Woman First, Family Always: Real-Life Wisdom from a Mother of Ten

Woman First, Family Always: Real-Life Wisdom from a Mother of Ten

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by Kathryn Sansone

Happily married and the mother of 10, Kathryn Sansone is beautiful, fit, organized, and centered�find out how she really does it in this life-changing book full of inspiration, encouragement, and practical wisdom.

A must-have for mothers, this book is filled with friendly, trustworthy, humorous and heartwarming advice about the importance of taking care of

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Happily married and the mother of 10, Kathryn Sansone is beautiful, fit, organized, and centered�find out how she really does it in this life-changing book full of inspiration, encouragement, and practical wisdom.

A must-have for mothers, this book is filled with friendly, trustworthy, humorous and heartwarming advice about the importance of taking care of themselves�first and foremost�in order to sustain the ongoing giving to their families. This is Sansone's unique "Woman First" philosophy.

Sansone provides the real-life wisdom, insight, and confidence a woman needs to battle the inevitable stresses of daily life. Such advice includes setting aside time to get personally grounded and refreshed, writing "love letters" to her children, dealing effectively with school administrators, making sure her husband knows how important he is to the kids, and vice versa.

As a mother of 10, Sansone inspires and motivates women to honor their own needs, overcome obstacles, and experience a more fulfilling, balanced life.

A holistic approach to strengthening the mind, body, and spirit that includes tips in achieving emotional balance, nurturing the spirit, creating a fulfilling marriage, taking care of the body, and raising well-adjusted children.

Sansone speaks to women in a sensible tone with the right balance of warmth, understanding, and humor for today's harried mother.

Self, Marriage, Family, and Children sections offer quick-read "chats" combined with practical tips and examples from Kathryn's own busy life.

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Meet the Author

Kathryn Sansone has been called the "role model for motherood." She is a wife and mother of 10 children, ranging in age from 8 months to 18 years. This book, Sansone's first, is her response to the countless women who marveled at her balance and have asked for advice, guidance, and comfort. She's not "Super Mom," but she does have an abundance of inspirational and practical tips to offer any woman who wants help finding time for herself, managing her family, and breathing life into her marriage. In addition to her appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Inside Edition, Sansone and her family have been featured in O Magazine, Fit Pregnancy, and periodicals in England and Australia. "My life hasn't been perfect, and neither am I," says Sansone, "But I seem to have achieved a deep and clear sense of satisfaction with myself and my life." Kathryn and Jim Sansone live with their children in St. Louis, Missouri.

