Women Writing Africa: Volume 1: The Southern Region / Edition 1

Women Writing Africa: Volume 1: The Southern Region / Edition 1

by M.J. Daymond

Essential...this distinctive series presents 120 southern African texts that are rich, evocative. -- Library JournalSee more details below


Essential...this distinctive series presents 120 southern African texts that are rich, evocative. -- Library Journal

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Feminist Press at CUNY, The
Publication date:
Women Writing Africa Series
Edition description:
New Edition
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.50(d)
Age Range:
13 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

A Note on the Women Writing Africa Project
Nineteenth Century
Song of the Afflicted85
Letters and Land Submission91
God's Peace and Blessing96
Account of Cape Town98
A Mother Praises Her Baby105
What the Maidens Do with Rooi Klip111
Letter to Miss Mackenzie113
The Story of Ngangezwe and Mnyamana115
The War in Zululand120
Two Lions Who Changed Themselves into People and Married Two Herero Girls124
Leaving the Farm125
Portrait of Louisa128
Penelopa Lienguane131
Testimony of a School Girl134
1900 to 1919
Journal of the War139
Moliege's Vengeance144
Ominous Weather147
Court Record152
Women's Petition: Domestic Unhappiness155
Letter from Karibib157
Petition of the Native and Coloured Women of the Province of the Orange Free State158
Africa: My Native Land161
A "Little Woman's" Advice to the Public162
Baster Affidavit165
1920s to 1950s
Address to the Resident Commissioner171
Going to School173
Listen, Compatriots!176
Letter to the High Commissioner180
Inheritance: Two Letters182
Speech to the Bangwaketse187
Bantu Home Life189
Social Conditions Among Bantu Women and Girls195
The Story of Nosente200
Nation Is Going to Ruination209
Flight of the Royal Household212
Letter from Keetmanshoop219
Meeting of Herero Women221
The Case of the Foolish Minister225
Though I Am Black, I Am Comely229
Song of King Iipumbu231
Women's Charter236
Presidential Address to the African National Congress Women's League, Transvaal240
Two Songs245
African Women Do Not Want Passes246
The Widows of the Reserves248
It's Gotta Be Cash for a Cookie252
Aunt, Stretch out the Blanket254
1960s and 1970s
The Girl Aga-abes259
Diary of a Detainee263
Past and Present268
Bus Journey to Tsolo271
Three Court Statements283
The Widow and the Baboons285
Ballad of Nomagundwane287
For "Napoleon Bonaparte," Jenny, and Kate290
What of the Future?303
I Drift in the Wind306
I am a Wailing Fool308
Murmurs in the Kutum309
Tobacco, Sugar Alcohol, and Coffee: These Things Have Turned Us into Slaves315
A Man Hides Food from His Family316
Fall Tomorrow333
The Old People Give You Life335
Emergency Call from the Women of Namibia337
Women Are Wealth339
Poem for My Mother343
Detention Alone Is a Trial in Itself344
The Basking Lizard346
Working on the Mail348
The Rending of the Veil357
The Haunting Melancholy of Klipvoordam363
Return Journey372
Arrested for Being Women375
Kandishiwo - I Don't Know380
The Woman385
Citizenship: An Open Letter to the Attorney-General386
I, the Unemployed390
The Letter392
Our Sharpeville397
Our Government Is a Glowing Ember398
For Willy Nyathele400
Jesus Is Indian402
Children of Namibia411
Praise to Our Mothers413
T.M.T. [actual symbol not reproducible] T.B.M.G.415
1990s and 2000s
Another Story419
War from Within430
Krotoa's Story433
Giraffe Song442
Nhamiwa's Magic Stick444
"Lend Me a Dress": Testimonies on Education446
A Broken Family448
Two Dream-Miracle Stories453
Praise to Mbuya Nehanda455
A Noble Woman of Africa457
Swazi Wedding Songs461
Izisho Zokusebenza - Work Songs463
April 27: The First Time467
Before the Beginning470
The Price of Freedom471
Ngonya's Bride-Price476
Testimony: Truth and Reconciliation Commission479
We Will Be Leasing for Ourselves484
Writing near the Bone488
African Wisdom491
War Memoir494
The Birth of This Country's Language500
Bojale - Setswana Initiation Songs506
Intonjane - Xhosa Initiation Songs507
Mutondo - Nyemba Initiation Songs510
Setswana Wedding Songs513
Good as Dead515
Caring for the Dying520
Permissions Acknowledgments and Sources537
Authors Listed by Country549

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