Women in Iran from 1800 to the Islamic Republic

Women in Iran from 1800 to the Islamic Republic

by Lois Beck

ISBN-10: 0252071891

ISBN-13: 9780252071898

Pub. Date: 11/28/2004

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

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University of Illinois Press
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

1Marriage in the Qajar period37
2Reflections in the mirror - how each saw the other : women in the nineteenth century63
3The origins and development of the women's movement in Iran, 1906-4185
4The women's organization of Iran : evolutionary politics and revolutionary change107
5The role of women members of parliament, 1963-88136
6Women and labor in the Islamic Republic of Iran163
7Labor-force participation of women in contemporary Iran182
8Sexuality, rights, and Islam : competing gender discourses in postrevolutionary Iran204
9Rural women's history : a case study from Boir Ahmad218
10Qashqa'i women in postrevolutionary Iran240

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