Jimmy Bryant
  16. Swingin' on the Strings  - Jimmy Bryant
  17. Speedin' West  - Jimmy Bryant
  18. Railroadin'  - Jimmy Bryant
  19. West of Samoa  - Jimmy Bryant
  20. Caffeine Patrol  - Jimmy Bryant
  21. Flippin' the Lid  - Jimmy Bryant
  22. This Ain't the Blues  - Jimmy Bryant
  23. Stainless Steel  - Jimmy Bryant
  24. Stealin' Moonlight  - Jimmy Bryant
  25. Stratosphere Boogie  - Jimmy Bryant

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bill Boyd   Guitar,Vocals
Moon Mullican   Piano,Vocals
Floyd Tillman   Vocals
Buddy Jones   Vocals
Knocky Parker   Piano,Accordion
Leon Payne   Guitar,Vocals
Cliffie Stone   Bass
Billy Strange   Guitar
Sons of the West   Vocals
Milton Brown   Vocals
Cliff Bruner   Fiddle,Vocals
Jesse Ashlock   Fiddle,Vocals
Billy Briggs   Vocals
Roy Harte   Drums
Cecil Brower   Fiddle
Ocie Stockard   Trombone,Vocals,Tenor Banjo
Derwood Brown   Guitar,Vocals
George Bruns   Bass
Hezzie Bryant   String Bass
Wanna Coffman   String Bass
Butch Gibson   Clarinet
Ish Irwin   String Bass
Walter Kirkes   Tenor Banjo
Dickie McBride   Guitar,Vocals
Marvin Montgomery   Tenor Banjo
Bill Mounce   String Bass
Kenneth Pitts   Fiddle
Leo Raley   Electronic Mandolin
Joe Thames   Tenor Banjo
Harold Hensley   Fiddle
Eddie Kirk   Guitar
Billy Liebert   Organ,Piano
Willie Wells   Guitar
Jimmie Widener   Guitar
Buck Buchanan   Fiddle,Vocals
Freddie Dean   Guitar
Jerry Irby   Guitar,Vocals
Darrell Kirkpatrick   Fiddle
Jimmie Meek   String Bass
Loren Mitchell   Piano
Buddy Ray   Fiddle,Vocals
Elmer Scarborough   Tenor Banjo,Guitar (Tenor)
Mancel Tierney   Piano,Vocals
Pat Trotter   Fiddle
Ivy J. "Jimmy" Bryant   Guitar
Marion Z. "Pee Wee" Adams   Drums
Milton Curtis "Muddy" Berry   Drums
Johnny Borowski   Fiddle,Ocarina
Johnny Thames   Banjo,Tenor Banjo
Dickie Jones   Fiddle
Jess Williams   Bass,Guitar
Landon Beaver   Piano
Red Greenhaw   Guitar
Grady Hester   Fiddle
Frederick "Fritz" Kehm   Drums
Curly Perrin   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Boyd   Vocals,String Bass
Jack Hinson   Piano
Lester Taylor   Piano
Wesley Webb West   Steel Guitar
Fred Calhoun   Piano
Jimmy Meek   Vocals,String Bass
Williams   Bass
Zack Hurt   Vocals,String Bass
Carroll Hubbard   Fiddle
Slick Robertson   Trombone,Tenor Banjo

Technical Credits

Jimmie Davis   Composer
Pat Harrison   Liner Notes,Annotation

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