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Words of Want: Presenting Poems and Quotes

Words of Want: Presenting Poems and Quotes

by Stephen Scialli and Friends

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iUniverse, Incorporated
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

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Words of Want

Presenting Poems and Quotes
By Stephen Scialli

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Stephen Scialli and Friends
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-6296-3

Chapter One

      Upon Thy Bed

    Upon thy bed so inviting, thy body close to mine.
    Thy eyes pierce deeply into my soul as thy form doth
    cover me,
    Thy hands infinitely strong in battle yet so gentle upon
    my skin.
    Upon thy bed so secluded, we lay skin to skin, as night
    breezes cool us.
    Thy breath is warm and sweet ... thy lips are
    commanding, and I surrender.
    Two members unite in kiss and do a sensuous dance.
    My body quivers at thy touch and a moist velvety
    sheath awaits thy rigid sword,
    To enter, to conquer, to bond; oh, to learn what doth
    make my lord pleased!
    Thou doest miraculous things with thy mouth; Merlin
    knows no magic that compares.
    Thou art wondrous and I could fairly worship thy
    wondrous endowment!
    Upon thy bed, I see thee in another light, in the sweet
    darkening of dusk when shadow fall and heat of
    passion oft rises.
    I see thee in a different light when dawn doth break
    and the early morning hardness of thy timber beckons
    me to pleasure.

    (By: Darlene Hunter © 2012)

    Naked Thoughts
    Fill my mind video
    Luscious love
    Swim deep
    To my girls beach
    Is almost within
    My reach
    I like kissing
    Licking affection,
    turns me on,
    fingers dancing across boiling lust touch
    Is that too much
    As long as I am me, I shall be thee heart
    As long as blood flows
    As long as touch grows
    We shall be parcel and part
    Moist adventure
    Seeking dares
    Fulfill the touch
    On your delicious

    stephen scialli © 2012

      The Talented Member

    Staring at my reflection in the looking glass,
    I use my tongue to moisten my dry lips.
    A sensual thought entered my mind,
    And I marveled, "How unique is the tongue!"
    So small and pink, so warm and wet,
    So flexible.
    Then I reflected on thy powerful, chiseled body.
    Oh, how much my tongue
    Would love to taste thy skin!
    To use the talented member, my warm, wet tongue,
    To touch and taste,
    To excite and to please.
    Ah, to taste thee and feel my tongue, that talented
    Tasting and licking thy most intimate parts,
    Exploring thy body, every strong, muscled inch.

    (By: Darlene Hunter ©2012)

    Vibrant hues
    Cover the blue

    Twinkle, twinkle

    In the sky

    In my eye

    stephen scialli © 2012

    hard water stains
    on the soul
    Scrub a life away
    no amount
    of prayers
    can open
    the broken window
    of dreams

    stephen scialli © 2012

The Love Letter

My darling, let me try to tell you how I feel. If my heart were made of words, it would be easy to tell you how I feel. I'd have all the right phrases, all the right inflection, so that there would never be a doubt, as to what I meant or tried to say so clumsily at the moment.

I'd have the right amount of words and not go too far in expressing what I feel deep inside.

If my eyes could speak what my heart feels, you'd see more love than you've ever seen before.

When the emotion of love is expressed, sometimes I cry ... not in sadness my love, but because the love is so overwhelming.

If my body was a great work of literature, you need only to look at the words there and know that the union we share is worth all the words that could ever be written. My love, my dearest, look at me. See the end of a journey that you've taken to find real love, And the beginning of new walk with someone who will never leave your side–a new journey, a new adventure, a deeper friendship than you've ever known, a love that keeps you warm, secure, happy, content, and more loved than ever.

Hold on, feel my heart in these words. Touch my face, my lips, my body-feel the physical expression of an inward love.

Touch my heart again with your words, the looks you give me, and the touch of your heart to mine ... feel the deep, abiding love that bonds us together as one.

I am one with you and you with me ... always. Be with me, come to me, and let me come to you ... to give each other the love we've both searched for and longed for ... for so long.

From the depths of my heart, with every fiber of my being ... I love you.

(By: Darlene Hunter ©2012)

    Good night sweet dream

    Light a candle
    Your smile
    lights my world
    Light a candle
    Slip your shoes off
    Light a candle
    Massage your feet
    Light a candle
    Effleurage your calves
    Light a candle
    Massage your thighs
    Light a candle
    Peel away the day
    Light a candle
    Glory at the pearly gate
    of heaven
    Light a candle
    Smile as your rosebud winks
    Light a candle
    Run through your landing strip
    Light a candle
    Joy of softness
    Light a candle
    Look into your eyes
    Light your candle

    stephen scialli ©2012

      Without You I Break

    Without you, I break.
    Each day passes slowly ... time has no meaning
    Your voice, your presence is rarely heard or felt.
    My heart longs for the nearness of you ... the warmth
    of you.
    Tears flow like torrential rain ... the hurt is like a swollen
    river of pain.
    Hope is but a glimmer ... some distant faint glow.
    Seemingly unreachable in the deepest abyss,
    Looking up I cry out ... and you don't hear me.
    Without you, I break.

