The Woman in the Woods

The Woman in the Woods

by Ann Joslin Williams

A collection of linked stories by Ann Joslin Williams.See more details below


A collection of linked stories by Ann Joslin Williams.

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Eastern Washington University Press
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New Edition
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5.30(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

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William Kittredge
"Children and mating and rivers and rejoicing and farewells—The Woman in the Woods is made from the living, turning textures of family passions and despair, as years pass and they cherish and renew themselves, as families do. Ann Joslin Williams tells us an emotionally demanding and beautiful, if occasionally heartbreaking, story. . . . I both suffered and loved it."
Robert Olmstead
"Ann Joslin Williams's writing is authentic, hard-won, and amazingly effective. Her stories will work their way into your heart like shards of migrating iron. They are true and artful—I admire them for how the stitch of words recedes and the people inside emerge. The Woman in the Woods is the most courageous collection I've seen in a long time."
Julie Orringer
"These stories move with the inexorable pull of a river, carrying us through cycles of love and loss, grief and hope, with such clear-eyed honesty that we come to feel the characters' emotions as our own. Williams is a brilliant observer of the natural world—not only of the patterns of weather and the changes of Northeast flora and fauna, but also of the forces that bring us together and pull us apart. The Woman in the Woods marks the debut of a wise and beautiful voice in American fiction, one that will stand as a powerful new presence in our literary landscape."

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