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Wolves and the River of Stone

Wolves and the River of Stone

4.4 10
by Eric R. Asher

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Philip, Zola's boyfriend from one hundred and fifty years ago, is not nearly as dead as we thought. I really wish he was. Not only has he kidnapped Zola, but he's raising an army to scour humanity from the earth. Hopefully the local werewolf pack will help. What could possibly go wrong?


Philip, Zola's boyfriend from one hundred and fifty years ago, is not nearly as dead as we thought. I really wish he was. Not only has he kidnapped Zola, but he's raising an army to scour humanity from the earth. Hopefully the local werewolf pack will help. What could possibly go wrong?

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Eric is a former bookseller, guitarist, and comic seller currently living in Saint Louis, Missouri. A lifelong enthusiast of books, music, toys, and games, he discovered a love for the written word after being dragged to the library by his parents at a young age. When he is not writing, you can usually find him reading, gaming, or buried beneath a small avalanche of Transformers.

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Wolves and the River of Stone 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Sue_H 27 days ago
FIGHT GOES ON. Wolves and the River of Stone is the second book in the Vesick series. This can be read as a standalone, but I highly suggest you read Days Gone Bad first so you understand the background story. It doesn't end in a traditional cliffhanger but is open-ended for future books. Will I continue to read future books in the series? Of course I will. There is a lot of graphic violence and gore. Sexual situations so 18+. The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I'm not going to repeat that all of that info here. This story continues what was started in Days Gone Bad. Philip and his followers are still out there causing problems. Will Damien, Zola, and friends be able to stop him?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All the books in the series are excellent
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this series, read them all and can't wait for the next one!
Hobbit42 More than 1 year ago
Just a good as the first one. Keep them coming!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked the preceding book enough to get this one, but this one was filled with many of the flaws of urban fantasy. There are two quick R-rated lust as romance subplot that falls flat. The hero saves the day by committing acts that would be condemned if another did it. The great evil escapes for another go around (AGAIN). Cruel snark because people who like / love each other cannot be nice to each other. That said, I'll keep an eye out for other books and stories by Eric Asher, but not with these characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Omg I am totally hooked cannot wait for more!
donniedarkogirl More than 1 year ago
Wolves and the River of Stone starts off with action right away, and you're pulled into Damian's world as though you never left. As a matter of fact, this book starts off right where the first book ended. Asher's style of writing is stellar - I can't stress that enough. His writing skills make me jealous! ;)  How shocked was I to find out Philip is not only very much alive but also raising an army? And had Zola, his ex-girlfriend, kidnapped? Very! What a shocking and awesome twist that turned out to be. The way Zola spoke of him in the first book, Days Gone Bad, you just wouldn't have thought of him as a bad guy, at least in the beginning. I did have a strange feeling when Zola told Damian in the first book that she found Philip's body two years before - that's the amount of time she disappeared, and Damian didn't know where she had gone. I thought that seemed awfully coincidental and had tucked that away in my memory bank for later.  I love these characters! The dialogue is natural, and you can tell they care about each other, showing that in their own ways. If their world wasn't so dangerous, I'd want to hang out with them for sure. I loved meeting the new characters, too. They added even more to this story and are just as vivid as the other characters.  The way Asher blends all of these different supernatural characters together is masterful, and I haven't read a lot of books with characters who are necromancers, which is one of the main aspects that drew me to this series. Everything about this series is amazing - the action, the romance, the characters, the plot...I'll be recommending this series to everyone I know. I'm the go-to girl of my family and friends for book recommendations. ;) I feel lucky that I was able to read Wolves and the River of Stone right after Days Gone Bad. As much as I wish I had read Days Gone Bad when it was first published, I feel almost spoiled to be able to go right into the second novel. I don't know if I would've been able to stand the wait for this one! I received a copy in exchange for an honest review for my stop on the blog tour.  
dsubsits More than 1 year ago
Wolves and the River of Stone (Vesik #2) by Eric R. Asher   Damian Valdis Vesik is back and facing a new evil, Zola’s ex-boyfriend, Philip, a powerful necromancer.  They thought Philip died over one hundred and fifty years ago.  He returned more powerful than ever, and he captured Zola.   Vesik needs to rescue his master (and the world).  He is backed by his friends, and he develops an unlikely alliance with the local wolf pack.   Eric R. Asher does a wonderful job at portraying the bond between his characters.  The conversations and banter between the groups of unlikely supernatural friends are entertaining and enlightening. Wolves and the River of Stones is a well-written action-packed novel.  It is entertaining and hard to put down.    ARC provided by in exchange for an honest review.  
VickiRose1 More than 1 year ago
This is Author Eric R. Asher's second novel in The Vesik series, following the best-selling "Days Gone Bad" and I have been anxiously (and nagging Eric quite often:) awaiting it... Is it really any surprise that I absolutely LOVED this book?!  Eric is the consummate story-teller! He first captured my attention when I happened to see his work on FB and I asked for a copy of Days Gone Bad to review.. Loved it! I'm always one of the first to admit that I don't usually like books that are written in the first person... Reading this series absolutely puts me right in Damian's shoes & I totally forget that it's first person! The book reads smoothly, with no story-line gaps & has near perfect editing. Eric is nearly as OCD as me though, so again, no surprise, lol:) Damian, the gorgeously good necromancer, is back in the second installment & at his side once again are his mentor Zola along with his best friend, the protective fairy yummyness that we refer to as Foster, who has managed to single-handedly fuel my addiction for cheese & crispy treats (not in the same recipe, of course:)... Also joining them again are the fairies Cara (aka: Mom) and Aideen (Foster's mate).. This book drops us into a nightmare of a scene where Zola has been kidnapped by Phillip, a dark necromancer who wants to bring demons & other evil-doers back into this realm.. Not a good idea, because, as most of us know, demons & humans don't get along so well... Zola has her reservations about killing Phillip because he once meant something to her, many years ago.. Damian comes in with Foster to save his beloved mentor.. They manage to do so, for a short time.. And then Phillip is back on the loose & building an army of dark necromancers.. Foster introduces Damian to the werewolves, who agree to help in the battle against Phillip, for the protection of their own species.. We meet some fantastic new characters who bring depth & humor to the story along with a good dose of courage.. Damian will not relent when he has to protect Zola & the world and one thing I've learned from him, throughout both books, is that he does not walk away from a fight when it involves someone he cares about. Foster, being the quirky little fairy that he is (in fairy form, of course, or 7 foot hottie form, when he needs to provide muscle:) is always at Damian's back along with Mom & Aideen & Damian's vampire sister, Samantha. and other new & old friends. There is even a love interest for our Damian in this one! Absolutely unexpected but perfectly matched! As always, Eric truly knows how to capture a reader & draw them into his world.. Damian is a perfect example of courage under fire, Foster represents true friendship & together, along with several other characters, this world is one that you don't want to miss! Or leave, as is my case, considering I almost cried when I finished the book because I was that emotionally attached! If you absolutely adore a great book, an incredibly detailed author, great story lines, well-developed characters & quite a bit of paranormal, then Eric Asher is the author you want to meet! Wolves And The River Of Stone is truly one of the BEST books I've read this year and I will anxiously be awaiting (and relentlessly nagging on Eric) until the next book in the Vesik Series makes it's appearance! And, of course... Awaiting the day when Foster decides that it's truly me that he needs in his fairy life! :)  Enjoy the book! You'll thank me after reading! :) ~ Vicki Rose ~ Platinum Book Reviews Platinum Gives Eric & WATROS:  5 Platinum Rings!