Words in Our Pockets: The Feminist Writers Guild Handbook

Words in Our Pockets: The Feminist Writers Guild Handbook

by Celeste West

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WomanSource Catalog & Review: Tools for Connecting the Community for Women
Here's a well-kept secret that every woman writer should read. Composed of essays from 40 feminists involved in the world of print, reading this book is like meeting a secret sorority of front-line fighters who've paused for a moment in their battle against the male-dominated media to tell you how it is. This book illuminates every element of women in print: surviving as a writer, feminist publishing, the range of writing genres, how to start a writers' support group, the writing culture—all written from women wordsmiths who have been there. Any aspiring woman writer looking for an all-in-one toolkit, look no further, this book is an absolute gem.
—Ilene Rosoff

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