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by Kate Douglas

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A Life For A Life

The Chanku are gifted with more power—of mind, body, and soul—than the most superior of humans. Yet even these exceptional beings cannot change the laws of nature. . .or destiny. And when one loses his human life mate to a tragic accident, he is shattered by grief he never imagined possible. . .

The only thing worse than


A Life For A Life

The Chanku are gifted with more power—of mind, body, and soul—than the most superior of humans. Yet even these exceptional beings cannot change the laws of nature. . .or destiny. And when one loses his human life mate to a tragic accident, he is shattered by grief he never imagined possible. . .

The only thing worse than losing his love is knowing that her death was caused by the incompetence of a goddess supposedly possessed of timeless wisdom. The justice dealt for the goddess's horrible mistake is a demotion—from immortal to human—and the charge of filling the missing space in the Montana pack. But while some accept her quickly, not all are so willing. . .

It is time for Anton, Stefan, and Adam to test the newcomer: to see if she can withstand the heights of ecstasy these Chanku men will show her—and to discover whether, when faced with the ultimate sacrifice, she will make the right choice. . .

"Definitely NOT for the timid reader. . .Oh, to be Chanku!"
—Anne McCaffrey

Praise for Kate Douglas's and her Wolf Tales Series

"A searing erotic tale that will send your senses reeling."
—Cheyenne McCray

"Deliciously erotic, lushly romantic. . .explores the hot edge of passion!"
—Angela Knight

"Heroines whom we love for their strength. . .heroes we love for their sensitivity."
Romantic Times

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Wolf Tales (Aphrodisia) Series
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5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

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Wolf Tales 10



Copyright © 2010 Kate Douglas
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-4266-2

Chapter One

Eve Reynolds raised her hands above her head and grasped the iron railings of the headboard. Who needed handcuffs when there was hard iron to wrap her fingers around?

And a gorgeous guy ready and willing to have his evil way with her?

She had to bite back the giggles, but damn this was great.

It was so rarely just the two of them. She'd almost forgotten what it was like to be the entire focus of Adam's attention, but Mei was working in the garden with Keisha, and she'd last seen Oliver heading across the driveway to the main house to talk to Anton.

But why was she wasting her time, thinking of them?

Not now. Not when she was naked and quivering with need and Adam was still partially dressed, wearing nothing but faded jeans and a sexy grin. She licked her lips, admiring him. Letting him know exactly what it did to her to see him this way.

Powerful muscles rippled over his chest and arms. His belly was flat and hard, the sharply defined six-pack accented by a trail of dark blond hair that grew darker, as it followed a line from between his copper-colored nipples, down the center of that gorgeous belly to disappear beneath the half-opened placket of his worn Levis.

He knelt between her thighs and ran his strong, callused hands from her knees to her hipbones. She whimpered with the pleasure of his touch, loving the way his work-roughened hands glided over her sensitive skin, the strength in his long fingers, the energy that always seemed to arc between the two of them when they touched.

Adam might be a powerful healer, one who fixed what was broken, but damn, he was an even more powerful lover. Especially now, in the bright morning light while the rest of the pack went about their normal morning routines.

There was something decidedly decadent about lying here naked on the bed with sunlight streaming through the windows and such a gorgeous man between her legs. Soft denim over his hard muscles rubbed against her inner thighs and sent shivers through her body. Dark blond hair curling out above the unfastened steel buttons of his fly teased her with the hint of what lay beyond.

Adam tugged at the blond curls between her legs. Eve twisted her hips, silently begging for more.

He flashed her a knowing smile as he slipped his warm palms beneath her butt and raised her up until her legs dangled over his forearms. Raised her closer to that smile, those lips, that amazing tongue.

He nuzzled the blond curls covering her mons, inhaled deeply and mentally shared the rich scent of her arousal. The connection was always there, that amazing mind link they'd forged when they finally mated as wolves. As sensual, as familiar as their shared arousal had become, she wondered if she would ever grow used to such a powerful union, to the sense that she was in him, a part of him even as he was part of her.