    (By: Darlene Hunter ©2012)

    Lost in the beauty of your eyes
    dreamily swimming
    your velvet pool
    sweet wet joy begins

    stephen scialli ©2012

      Two Souls

    Doest two souls dare reach out for affection?
    To be lost in the maze of emotions that make up love?
    My heart feels so much for thee.
    My mind is sometimes consumed with thoughts of thee.
    It feels as if my body aches for thy touch, thy kiss.
    To feel thy hands so strong, commanding my every
    And thy mouth demanding and thou doest feel my
    The white columns open to thee, surrounding thee,
    Giving in to the basest of desires,
    Raised hips receive completely thy swollen virility.
    The mounds of flesh with hardened tips press into thy
    massive chest.
    They ache for thy lips to taste, to kiss, to suckle.
    The breaths we breathe are raspy and ragged.
    Two souls combine to become one in the most intimate
    of unions.
    Oh, the sweet pleasure of succumbing to each other!
    Mirrored pleasure of two bodies prepares to fan the
    deep fires
    And the longing for release begins to burn deeply within
    our bellies.
    The journey our bodies have but taken is culminated to
    The cries of passion reaching the ultimate climax of lust,
    of desire, of love.

    (By: Darlene Hunter ©2012)

      I Dream of You

    I dream of you ... though you know nothing of my
    My heart is touched by your words, moved by your
    And I tremble at the thought of you.
    I dream of your face so close to mine that I feel the
    warmth of your skin.
    I dream of your mouth nearing mine and with the barest
    of touches,
    I melt into you.
    Dreaming of you touching me, looking into my eyes
    Is the sweetest of things.
    I dream of your voice ... is it deep?
    Is your voice soft? I dream of hearing it ...
    I dream of feeling your warm breath on my ear
    As you whisper to me.
    I dream of you ... I hope for you.

    (By: Darlene Hunter ©2012)

    "the feelings, the best words are never recognized until
    it's too late to enjoy the real reason"
    May 5th, © 2012

    stephen scialli ©2012

    Lost words
    drift away
    in the catacombs
    of our dreams

    stephen scialli © 2012

      Deep Desire

    O love of my heart, thou dost make me shiver with desire.
    Thy touch sends a glow as white-hot embers to the very
    core of my womanhood,
    Silky, smooth wetness is the product of thy touch and
    thy kiss.
    Thy body strong and lean; thy hardness increases and
    presses against me.
    Oh, sweet love of my dreams!
    If thou wouldst take my words, have them come to life,
    words of love, of lust and desire,
    My heart would soar, my flesh would burn and my body
    wouldst be thine.
    Touch me here amid my field of dewy moistness; touch
    the soft flesh of my breasts.
    Thy sword of passion plunges into the velvet portion of
    my womanly heat.
    Thy lips a source of bliss, to bask in; an intensity I have
    never known.
    Over and over, we are immersed into the waves of
    incredible desire
    And the very beat of our hearts seem to be in like-cadence
    with each other.
    Thy hands so rough in combat, yet they so gently caress
    and linger on my body.
    Thy eyes blaze with a different light-the light of desire,
    lust and need.
    Battle cries replaced with cries of wild, intimate abandon,
    reaching the ultimate peak.

    (By: Darlene Hunter © 2012)

    caressing the floor
    sun dancing beam
    the new day
    new dream
    heart swells
    to gleam
    your reach
    in my grasp
    Sun dancing beam
    harkens the way
    hearts new glean

    stephen scialli ©2012

    Your passion fills me w/joy
    Your words are the filling
    Yummy digestion
    Eternal bliss found
    Under the quarter moon
    Filling the void
    Of no loss

    Prove it always
    Shred the doubt
    To tiny confetti
    Shower onto the false floor
    Falling into oblivion
    never to seek doubts

    dreamy delights surprise
    the leather tiger
    the kitten purrs in his grip
    deep driving passion
    swells his animal
    it's a beautiful day

    stephen scialli © 2012

    "The saddest part of human existence is self imposed

    stephen scialli ©2012

    your soul is beautiful
    crying for love
    i feel your soul
    reaching the heavens
    Bringing smiles
    for those that love you
    like me

    stephen scialli © 2012

    feel the heat
    feel the passion
    feel my breath
    feel my eyes
    feel my voice
    feel my words
    feel to heal
    taste my love

    to be lost
    in your arms
    I would die
    each night
    darkness gone
    to be passion
    to be alive
    to die each night
    feeling your smile

    stephen scialli © 2012

you do not need firewood for your stories ... you do not need it rains in August ... six emotion in the emotion, the emotion because you are ... patches do not try to mend clothes crumpled, because you are not a patch ... love is a painter, not a character, although sometimes these Two things seem to fit ... you are a director, not an actress of your life ... Unlike the characters in novels who need applause of their audience to draw their existence, why do not you exist ... you create, you know, stay in front, beside and behind better than a shadow, because you are true ... art is pure harmony, and you also: the beauty of your soul so you paints ...

By Deni D


Excerpted from Words of Want by Stephen Scialli Copyright © 2012 by Stephen Scialli and Friends. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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