Words of Lust

Words of Lust

4.1 6
by Lise Horton

Serafina Luca, straitlaced Manhattan professor of erotic literature, isn't one to blush at a few raunchy words, but her experience in the bedroom is hardly bestseller material. She's not sure the passion in the books she teaches is possible in real life, let alone for her. But then she meets Nick Stellato.

The construction foreman may look like a guy's guy,


Serafina Luca, straitlaced Manhattan professor of erotic literature, isn't one to blush at a few raunchy words, but her experience in the bedroom is hardly bestseller material. She's not sure the passion in the books she teaches is possible in real life, let alone for her. But then she meets Nick Stellato.

The construction foreman may look like a guy's guy, but he knows how to treat a woman. One look at Serafina's luscious figure, and he wants to prove it to her. One dinner date and their sizzling chemistry is undeniable. Soon, it's the professor getting a lesson or two…and Nick is a willing teacher. What surprises him is how much he enjoys the time he spends with Serafina outside the bedroom—and how easily he can imagine a future together.

Before long, Serafina is falling hard for Nick, too. But how can a timid academic with virtually no past fulfill his dreams of an adventurous future?

88,000 words

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"Woo-hoo, baby!"

"Come to Papa, hot mama!"

"I got something big and hard for you, sweet cheeks!"

Serafina Luca fumed as she marched stoically past the line of construction workers. It was unfortunate her morning timetable required her to leave her building just as the laborers were taking their break. They sat around on the temporary barricades, stuffing egg sandwiches or doughnuts into their mouths, washing down the food with coffee, sodas or Red Bull.

She stared straight ahead, ignoring the rude bellows, and hefted her perpetually overloaded leather satchel higher on her shoulder.

"Nice legs!"

"If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?"

They weren't even imaginative in their misogynistic catcalls. She'd have given them points for originality if they hadn't just rolled out the same old drivel she'd been listening to for months.

It hadn't been quite so bad during the blustery winter months. By then they'd completed the exterior of the building, and were at work on the interior, so the men had stayed inside during breaks to keep out of the wind. She'd bundled up with her hat down low over her face and barreled past any of them who happened to be braving the weather for a smoke. With the April weather bursting out all over, they'd emerged. The Big Apple was basking in the moderate temps and she'd pulled on a deliciously light dress. Now she found herself longing for pants and an overcoat as the men leered. It was an ugly feeling to be objectified.

One of the men heaved to his feet and thrust himself into her path. The protective barricades around the sidewalk, coupled with the width of the man's beefy frame, effectively cut off any escape. She dispensed with any idea of turning and retreating back up the block. She lifted her chin, her expression studiously chilly, and looked up at him.

"Excuse me."

"Ooh, don't you just talk pretty. But I like my girls talking nasty to me—that gets me going. How 'bout you say something nice and dirty? Tell me how you like it, huh? You like it nasty, I bet. All you fancy ladies like it nasty."

He moved closer. It seemed he wasn't a fan of mouthwash. Or deodorant. He loomed over her and fear took hold. There was no one as far as she could see. Her early class started at eight a.m. and now at seven-thirty, her neighborhood was still deserted. Worse, the entire block between 50th and 51st Streets had been gutted for the construction, so there were none of the typically crowded delis or coffee shops in the area. She took a small step back as he came closer. The man's nostrils flared and he looked more like a predator by the minute.

He reached out and took hold of the strap of her bag, giving it a yank.

"Watcha got in here, lady?" She clutched her bag and fought back the lump of fear in her throat. She looked at the other men. Some seemed disconcerted, but none appeared willing to stand up to the guy.

"Hey, Boxer, you asshole! Back the fuck off."

She blinked as her harasser was pulled backward by a guy even bigger than he was.

"What the fuck?" Boxer turned, an expression of incredulous fury on his face. When he caught sight of the man who had grabbed him, however, his face fell into a mask of angry belligerence.

Freed from his meaty grasp, she took a step backward and turned to look at the worker who had intervened. He was red with rage and so powerful he actually managed to shake the behemoth who'd accosted her.