His tongue touched her clitoris, a quick little lick that still managed to send a strike of lighting straight to her womb.

She could have been growing a baby there, but it hadn't happened. Not the one time they'd tried to conceive-that magical night late in the spring when Tia's babies were born-but she refused to let her disappointment ruin this glorious fall morning. She focused on Adam, on his magical touch and the deep sense of his love.

Arousal blossomed. Desire primed the quick rush of her fluids. Adam groaned when he licked her, taking long, slow strokes with the flat of his tongue that quickly had her quivering in his grasp. His lips circled her clit, swollen now and slick with cream.

Close. Dear Goddess, she was so close, but he stopped and lowered her butt to the bed, leaned over and kissed her mouth. She ran her tongue over his lower lip, then the upper, tasting Adam. Tasting herself. Her fingers tightened on the iron bars.

He backed away, grinning like the amber-eyed devil he was. Eve returned his knowing look with one of her own. She might have been a doormat for most of her life, but not anymore. Not now. Now she was a Chanku bitch, more powerful than she'd ever imagined. Self-assured, confident, complete.

If she wanted to open the rest of that button fly on his jeans, she could. If she wanted to turn the tables and mount him, it was her call, but she loved this game, this playful lovemaking that took her higher than she'd ever imagined. So instead of calling the shots and taking what she wanted, Eve clutched the iron bars in almost desperate need, arched her back and whimpered.

He laughed. The deep joy in his voice, the sparkle in his eyes forged an even stronger bond between them. He used both hands to shove his tangled, dark blond hair out of his eyes. "Eve, my beautiful Eve. What would I ever do without you?"

He stared at her a moment as if he didn't dare even contemplate such a thought. Why should he? She was his. She would always be his. Teasing, she bucked her hips against him. He shucked his jeans in a heartbeat, grabbed the thick length of his erection in his hand and pressed between her legs.

The slick mushroom head forced her swollen lips apart. She arched her hips just so, taking him deep. Thick and long and hot-so amazingly hot-he filled her. Pressing closer, deeper, until the dark blond hairs at the base of his cock meshed with her lighter thatch.

She groaned and tightened her fingers around the iron bars until her hands ached, but it was good. So damned good. So much better than she'd ever imagined. Than she'd ever dreamed.

"I love you, Eve." His lips moved along her jaw, over the curve of her ear, kissing her gently while he drove into her with almost painful force. Claiming her.

Owning her.

"You're mine," he whispered. "Forever."

A chill raced along her spine, cold and unwelcome. She shrugged it off, arched her hips and hung on to love for all she was worth.

Eve wiped steam off the bathroom mirror, shoved her wet hair over her shoulders and frowned at her image. The face of a contented, well-loved, pregnant woman should be staring right back at her.

Definitely well-loved. Just thinking of how she and Adam had spent the morning made all her feminine muscles clench in response, but as far as being pregnant?

Maybe tonight. Her heat was due.

Maybe this time I'll get it right ...

Lisa Quinn had gotten it right. She'd popped out an egg right on time and now she and Tinker were expecting their very first baby in just four more months. Even Tala had figured it out, though how that tiny little thing was going to bear twins to two big bruisers like Mik and AJ boggled the mind.

But Eve? Nope, not her. She shrugged and grinned at her reflection. Typical. If anyone was going to blow it, she was the one, though she still wasn't quite sure where she'd gone wrong. Everything had felt right. The sex as wolves that night in the forest, her body ripe with her heat and Adam so emotionally high after helping Tia deliver, had been amazing. Her hormones were certainly pumping and her heart had felt so full after Tia's babies were born, things couldn't have been more perfect. And, as always, Adam had left her smiling.

