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Work Therapy

Work Therapy

by Daniel Grippo

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The Elves offer tips for reaching a new level of confidence and job satisfaction using their trademark wit, wisdom and whimsy.


The Elves offer tips for reaching a new level of confidence and job satisfaction using their trademark wit, wisdom and whimsy.

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Work Therapy

By Daniel Grippo, R. W. Alley

Abbey Press

Copyright © 1995 Daniel Grippo
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4976-8313-6



Work, like love, is a many-splendored thing. Look at the variety of work you see going on around you. Marvel at its diversity, the multitude of abilities it demands, the abundant benefits it brings.


All work has dignity. Any task, large or small, is important enough to be done carefully, thoroughly, mindfully. Take pride in your work—and in yourself for doing a good job.


Work doesn't have to be paid to be valuable. Notice how much of the really important work in life doesn't involve a paycheck.


All work can be creative. Your work is part of the ongoing creation of the world. See yourself as a co-creator with God.


All work should preserve and be in harmony with creation. Find ways to save, economize, and recycle. Be a good steward.


Cherish those moments of deep satisfaction in your work: arriving at a breakthrough idea, being part of a smoothly functioning team, discovering the answer to a vexing problem, feeling the good tiredness of a day well spent.


Appreciate the hidden moments of joy in your workday: the warble of a robin outside a window, the scent of flowers on a desk, a funny story shared over lunch.


When your work is stressful, take a momentary vacation. Stretch, look outside, walk around, take a beverage break, in your imagination surround yourself with what you love.


Excerpted from Work Therapy by Daniel Grippo, R. W. Alley. Copyright © 1995 Daniel Grippo. Excerpted by permission of Abbey Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Daniel Grippo is the editor of CareNotes, a division of Abbey Press publications. He is the author of several Abbey Press books, including Loneliness Therapy and Healing Thoughts for Hurting Hearts (August 2004). His wish for the world: that adults would work less, play more, share their toys, and learn how to get along.
R. W. Alley is the illustrator for the popular Abbey Press adult series of Elf-help books, as well as an illustrator and writer of children’s books. He lives in Barrington, Rhode Island, with his wife, daughter, and son. See a wide variety of his works at: www.rwalley.com.


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