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Women's Lives Through Time: Educated American Women Through the Twentieth Century / Edition 1

Women's Lives Through Time: Educated American Women Through the Twentieth Century / Edition 1

by Kathleen Day Hulbert, Diane Tickton Schuster

ISBN-10: 155542497X

ISBN-13: 9781555424978

Pub. Date: 01/29/1993

Publisher: Wiley

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Publication date:
Social and Behavioral Science and Higher
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7.22(w) x 10.37(h) x 1.60(d)

Table of Contents

PrefaceThe EditorsContributors
Part One: Introduction
1. Studying Women's Lives Through Time(Diane Tickton Schuster)
2. Women's Role Change and Adaptation, 1920-1990(Janet Zollinger Giele)
Part Two: The Vangaurd Era
3. Graduating from College in the 1930's: The Terman Genetic Studies of Genius(Carol Tomlinson-Keasey, Charles Blake Keasey)
4. The Vassar Classes of 1929-1935: Personality Patterns in College and Adult Life(Donald R. Brown, Rosemary Pacini)
5. Bennington Women of the 1930's: Political Attitudes over the Life Course(Ronald L. Cohen, Duane F. Alwin)
6. Columbia University Graduate Students: 1945-1951: The Vangaurd of Professional Women
Part Three: The Era of Limitations
7. The Vassar Classes of 1957 and 1958: The Ideal Student Study(Donald R. Brown, Rosemary Pacini)
8. The Mills Classes of 1958 and 1960: College in the Fifties, Young Adulthood in the Sixties(Ravenna M. Helson)
9. The UCLA Gifted Women, Class of 1961: Living Up to Potential(Diane Tickton Schuster, Lois Langland, Daryl G. Smith)
Part Four: The Era of Transition
10. The Radcliffe Class of 1964: Career and Family Social Clock Projects in a Transitional Cohort(Abigail J. Stewert, Elizabeth A. Vandewater)
11. The Univeristy of Michigan Class of 1967: The Women's Life Paths Study(Sandra S. Tangri, Shanon Rae Jenkins)
12. The Carnegie Mellon Class of 1968: Families, Careers, and Contingencies
Part Five: The Era of Liberation
13. The Radcliffe Class of 1969: Women on the Cutting Edge
14. Women of Riverside High, 1970-1987: Personal and Political Develpment(Eva Foldes Travers)
15. The Women and Career Options Program, 1973-1975: Encouranging Women's Aspirations(Kathleen Day Hulbert)
16. University of Michigan Medical School Graduates of the 1980's: The Professional Development of Women's Physicians(Marita Inglehart, Donald R. Brown, Oksana Malanchuck)
17. Academically Talented Women in the 1980's: The Illinios Valedictorian Project(Karen D. Arnold)
Part Six: Conclusion
18. Reflections on the Lives of Educated Women(Kathleen Day Hulbert)

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