Work of Her Own: A Woman's Guide to Success off the Career Track

Work of Her Own: A Woman's Guide to Success off the Career Track

by Susan Wittig Albert

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Unlike the usual guide to corporate success, this engrossing, probing study by Albert, a former English professor and now a writer of children's books, recounts how she and 80 other women holding top positions experienced a career crisis, lost their jobs or quit on their own and became disillusioned with the success they achieved. The author contends that for women the cost of careerism often includes workaholism and a repudiation of feminine values in favor of male, corporate ideals. She also describes the often psychologically traumatic stages of career-flight--such as weighing work options and living adjustments. Albert notes, however, that in this survey almost all the women experienced an energizing sense of self-liberation despite loss of pay and prestige in often home-based enterprises ranging from freelance writing to goat-breeding, which afforded time for ``the art of composing life.'' Final chapters offer advice, including visualizing techniques, for those who wish to undertake career changes. (Sept.)
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This guide isn't about career options or nontraditional employment; it's about leaving your "career." People in general, not only women, tend to get sucked into their job and before they realize it, they've evolved into their career; the self is no longer present.This inspiring and astonishing book speaks to all women who have discovered they no longer want the career they have–they want more, they want their selves back again. Susan Wittig Albert speaks from her own personal experience and brings to light the intense and exciting stories of many other women like herself–women who have forfeited "promising" careers and walked away from circumstances they could no longer work under. These forfeits opened up passageways to unique occupations (or no occupations at all).

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