Wolf Girls at Vassar: Lesbian and Gay Experiences, 1930-1990 / Edition 1

Wolf Girls at Vassar: Lesbian and Gay Experiences, 1930-1990 / Edition 1

by Anne MacKay, Lillian Faderman

ISBN-10: 0312089236

ISBN-13: 9780312089238

Pub. Date: 05/28/1993

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

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St. Martin's Press
Publication date:
Edition description:
1st rev. pbk. ed
Product dimensions:
5.51(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.53(d)

Table of Contents

Muriel Rukeyser: Class of 193421
Lenore Thompson: Class of 194023
Name withheld: Class of 194825
Anne MacKay: Class of 194927
Name withheld: 1950s29
Name withheld: 1950s32
Nancy Dean: Class of 195234
Pat Wilbert: Class of 195241
Phoebe Schock: Class of 195543
Cristina Biaggi: Class of 195945
Gail Ellen Dunlap: Class of 195950
Betsy Crowell: Class of 196056
Name withheld: Class of 196059
Lucy Cross: Class of 196161
Charoula Dontopoulos: Class of 196163
Beva Eastman: Class of 196167
Ellen Sher-Bierhorst: Class of 196271
Name withheld: Class of 196473
Nancy S. Erickson: Class of 196776
Karin L. Abbey: Class of 196878
Ellen Anthony: Class of 196981
Ann Northrop: Class of 197085
Bonita Ann Palmer: Class of 197190
Name withheld: Class of 197196
Ann E. Menasche: Class of 197297
Carla Duke: Class of 1973102
Remi St. Cloud: Class of 1974105
Name withheld: Class of 1974108
Deidre McCalla: Class of 1975110
David Pittman: Class of 1978112
Name withheld: Class of 1978115
Daniel Aibel: Class of 1980119
Georgie Tirre: Class of 1980122
Lisa Malachowsky: Class of 1983124
Colin D. O'Connell: Class of 1983129
Susan Williams: Class of 1984132
Leslie F. Kline: Class of 1986137
Jana Rich: Class of 1989139
Valarie Walker: Class of 1989142
Karin Cook: Class of 1990146
Kim Glickman: Class of 1990150
Appendix A: "Being Gay at Vassar" by Anne MacKay (1970)155
Appendix B: "Breaking the Silence" by Anne MacKay (1990)159
Appendix C: Letter to John B. Wolf from Pat Cain '68165

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