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Women of the Suffrage Movement (Women in History)

Women of the Suffrage Movement (Women in History)

by Lydia D. Bjornlund

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Children's Literature
In the 70 years that women fought for the right to vote in this country many women (and a few men) made themselves forever a part of our political history. Most of the women in attendance at the 1848 meeting in Seneca Falls, NY didn't live long enough to cast their own votes, but their work created a path for many others to follow. This book, part of the "Women in History" series, is a thorough and interesting look at the women of the suffrage movement. From colonial women who took upon themselves their right to vote, through the early founders of the women's rights movement, to the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920, Bjornlund paints a full and interesting picture of the women who worked to attain rights equal to those of men. The last chapter is an interesting examination of anti-suffragists and their motives, an area not usually discussed in-depth in books on this topic. Included are suggestions for further reading, a works consulted page and an extensive index. The text is heavily laden with quotes from primary sources such as diaries, letters and journals, as well as period illustrations, which make this an excellent volume for school libraries, suitable for middle or high schools. 2004, Lucent Books, Ages 12 to 18.
—Sharon Oliver

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Women in History Series
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