Women Making America

Women Making America

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by Heidi Hemming

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U.S. women's history for everyone! Explore the history you never learned in school. Experience the everyday struggles, delights, and courage of America's women from the Revolutionary War to the present in a format that all readers can enjoy. Dabble in history at a glance, or immerse yourself in comprehensive study. Read it for pleasure, or use it in the classroom.


U.S. women's history for everyone! Explore the history you never learned in school. Experience the everyday struggles, delights, and courage of America's women from the Revolutionary War to the present in a format that all readers can enjoy. Dabble in history at a glance, or immerse yourself in comprehensive study. Read it for pleasure, or use it in the classroom. Historian Sally Roesch Wagner says, This is the book I've been waiting for. Full of rich and well-researched detail, it is a breathtaking swoop of everything from popular culture to suffrage, distilling complex material down to easy to understand information, and full of engagingly good anecdotes. The feel and taste and smell of the time come alive and the attention to accuracy is exemplary. Most importantly, it is not the typical narrow-focused history of white women of means, but the multifaceted story of the diversity of histories that speaks to all women of the United States. A joy to read!

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This hefty volume surveys the role of women in American history from 1770 to the present, focusing primarily on health issues, paid work, home, education, beauty, amusements, and the arts. Each chapter includes a brief summary of historical events and then examines the common threads. Photographs, reproductions, and numerous sidebars convey information on pages filled with bright colors and lively layouts. Quotes, biographical information, facts, and vignettes place women in the context of the times. Outstanding highlights are the "Did you know?" and "Have you heard of...?" sections. There is good racial, ethnic, and age diversity in the text and in the illustrations. The bibliography offers general histories and specific chapter references. The book concludes with the authors addressing their female readers by asking "How will your passion and hard work pave the way for those still to come?...The next chapter of American history belongs to you and your children and grandchildren. What will that story be?" The book's innovative and direct approach is sure to capture the attention of young women. Classroom teachers can utilize the plethora of facts to liven social studies and history lessons, and the format is appealing enough to attract browsers.-Patricia Ann Owens, Wabash Valley College, Mt. Carmel, IL

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WMA grew from the authors' passion for women's history and many years of teaching history, geography, English, women's studies, and gifted education in several states and overseas. Savage received a BA in history, English, and education and a master's degree in American studies. Hemming holds a BA in history, theater, and education and a master's degree in history.

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Women Making America 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
CCrews-AllenTX More than 1 year ago
Women Making America is an AWESOME depiction of the contributions WOMEN have made to building our country. It is intelligent and inspirational. The illustrations are gorgeous, with many actual photographs. Each page is eye-catching and inspiring. It is written so that people of all ages can enjoy it. No home, library, or classroom should be without it! This is a must-read for men, women, and children! It will make women proud to be women, and help men see us for the strong people we really are!
It is absolutely the most complete account of women's history I have ever seen!
John_Molinaro More than 1 year ago
Ask someone about prominent figures in American history, and most can quickly come up with dozens of names. Change the question to prominent women in American history, and, sadly, most won't be able to get to 20. Women Making America sets out to change that, and in the process, not only gives you the history of the many women who were key figures in this nation's development, but also adds a second unique perspective, one very uncommon to find in history books. Women Making America gives the history of this nation through the individual stories of all of the people living through each era. Rather than simply going from one set of wars and major political events to the next, it describes life as it was for the poor, the unknown, the black, the Native American, and the laborer, both female and male. The book is organized into nine eras, from 1770-1800 (titled 'a revolutionary generation') to 1963 to 1990 ('the world turned upside down'). Within each of these eras, the authors, two sisters with backgrounds in American History and American Studies, have focused on seven broad areas to examine closely: Health, Paid Work, At Home, Education, Beauty, Amusements, and the Arts. it is hard not to be continually amazed at how vital and little-known a role women have played in every part of the fabric of American life. On April 26, 1777, a sixteen year-old galloped 40 miles through rain and mud at night and rounded up 400 militia because of an imminent British attack. The British were beaten off, thanks to the teenager, one Sybil Luddington. In the civil war, Mary Walker, MD, was a military field surgeon for the Union until captured by the confederacy. She was ultimately awarded the Medal of Honor. Lozen was an Apache woman who could run, ride, and shoot as well or better than most of the male warriors and fought as an equal in the battles. Edith Bolling Galt was essentially the President of the United States for 18 months after Woodrow Wilson's stroke left him unable to continue, something that was kept secret. The book does not just focus on the famous and accomplished, nor is it exclusively about western Europeans. In every chapter, Native Americans, African Americans, slaves, the poor, the factor workers, and those who became known not so much for historic accomplishment, but for other reasons also receive mention, such as Jackie Mitchell, a 17 year-old who struck out Babe Ruth, Tony Lazzeri, and Lou Gehrig in an exhibition game, or Celia Cooney, the 'bobbed hair bandit' who robbed a string of banks in the 20s. Finally, and I think the most powerful element of this book, are the descriptions, quotes, and stories of completely ordinary women in every one of the eras, and what their lives wwere like. My own favorite is in a discussion of the widespread practice of forcing young girls to embroider samplers to prove their domestic skills. Patty Polk embroidered "Patty Polk did this and she hated every stitch she did in it. She loves to read much more'. This is a book which is well worth reading for many reasons. It is an excellent American history from which you can learn quite a lot, it is a collection of stories about the less celebrated people most of us haven't really known that much about, and above all, as the authors intended, it brings to light the fact that women not only hold up half the sky, but create half our history, something we need to know, and something this book is a great stride towards.
Charm_City_Reader More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. I have studied women in history, but I learned more about Women's History from this book than I did in college. It kept surprising me with stories, pictures, and facts that I never knew. The pictures are delightful, and the format makes it interesting for adults and accessible to adolescents. Everyone who is the slightest bit interested in history or women in the United States will find this a delightful read. It would also be a great gift for any occasion.