Word: Six Decades of Hits

Word: Six Decades of Hits


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Disc 1

  1. El Shaddai
  2. We Will Stand
  3. When God Ran
  4. Home Where I Belong
  5. Praise the Lord
  6. Shut De Do
  7. We Are the Reason
  8. Flesh of My Flesh
  9. Special Delivery
  10. Easter Song
  11. Clean Before My Lord
  12. I Wish We'd All Been Ready
  13. I'd Rather Have Jesus
  14. Oh, How We Loved You and Me
  15. Lord, Achieve Thy Holy Purpose
  16. The Lighthouse
  17. He's Everything To Me
  18. The Game of Life

Disc 2

  1. Redeemer
  2. Three Wooden Crosses
  3. Kiss Me
  4. On My Knees
  5. Blessed
  6. Heaven
  7. People Get Ready...Jesus is Coming
  8. Another Time...Another Place
  9. Undivided
  10. Beyond Belief
  11. Surrender
  12. Revive Us
  13. I Will Be Free
  14. Behold the Lamb
  15. This Good Day
  16. Everywhere I Look
  17. Heaven

Disc 3

  1. Free To Be Me
  2. Starry Night
  3. The Words I Would Say
  4. Every Time I Breathe
  5. Washed By the Water
  6. How You Live
  7. I Am
  8. You're Not Alone
  9. Glory Defined
  10. Keys To the Kingdom
  11. Never Alone
  12. Beautiful One
  13. Me and Jesus
  14. It's All About You
  15. Suitcases
  16. Mercy
  17. Light It Up

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Brown Bannister   Composer,Producer
Shirley Caesar   Producer
Michael Card   Composer
Phil Keaggy   Composer
David Meece   Composer
Larry Norman   Composer
Sandi Patty   Producer
Dottie Rambo   Composer
Randy Stonehill   Composer
Russ Taff   Composer
Steve Taylor   Producer
Kurt Kaiser   Composer,Producer
Jimmy Owens   Composer
Chris Christian   Producer
Bob Summers   Producer
Brent Bourgeois   Composer,Producer
David Mullen   Composer,Producer
Benny Hester   Composer
Ralph Carmichael   Composer
Greg Nelson   Producer
George Beverly Shea   Composer
Leon Patillo   Composer
Billy Ray Hearn   Producer
Mike Hudson   Composer
Jarrell McCracken   Composer
Cindy Morgan   Composer
Mark Hayes   Composer
Pat Terry   Composer
J. Allen   Composer
Rick Beato   Producer
Da'dra Crawford   Composer
Steve Crawford   Composer
Mike Curb   Producer,Executive Producer
Dino Elefante   Producer
John Elefante   Producer
Ian Eskelin   Composer,Producer
Mark Hammond   Producer
Carol Harris   Composer
Bob Hartman   Composer
Mark Heimermann   Composer
Buck Herring   Producer
Skip Konte   Producer
Kenny Lamb   Composer
Kyle Lehning   Producer
Nicole C. Mullen   Composer
Justin Niebank   Producer
L. Arthur Nichols   Producer
Jim Ed Norman   Producer
Tony Palacios   Producer
Dan Posthuma   Producer
Brian Ray   Composer,Producer
Bill Schnee   Producer
Bubba Smith   Producer
Bruce Swedien   Producer
Terry Taylor   Producer
John Schreiner   Composer
Otto Price   Producer
Paul Craig   Producer
Carol Owens   Composer
Michael Ochs   Composer
Melodie Tunney   Composer
Gary Driskell   Composer
Joe Moscheo   Producer
Matt Slocum   Composer
Fernando Ortega   Composer
Mark Schultz   Composer
Henry Garza   Composer
Aaron Rice   Composer
Ed Cash   Composer,Producer
Ginny Owens   Composer
Luke Smallbone   Composer
Greg Bieck   Producer
David Estes   Producer
Pete Kipley   Producer
Andy Cloninger   Composer
Dave Frey   Composer
Jason Ingram   Producer
Chris Bevins   Producer
Nic Gonzales   Producer
Tim Hughes   Composer
BarlowGirl   Composer
Mike Weaver   Composer
Deborah Evans Price   Liner Notes
Adam Agee   Composer
Ringo Garza   Composer
Matt Hales   Composer
Jason Roy   Composer
John Thompson   Composer
Needtobreathe   Producer
Chris August   Composer
Meredith Andrews   Composer
Group 1 Crew   Composer
Francesca Battistelli   Composer
Sam Mizell   Composer
Joel Smallbone   Composer
Patrick Ryan Clark   Composer
Rob Hawkins   Composer
Ronnie Hinson   Composer
Michael Farren   Composer
Rhea Miller   Composer
Jeremy Redman   Producer
Chuck Dennie   Producer
Joey Garza   Composer
John Parenti   Composer
Jim Cooper   Composer
Marcus Harris   Composer
Ben McDonald   Composer
Dara MacLean   Composer
Carl Pierce   Composer
Noé Chaparro   Composer
Nancy Henigbaum   Composer
Victoria Taff   Composer
James Holihan   Composer
Doug Johnson   Composer
Andy Anderson   Composer,Producer
Rusty Valenkamp   Producer
Ron Harris   Composer
Rod Riley   Executive Producer
Michael Edward Mathis   Composer
Kim Williams   Composer

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