She just wished he'd left her pregnant. Thank the goddess Adam wasn't upset. In fact, if anything, he'd acted more relieved than disappointed when she'd told him they hadn't conceived, but with both Tala and Lisa expecting their babies around the same time, he probably figured he'd have enough on his hands helping Logan with deliveries.

The last thing he'd want was his own mate pregnant and needy at the same time as Tala and Lisa, especially now that Anton had built the clinic here in Montana. Both women had already said they'd be coming here to deliver, the same as Tia had last April.

Which was why Eve hadn't brought it up again through the long, busy summer. Logan and Adam had certainly had their hands full delivering Tia's twins. Adam could be so damned focused at times, so busy taking care of everyone else Eve sometimes wondered if he even remembered he had a mate. Not that he didn't love her. He did. She knew she was in his head and his heart most of the time, especially when they made love. When they linked, his love was strong and true, and she never had cause to doubt him.

But she'd learned to accept the man as he was, and Adam was, first and foremost, a healer.

It hadn't taken Eve long to realize that if she wanted his attention, she'd just have to reach out and take it. If she wanted his baby, she figured she'd have to take control there, too. After a lifetime of abuse, it was an empowering thing, to know she could take control without losing her man's love.

All her adult life she'd been attracted to the bad boys. Whether it was her conviction that they somehow needed her to love them, that she could find their warmer, nurturing side, or what, she'd ended up as a doormat and punching bag for every single one of them.

Until Adam. He was a bad boy, all right, and sometimes rough around the edges, but good where it counted. She never had to fear him, never had to wonder if he was going to hurt her. That alone was empowering.

Eve checked her lipstick, grabbed her purse off the big bed and headed down the hallway to the front door.

A scream stopped her. Primal. Agonizing.


Eve jerked to a stop with her hand on the door. Adam?

Her heart pounded. She spun around and raced through the living room to the media room beyond. Terrified of what she'd find, she burst through the door into the darkened room.

Adam lay flat on his back on the floor, arms spread wide, a video game controller clutched in his fingers.

Oliver stood beside him, doubled over with his hands on his knees, laughing hysterically.

Adam moaned.

"No!" Oliver barely got the word out. "You can't moan. You're dead."

"Good Goddess!" Eve leaned against the door jamb with her hand pressed to her thundering heart. "You scared me half to death! I heard you scream and thought something terrible had happened."

Adam raised his head and grinned at her. "Something terrible did happen. That's the third time in a row the bastard's killed me. I'm getting tired of always being the one who dies."

"And does dishes," Oliver added. "That's three nights you owe me." He held out a hand. Adam grabbed hold and Oliver tugged the larger man to his feet. "It works for me."

"You up for another game?" Adam palmed the controller and aimed it at Oliver.

"Always. I love a good loser."

Eve took a deep, controlling breath and slung her purse over her shoulder. "Don't ever do that to me again! You scared me half to death. Look, I promised Xandi I'd make a run to town. She's low on diapers for Alex, plus she needs a few things for dinner. Adam, you want to go with me?"

He shook his head. "Are you kidding? With my honor on the line?" He strolled across the room, his tall, lanky frame taking her breath as only Adam could. Leaning down, he kissed her. His fingers traced the line of her jaw as his lips melded perfectly to hers.

Eve felt the kiss all the way to her toes, though as always, it settled in that ever-needy spot between her legs.

After an entire morning of sex, she still wanted more.

"You sure you have to go to town?" His question was nothing more than a breathy whisper against her mouth.

"Yes." She smiled against his lips and ended the kiss, even though her body cried out to stay and see just what else Adam had in mind. Oliver, too, for that matter. She shook her head in mock dismay. "Far be it from me to interfere with the reclamation of your honor." She turned to leave, but glanced over her shoulder at Oliver. "Oliver, be gentle with him. His ego can't take much more."

"You're kidding, right?" Oliver jabbed Adam with his elbow.