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3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
mother-book-worm More than 1 year ago
This is a very well organized book for busy moms. Kathryn Sansone is a mother of ten and she has great ideas on balancing one's life. In the book she discusses taking care of yourself, your relationship with your significant other, and your children. I love this book. I read it a while back when my sister-in-law let me borrow her copy and I decided to order my own copy to refer back to from time to time. When it seems impossible to balance it all, this book inspires me and helps me regain focus. I highly recommend this book to other mothers.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kathryn Sansone may not be the world's best author, but her messages are clear and she does a great job in getting tips across to women who may be struggling with their families and lives. I read this book right before I had our first child and I loved that it was such a quick read! I didn't take her words to be used as my Bible, but rather as suggestions or things to think about. I read at least one or two quick chapters a night just to remind myself that my world may only involve three people most of the time (my son and my husband) but if I neglect either one, we all fail as a family. She's not preachy, but she is religious. I enjoyed it and would suggest it to anyone looking for some inspiration or some guidance as how to stay sane in today's busy world.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ok, it seems like the author is a really super person she prays, she volunteers and her family loves her--heck Oprah apparently loves her BUT the problem is she really isn't in the position to give advice to average mothers or women. She lives in a 4 million dollar estate in an exclusive area of a city where the average home costs $120K. She children are educated at private schools,wear designer clothes, rolex watches and choose from a fleet of cars. Why is that worth mentioning in a review on her book? She is offering advice to mothers on how to do it better. If you haven't had to clip coupons, worry about how to pay for diapers, have to keep the kids clothing in good condition to pass down to the next child, dealt with bills past due, going to a job you 'have' to do, not that you 'want' to do--how can she tell the rest of us who do live like that how to do our lives better. Her story of being 'poor' was when she simply didn't have cash and dropped all her kids at a fastfood place with a few bucks and they had to share. If another mother without the family mystique that hers has tried this, she would be arrested for abdandoning her kids, the kids would be arrested for stealing and loitering (ONE soft drink is what you pay for, not 6 refills in ONE cup!)--but she tells the story and it is cute? If a homeless mother did it out of pure survival and need to feed her kids, SHE would be ridiculed, Ms Sansone does it and it is a lesson in good mothering? She is a neglectful mother who's children are 'thrilled to see her' when she walks in the door because they go with out her all too often while they ride around on their golf carts raising each other. To call the elder daughter 'a little mother' because she dresses her younger sisters, may seem adorable, but it too much responsibility on a little one just so Ms. Sansone can workout and stay in her size 2 jeans so she can continue her great sex life and alone time with her husband. Bottom line, selfish advise, unrealistic and potentially harmful to the chilren raised with this method of 'it's all about ME' mothering.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I cannot say how disappointed I was to read this book, as an American Mother of three...who has fought hard to bring three children into the world, with natural home births, and to nurse my children with love-doing for my children and teaching my children, what I wasn't given and taught...Kathryn's book is apart of the fake American veil that all women have been led to believe and live under...'just' have a bunch of children, 'just' get them cut out of your womb, don't bother to even nurse them...and then work out all the time why they cry for their Mother and are forced to take care of themselves and search to replace their Mother that brought them into the world..as another notch on her belt! We must have alot of naive people in this country if they believe this lie...unfortunately, most women feel empty and alone in their Motherhood and are looking to Kathryn who has capitalized on child neglect through exercise and barbaric birthing practices!! I wish women like Kathryn would get real and start really helping American women by telling the truth...our only hope is that the runt of Kathryn's litter will come forward in a book in the future about her! This book is an insult to every woman on earth that has given birth!!!!!!!!!!! I see Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears echoing her same story!!! Bravo, for another baby making bimbo...
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a laugh out loud book. I know the author meant well, but this book reads like one gigantic joke. Nuggets such as: 'At the time I was coaching for two kids' sports teams, pregnant with my eight child, and, of course, managing the lives an dhome of the rest of the family....I started to notice signs that all was not well: I was being short and impatient' Yes, well I understand why she may be a tad bit cranky. MOST normal women would be homicidal in that state. The author does come across as well meaning, and she is obviously a high achiever but the advice is simplistic, unrealistic and impractical. As an example, she suggests achieving a 'tidy house' by 'finding a place for everything.' I imagine most women will react by smacking their heads with the book and saying 'WOW! Why didn't I think of this?! I am so glad I payed $17 for this book. I am going to take the advice RIGHT THIS INSTANT and put this book in a very SPECIAL place: ..the garbage') Despite the fact the author is married to a very wealthy man, she never mentions needing or relying on household help. To hear her tell it, she is able to manage ten children and all their demands and still find time for sex and workouts. With ten children, I believe her about the sex and she sure looks skinny enough to be the fitness nut she claims to be. What I don't understand is just where these children are when she is finding all this time for herself. I imagine they are too busy organizing the neighborhood children in an effort to provide aid to the poor while simultaneously learning how to speak Swahili. But I digress... Given the fact she manages to coach, be on boards of non-profits (She advises never to serve on a board more than 5 years!) and work out daily, I am thinking she is relying on some full time nannying.... and possibly some happy drugs. Or at least a cocktail or two. Now that would make the book more interesting! Book would have been more credible had she owned up to her shortcuts! But I still recommend it! Do a friend a favor and buy her this book. You will both have a great laugh...
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kathryn Sansone lives in a multimillion dollar mansion in one of the richest areas in St. Louis. She married into one of St. Louis' wealthiest families and yet she gives budget tips?! Very condescending and preachy. I have always admired big families and stay at home moms, but to portray that she does it all herself (and maybe asking for help now and then) is a joke. She forgot to talk about how she treats her housekeeper, gardener, etc.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Book lacks real life examples of 'how to'. She writes, 'Jim and I find it easy to loose track of eachother's feelings, but we just have to take time to reconnect.' Well, so how do they? That is the question I often found myself asking, so how do you Kathryn find time to do the laundry? How do you find time for mothering all those 10 children while working out every day? How do you? That is why the book is a disappointment. It basically says 'take time for yourself'-- manicures and hair appointments and all. However, it leaves you without the advice of how to make that time. I have found that women who are able to squeeze in time for themselves by just moving there schedules around will find this book very helpful. But for those who may not be able to get a babysitter for their 4 children, or physically do not have time to have coffee with their husband every saturday at Star Buck's may find this book offensive. Instead, try 'I didn't plan to be a witch' by Linda Eyre. It's full of practical and actual advice. It is a timeless classic for true and real mothering issues.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'motherhood - we are in it together...' when it came to a book i wanted to relax, take comfort to an easy read. i wanted encouraging insight, without it being in your face. I wanted to spare the drama-we have enough- and bring solice. I found it in this book, it embraced the many facets of motherhood in a positive way. I took with me, to appreciate the ones you love and yourself. The flip side i would have liked more insight of the younger struggles,and family insight to her methods.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is a wonderfully supportive book to the issues that real woman deal with in their daily lives. Great practical advice!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I picked this up on a fluke as I usually don't read this type of book because most often the advice is either completely kid focused, or more likely, completely parent focused. Kathryn, however, encourages her readers that being a great mom is your number one priority, a blessing, and source of incredible fulfillment and joy, but that in order to BE a great mom, you must take care of yourself and your marriage. Kathryn spells out just how you can go about balancing self and family, encouraging readers to think about and act on those things that they can do to take care of themselves so that they CAN be spectacular moms. And she does a great job showing that you don't have to limit your family size to still take care of yourself. My only disappointment (and it was minor, mind you) was that she didn't emphasize that the size of her family was, in fact, one of her strenghts. It may seem like an oxymoron, but the bigger the family, the more efficiently it can run (if somewhat organized, mind you). She does point out that all the kids help take care of the house and that if she and her husband, Jim, aren't able to be at an activity for a child, they enlist the help of a sibling, but I think it would benefit those readers who want to have large families but are struggling at 3 or 4 that it will quickly get easier as the older ones hit elementary ages. My ten year old can (because she likes to, not because I demand it) make breakfast, lunch, and some dinners around our house. Our 6 year old is capable of taking out the trash, making a quick salad, and vacuuming the carpets. Even my two (almost three) year old can give the dog a bone or help pick up toys or run to get a diaper for the baby. I find that my house runs more smoothly with 4 than it did with two. I even find it easier to give each child individual time because the other kids can pair off so that I can focus on a child for a bit. Not every woman will want 10, or even 4, kids, but there are plenty out there who do, but who hold themselves back because of fear of overwhelming themselves. All in all, I completely recommend this book to any woman stuggling to be a good mother and not lose herself, but I will caution you, this isn't going to be a book that is going to tell you it is ok to 'check out' of your parenting resposibilities. Great read! Easy format! Wonderfully encouraging!