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Words of Lust 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: Upon starting this one, it had a good feel to it. I liked how Serafina and Nick met and how their relationship first developed. As the story progressed though, I wasn't that impressed. Serafina and Nick's romance was sort of the typical one you find in this genre. They had their moments where I liked them, where it was interesting to see the way they interacted with each other. Then there were moments where I just wanted to roll my eyes. There was a side story that, well, kind of annoyed me. When it was getting close to the end, I could see where it was leading to and I didn't like it. Not that it was bad, just dramatic and I knew exactly what would happen. Although it wasn't exactly as amazing as expected, Words Of Lust was still pretty good. The way Lise Horton wrote the romance was nice, and I liked the progression of Serafina and Nick's relationship for the most part. It was worth the read, and it might be for you too. My Rating: Pretty Good
Laura_Downside_Vamp More than 1 year ago
* I received a copy of this book courtesy of Carina Press, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review* 4 stars Serafina is used to seeing the worst side of men. Being a professor at a small city college and teaching erotic literature, she's used to the automatic first impressions people have of her and her class. What she didn't expect was for construction foreman Nick Stellato to become her knight in shining armor one day when she is accosted by one of his workers, or him invading her thoughts hours after. Nick knew Boxer was getting bad, but he didn't plan on having to save a gorgeous woman from his verbal onslaught this early in the morning. Finally at his wit's end with his worker, he fires Boxer and introduces himself to the professor. After procuring her business card so he can be in touch about the incident he escorts her to the subway and knows he won't be able to get the look of her walking away out of his mind any time soon. Taking a leap, he leaves her a voicemail at the number on her card and hopes for a date. When she agrees, sparks fly as things steam up between the two, but old hurts and new dangers may just keep them apart. What a great book with witty dialogue and sweet romance. Both characters were strong, veritable and approachable. Nick was provocative and charming, his family was hysterical and painted a picture in my mind of a rather stereotypical but explicit Italian family. I could almost hear the banter out loud as if I was there at the dinner table. Serafina brought forth emotions from sympathy to frustration and pride and all around attachment. The storyline had vigor and kept pace with a mix of eroticism and suspense, adding in humor to give the reader a book to get absorbed in.
Lisbeth_Eng More than 1 year ago
Lise Horton's erotic romance, Words of Lust, a must-read for fans of steamy romance, will appeal to readers seeking an intelligent, witty, and engaging story. The plot involves multi-dimensional characters, their inward struggles and external conflicts, who ultimately reach a deeper level of self-awareness, and sexual and romantic fulfillment. College professor Serafina Luca must let go of her insecurities and accept that she deserves to be loved and cared for. Hunky construction foreman Nick Stellato is there to guide her on that journey and learn a few things about himself along the way. Nick's relationship with his quirky but affectionate family adds an endearing and humanizing layer to a well-written, intriguing story. A suspenseful sub-plot (don't worry -- I won't give away any spoilers) completes a compelling, satisfying read.
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
Yay! I'm so happy when I find an erotic romance that I really enjoy! Words of Lust is one of those books. I've not read this author before which is not very surprising since she only has this book and a short story in an anthology! But I can say for sure that whatever she's got coming out next is going to be on my auto-buy list! Serafina is the female character in this book and I thought she was pretty awesome! She's a college professor and teaches classes about erotica in literature. The fact that she teaches erotica is a little bit funny since she's not had many boyfriends and has never been very adventurous in bed. That's one of the things that makes Serafina such a relatable character. I think most people don't have super kinky sex lives, just like her. Plus, just like all of us, Serafina reads about hot, steamy sex but when she's presented with the opportunity to maybe have some of her fantasies come true, she sort of freezes. I'm pretty sure that I'd have the same reaction! Like, Gulp... is this for real?! LOL! But it's not all wine and roses and smiles for her. She lost her parents years ago and was an only child, like her parents. So she literally