Both men were laughing when she closed the door behind her. With Xandi's grocery list tucked in her pocket, Eve crossed the driveway to the little red convertible Volkswagen bug she shared with Mei. A soft breeze lifted her hair and the hazy late September sun made her squint. She plucked her dark glasses out of her purse and put them on as she slipped into the driver's seat.

The morning had been cool, but now the leather upholstery felt warm against her legs and back. Cicadas hummed in the trees along the drive. She sat there for a moment in the driveway, just listening to the familiar sounds that always gave her such pleasure: Keisha's laughter and Lily's giggles, Xandi's soft voice as she sang the Barney song to Alex. A phone rang in the big house. Eve's sensitive Chanku hearing caught Anton's deep voice as he answered. A raven flew overhead, its long, black wings sounding almost mechanical in flight.

She heard a rustle in the grass to her right, and looked up just in time to see a fox carefully picking its way through the dry weeds along the forest edge. A large doe with two speckled fawns at her side grazed in the strip of greenery between the houses and the deep woods.

The sense of peace that settled over Eve brought tears to her eyes. After so many years with abusive men, so many lost years when she'd barely managed to survive-this life, this beautiful home and this amazing group, this pack of Chanku shapeshifters that welcomed her as one of them, who loved her unconditionally-was more than she'd ever hoped for.

More than she'd even known to want, yet now all of it was hers. Life was good. So good, in fact, that sometimes it made her nervous for things to feel so perfect.

Which was downright stupid. She needed to be more like Tala and learn to live in the moment, because this moment, right now, was great. Smiling with the conviction that life just couldn't get any better, Eve started the car and followed the curve of the long driveway. She loved driving into town, especially when it was warm enough to drive with the top down on the bug.

It was especially nice being able to go by herself.

Not that she didn't love the pack. No, she loved them all. Adam, of course, but Anton and Keisha, Stefan and Xandi, Jazzy and Logan, and Mei and Oliver as well. They were the family she'd dreamed of having one day, friends and lovers who accepted her for who and what she was.

Even so, loving and being loved, she still needed time by herself. Time when she could count her blessings and think of all that she had as much as all she'd escaped.

Sometimes she ran alone as the wolf, but that always made Adam nervous, especially since she'd once been so badly injured by a grizzly that still roamed the area. Adam had saved her life then. Saved her and loved her and made her love him back.

At least when she went into town on errands, Adam didn't worry. Didn't feel as if he needed to be with her every moment. Now that the attacks against the Chanku had ended, these shopping runs saved her sanity.

Togetherness was good, but a girl needed her space.

She sped down the highway toward town. The breeze was cool and fresh, the sun warm on her head and shoulders. It was late enough in the year that the tourists had mostly gone home, so the traffic was light. The day couldn't be more perfect.

Smiling as her hair whipped around her shoulders, Eve reached for the radio and flipped it on. Loud heavy metal blared out of the speakers.

Laughing, she fiddled with the channel. Obviously Mei had been the last one to drive the bug. She was the only one in the pack who really liked the stuff. Eve glanced at the radio to check the station. A horn blared. She looked up.

Directly into the grillwork of a huge truck.

She'd drifted into oncoming traffic.

Eve jerked the wheel to the right, but the Freightliner barreling down on her clipped the left front panel of the bug, spinning it out of control. She slammed her foot down on the brake. Tires squealed. The little car skidded, hit the berm at the right side of the road and flipped, end over end.

Light and color spun. Sound and time compressed into a kaleidoscope of sensation. For Eve, time ceased to exist.

She was going to die. She knew it with a deep, soulful regret. She'd never been so happy. Had never known such peace.

If only she could have held on to it just a little longer.

Time resurfaced. The ground rushed up to meet her. She screamed a single word, her final word before death reached out to claim her. A word powered with love.

His name.



Excerpted from Wolf Tales 10 by KATE DOUGLAS Copyright © 2010 by Kate Douglas. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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