Word 5.1 for the Mac How-to Book

Word 5.1 for the Mac How-to Book

by Ron Mansfield

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Not another word processing bible, Microsoft's Word for the Macintosh is a major upgrade, taking advantage of features in System 7 for documents composed and edited over networks. It is no small task to explain all the features, especially for experienced Word users. Mansfield divides this tough assignment into five parts. First, he introduces Word, explaining its graphics capabilities and Find File and Summary Info. In the second part, he dissects formatting, including tabs, tables, footnotes, and style sheets--all those features you learned to hate in previous versions of Word. Outlines, spell checking, grammar, stationery, and envelopes are considered in the third section, with an entire chapter on Find and Replace. The treatment of desktop publishing in Part 4 might make you consider dumping your stand-alone software for Word as your sole desktop publisher. The final section tackles the new and different in Word and the Macintosh--QuickTime movies in documents, E-mail, networked text, and graphics. If you're serious about Macintosh and Microsoft Word 5.1, keep this book close at hand.

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