Words with Rhythm: Second Beat

Words with Rhythm: Second Beat

by Hafiz

ISBN-10: 0710305478

ISBN-13: 9780710305473

Pub. Date: 08/28/1996

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.  See more details below


First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Taylor & Francis
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6.20(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Special Dedication
To You God, My Praise and Gratitude1
Praise and Gratitude to You3
Praise Be To God4
Only God Is Perfect6
My Memory and Question Marks7
It Is by the Remembrance of God11
I Love You, I Love You, I Love You! Beloved Messenger of God15
Story of the Marriage of the Virtuous Lady and the Trustworthy Man17
How Much Do I Love You, Darling36
I Love You, First, Second, and Third38
People, Listen and Comprehend49
A Lentil Soup River51
No Way out Without Blood54
The Fire Under the Ashes Burn All!56
It Bit My Hand!58
The Forbidden Food Banquet60
Philosophical Thoughts and Meditation63
That Unknown65
True Love?!67
Negative and Positive69
The Cat and I!73
The Virgin?!75
He Made Me Lose Faith in Dreams!78
When He Knocked at My Door...80
We're Getting Close to the End!82
A Paradise Made of Plastic83
In Reality and on Paper85
How Can Summer and Winter Meet?88
The Reign of Frivolity90
The Noose92
Bewildered Sighs95
Would I Find a Medicine?97
I Find Shelter in Silence100
This is My Tragedy103
I Want to Die Standing107
Prisoner of a Mirage?!108
Especially You, Enemies109
Desperate Hope110
I Have Decided Not to Sleep112
It Was My Heart That Cried113
I Don't Know, I Cannot Tell115
I? Who Am I?119
Am I a Beast or a Human Being121
I Am a Different Beast!124
No Doubt I Am the Madman!125
We, the Artist, Sanctify Freedom128
You, I, and Time!130
You and I Are Adam and Eve!135
You and Me137
You and My Imagination139
Adam and Eve 1141
Adam and Eve 2143
Adam and Eve 3144
Adam and Eve 5145
Adam and Eve 7147
Adam and Eve 9149
Adam and Eve 11151
Adam and Eve 13153
Adam and Eve 14154
Adam and Eve 17156
Adam and Eve 18158
She: No and Yes160
With You, I Drown163
Fed Up With Questions, You Fake the Answers165
If You Leave Me167
I Love You170
I Look Down, I Behave Arrogantly172
This is My Tragedy174
Characters and Images177
A Tyrant and a Mufti182
Banquet of the Mean184
I Don't Know Why185
The Labour of Sedition187
The Secret190
Index of First Lines193

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