Women at the Margins: Neglect, Punishment, and Resistance / Edition 1

Women at the Margins: Neglect, Punishment, and Resistance / Edition 1

by J Dianne Garner, Rosemary Sarri, Josefina Figueira-Mcdonough

ISBN-10: 1560239727

ISBN-13: 9781560239727

Pub. Date: 05/28/2002

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

A compelling look at the crisis of disadvantaged women This powerful document takes a sobering look at the phenomenon of marginalized women pushed to the edges of society, holding on with the barest of hope and extraordinary bravery. Handicapped by the increasing societal inequality they face as an everyday fact of life, these women (and in many cases, their


A compelling look at the crisis of disadvantaged women This powerful document takes a sobering look at the phenomenon of marginalized women pushed to the edges of society, holding on with the barest of hope and extraordinary bravery. Handicapped by the increasing societal inequality they face as an everyday fact of life, these women (and in many cases, their children) have been disconnected from the mainstream for reasons of age, race, gender, health, incarceration, domestic abuse, unwanted pregnancy, unemployment, and economic circumstance. They are poor in an affluent society, powerless in a powerful nation, and the suffering caused by their exclusion is poignant and troubling.

Eloquently illustrated with poetry, art, and prose created by marginalized women, Women at the Margins: Neglect, Punishment, and Resistance makes a compelling argument for social change. The book offers a no-holds-barred look at how economic restructuring, welfare reform, neo-conservative ideology, and institutional exclusion have locked women into subservient, substandard roles, stripping them of their citizenship and rendering them expendable. Diverse authors track the life cycle of marginalized women, from teenage pregnancy to the lonliness of older women in poverty or prison.

Women at the Margins: Neglect, Punishment, and Resistance addresses:

  • the effects of welfare reform
  • the forgotten group: women in prison and jail
  • low-income women and housing
  • women marginalized by substance abuse, poverty, and incarceration
  • teenage pregnancy
  • children and their incarcerated mothers
  • recidivism and reintegration
  • women, law, and the justice system
  • and much more!

    Women at the Margins: Neglect, Punishment, and Resistance acknowledges the long history of the inequality faced by women living in exclusion but focuses on the present with a hopeful but realistic eye toward the future. It is an indispensible resource for sociology, social work, legal and penal system professionals, and academics, and an essential read for everyone.

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Taylor & Francis
Publication date:
Haworth Innovations in Feminist Studies
Edition description:
New Edition
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5.90(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

About the Editorsxiii
Introduction to Art and Women at the Margins1
Why Art?1
Chapter 1.Increasing Inequality: The Ascendancy of Neoconservatism and Institutional Exclusion of Poor Women5
The Laissez-Faire Myth, the Neoconservatives, and the Liberal Model of Welfare6
The American Gulag: Extending the Net of Control14
The Added Oppression of Women Behind Bars17
Neglect, Punishment, and Resistance of Marginalized Women20
Section IIncreasing the Dual Control of Women and Distorting Their Strength
Chapter 2.Welfare Reform: Tightening the Screws33
Welfare in "Crisis": 1960s-199634
The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA)36
The Work-First Strategy37
The Future46
Chapter 3.The Forgotten Group: Women in Prisons and Jails55
Women and Crime59
Behavior and Attitudes of Women in Prison61
History of the Incarceration of Women62
Characteristics of Female Offenders64
Conclusions and Recommendations78
Chapter 4.The Storm Is Passing Over: Marginalized African-American Women87
African Cultural Legacies91
Demographic Changes92
Family Structure93
Roles of Males in Families94
Marginalization and Urban Sprawl95
The Passing Storm96
Section IIBlockages to Autonomy
Chapter 5.The Controllers and the Controlled103
The Controllers and the Controlled in Political-Economic Context104
Forms and Context of Control107
Policy Framework of Control: Personal Responsibility and TANF110
Practice Framework of Control: Welfare Workers and Welfare Recipients112
Policy Framework of Control: The Get-Tough Policy114
Practice Framework of Control: Relations Between Guards and Prisoners118
Prospects for the Future119
Chapter 6.Welfare Reform Now That We Know It: Enforcing Women's Poverty and Preventing Self-Sufficiency125
The Centrality of Motherhood and Family Preservation125
Mothers, Work, and Welfare: Not a New Combination126
The Impact of the 1996 Welfare Reform: Work Requirements and Time Limits129
Evaluating the Economic Resources of Families PostWelfare138
Chapter 7.Low-Income Women and Housing: Where Will They Live?151
Roots of the Crisis: Structural and Personal Factors153
Affordable Housing Programs157
The Housing Affordability Squeeze162
Housing Is a Women's Issue168
Section IIIGender, Age, and Health Interactions
Chapter 8.Triple Jeopardy: Women Marginalized by Substance Abuse, Poverty, and Incarceration175
Vicious Cycles and Downward Spirals176
Substance Use and Abuse Among Women: Closing the Gender Gap177
Differences in the "Addiction Careers" of Men and Women181
Policies of Neglect and Punishment Toward Women with Substance Abuse Problems183
Bringing an End to Vicious Cycles and Downward Spirals189
Finding the Will to Change Women's Lives193
Chapter 9.Life at the Margins: Older Women Living in Poverty203
Demographic Trends for the Aging Female Population205
The Gender of Poverty in America's Aging Population208
Aging in Prison: Focus on the Older Female Prisoner216
Special Needs of the Older Female Prisoner221
The Older Female Offender and Recidivism222
Chapter 10.Teenage Pregnancy: Mediating Rotten Outcomes and Improving Opportunities229
Teenage Motherhood in the United States229
Attitudes, Values, and Economics230
Theoretical Interpretations234
The Conflict of Developmental Issues and Policy236
Teenage Mothers and Welfare Reform238
Teenagers' Prenatal Care Access: An Arizona Study239
Support Services for Teenage Parents243
Recommendation for Change to Health and Social Policy243
Section IVBad Women, Undeserving Mothers
Chapter 11.Controlled and Excluded: Reproduction and Motherhood Among Poor and Imprisoned Women253
The Links: No Safe Place255
Excessive Punishment: The Sex and Gender Tax258
Punishing the Future: Women and Their Children262
Chapter 12.Children and Their Incarcerated Mothers271
Women and Mothers in Prison273
Effects of Mothers' Incarceration on Children274
Barriers in the Criminal Justice System276
Incarcerated Women and the Child Welfare System278
Programs and Services for Children of Incarcerated Mothers281
Chapter 13.Women's Recidivism and Reintegration: Two Sides of the Same Coin295
Factors Influencing Successful versus Unsuccessful Reintegration296
Study Participants300
Method and Analysis302
Section VPragmatic Knowledge, Legal Redressing, and Women's Solidarity
Chapter 14.Charity, Ideology, and Exclusion: Continuities and Resistance in U.S. Welfare Reform321
Charity As Institutional Path Dependency323
Ideological Reinforcement Through Communicative Discourse325
Listening to Voices from Below329
Convergence of Proposals337
Chapter 15.Women, the Law, and the Justice System: Neglect, Violence, and Resistance347
The Cycle of Neglect Begins349
Violence Inside358
Resistance Through Litigation362
Chapter 16.Borders and Bridges: Building New Directions for the Women's Movement375
Learning from History: A Short Story of the Accomplishments and Challenges of the Women's Movement377
Confronting the Challenges382
Food for Thought and Action392
Section VIAction Strategies for Today
Chapter 17.Whither the Twenty-First Century for Women at the Margins: Resistance and Action407
Contemporary and Conflicting Roles408
Recommendations for Action410
Action Strategies413

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