has no one. She's shy and reserved so she doesn't have a ton of friends. Of course, even if she DID have lots of friends, nothing can really measure up to blood relatives, you know? She's used to taking care of herself and fighting her own battles. I love that about her. You know how much I love strong female characters and in a way, Serafina earns that label. Now, she's not perfect. For one, I thought she was a little TOO stubborn at times. Then, at one point, Serafina finds herself with a stalker. She takes it seriously but she still goes out alone and doesn't REALLY pay a lot of attention to her surrounding. So there was good and bad with Serafina. But I'm thinking she's met her match in Nick Stellato, at least as far as stubbornness goes!! Nick is an awesome guy and just like with Serafina, I found that I liked him immediately. Of course, that's probably because Nick is doing his knight-in-shining-armor routine when he's introduced! He's this big, macho, construction worker guy for sure and he has a hard time talking about his feelings. But on the other hand, he obviously loves his mom and dad, his brothers and sisters and their kids. He treats everyone in his family really well (isn't that how we kind of judge a man - if he's good to his mom, he's a good guy?) and worries about them. He works hard and has a good brain. He's funny and knows how to have a good time AND he has a talented tongue! So really, what I'm trying to say is that he's juuuuuust about perfect! LOL! I mentioned that Nick isn't so great with talking about his feelings but somehow, he's able to get Serafina to relax and open up to him. I swear, this guy is The Woman Whisperer!! I loved Nick and Serafina as a couple. I wouldn't say that I could sense they had tons of chemistry or anything. In fact, I don't know that I saw any chemistry between them for at least the first third of the book or so. But I couldn't say exactly why I thought that or even point to place in the book where that chemistry comes to the forefront. I thought that Nick and Serafina were a little typical. Shy, bookish college professor is brought out of her shell and becomes more sexually adventurous with a big, beefy construction worker. Actually, when I put it out there like that, it DOES sound a little eye-roll inducing so I'm not sure why it didn't bother me. One of my favorite things about them together is how they tease each other. I'm not talking about Sexy Time teasing, I mean just plain old joking around and tormenting each other. Once Nick gets Serafina to relax around him, they trade banter back and forth like they've known each other for years. I hate to use this cliche but they kind of complete compliment each other. Serafina is bookish, quiet and reserved while Nick is brash, brawny and open. They were a lot of fun to read. I would recommend this book. It has plenty of Sexy Time and wow, it's hot! There are lots of laughs and a little mystery. I thought that the mystery aspect of the book was a bit obvious, slightly boring, and kind of far fetched. But that didn't affect my enjoyment of this book. Again, I really dig this author and will be snatching up whatever she offers next!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read a review for this book that perfectly described it as "sensual erotic romance where humor and passion go hand in hand as words of lust becomes words of love." I couldn't agree more with the reviewer at Heroes & Heartbreakers! This is a very sexy read about a sheltered woman discovering her sexuality with a red-hot blue collar hero. The characters are well-drawn and drive this very sexy story. I would recommend to all readers of erotic romance!
LuckyIrishGal More than 1 year ago
Serafina Luca is a professor teaching the most popular class at the college. It is all about literature and the erotic word. Students call her Luscious Luca, because she is hot. Teaching such a class, you might expect Serafina to know more about passion than what is written  in books. You would be wrong. For the past few months she has to pass a large area of construction on her way to work. Every morning the men whistle and shout at her. She hates it. Things get worse when one man decides to grab her. Nick, the construction foreman, comes to her rescue. Nick cannot get the beautiful Serafina out of his mind. One date with her and Nick is sure she is the woman he wants to know better. Serafina's passionless existence becomes a distant memory. Everything is roses until someone starts vandalizing Nick's truck and following Serafina. Minor nuisances escalate into life threatening attacks. I enjoyed getting to know Nick and Serafina. Nick's family is fantastic. I adore his sister, Gia. His father does not have as many scenes,  but the moment he came to Serafina's "rescue" from his younger son's embarrassing questions he cemented a place in my heart. My  favorite is Nick's mom. I love this woman. She is my favorite character in the book.