Women, Families, and Communities, Volume I, to 1877 : Readings in American History / Edition 1

Women, Families, and Communities, Volume I, to 1877 : Readings in American History / Edition 1

by Nancy A. Hewitt

ISBN-10: 0673188590

ISBN-13: 9780673188595

Pub. Date: 01/14/1997

Publisher: Longman Publishing Group

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Table of Contents

Volume I:


PEOPLING THE NEW WORLD. No Obey: Indian, European, and African Women in Seventeenth-Century Virginia, Suzanne Lebsock.The Salem Village Cataclysm: Origins and Impact of a Witch-Hunt, Lyle Koehler.Sisters, Wives, and Mothers: Self-Portraits of Three Eighteenth-Century Women, Anne Firor Scott.

BIRTH OF A NATION. Politicizing the Household: Sacrifice and Survival During the American Revolution, Linda Kerber.On the Importance of the Obstetrick Art: Changing Customs of Childbirth in America, 1760-1825, Catharine M. Scholten.The Modernization of Greenleaf and Abigail Patch: Land, Family, and Marginality in the New Republic, Paul Johnson.

REMAKING SOCIETY. Building a Community of Labor: Women, Work, and Protest in Lowell, Thomas Dublin.Beauty, the Beast, and the Militant Woman: Sex Roles and Sexual Standards in Jacksonian America, Carroll Smith Rosenberg.Womens Antislavery Activism in Rochester, New York, Nancy A. Hewitt.

EXPANSION AND DIVISION. Domesticating the Natives: Southern Indians and the Cult of True Womanhood, Theda Perdue.Female Slaves: Sex Roles and Social Status in the Antebellum Plantation South, Deborah G. White.The Midwestern Farm Family at Mid-century, John Mack Faragher.

CIVIL WAR AND RECONSTRUCTION. A Passion for Efficiency: The Work of the United States Sanitary Commission, Lori D. Ginzberg.Freed Women? The Civil War and Reconstruction, Jacqueline Jones.A Statistical Portrait, Appendix:Ruth Milkman.


RECONSTRUCTING THE NATION. Freed Women? The Civil War and Reconstruction, Jacqueline Jones.The Girls from Syracuse: Kansas Women in Politics, 1887-1890, Rosalind Urbach Moss.The Transformation of a Laboring Community: Mechanization and the Mobilization of Women Weavers, Susan Levine.Farmers Wives and the New South: Women in the Southern Farmers Alliance, Julie Roy Jeffrey.

PROGRESS AND ITS DISCONTENTS. Hull House in the 1890s: A Community of Women Reformers, Kathryn Kish Sklar.Immigrant Women, Community Networks, and Consumer Protest: The New York City Kosher Meat Boycott of 1902, Paula Hyman.A Gulf of Distance, Mistrust, and Suspicion, A Common Bond of Womanhood?: Building Interracial Community in the Jim Crow South, Jacquelyn Dowd Hall.

THE CRITICAL DECADES. Transforming Hispanic Communities: World War I and Americanization in the Southwest, Sarah Deutsch.The Roaring Teens and Twenties Reexamined: Sexuality in the Furnished Room Districts of Chicago, Joanne Meyerowitz.Two Washes in the Morning and a Bridge Party at Night: Consumer Culture and the American Housewife Between the Wars, Ruth Schwartz Cowan.

THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND WORLD WAR II. Women of the Depression: Anglo, Black, and Hispanic Families in San Antonio, Julia Kirk Blackwelder.The Home Front and the Household: Women, Work, and Family in Detroit, Alan Clive.

POSTWAR SOCIETY. From Rosy to Lucy: The Mass Media and Changing Images of Women and Family, James West Davidson and Mark Hamilton Lytle.The Origins of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, David J. Garrow.Embattled Women: The Defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment in Illinois, Jane J. Mansbridge.A Statistical Portrait, Appendix: Ruth Milkman.

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