Workbook for Elementary Harmony / Edition 5

Workbook for Elementary Harmony / Edition 5

by Robert W. Ottman

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ISBN-10: 0137576919

ISBN-13: 9780137576913

Pub. Date: 06/01/1998

Publisher: Pearson

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Table of Contents

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1. Basics I: Pitch on the Staff and the Keyboard; Scales; Key Signatures.
2. Basics II: Intervals; Chords; Staff Notation.
3. Basics III: Duration, Time Signatures.
4. Tonic and Dominant I: Cadences.
5. Tonic and Dominant II: Part-Writing.
6. The Subdominant Triad.
7. The Melodic Line I.
8. C Clefs; Transposing Instruments.
9. The Triad in Inversion.
10. Harmonic Progression; The Leading Tone Triad and the Supertonic Triad.
11. Nonharmonic Tones I: Passing Tones and Neighbor Tones.
12. Nonharmonic Tones II: Suspensions and Other Dissonance's.
13. The Dominant Seventh and Supertonic Seventh Chords.
14. The Submediant and Mediant Triads.
15. The Melodic Line II: Form, continued; Melody Harmonization; Melody Writing.
16. The v and VII Triads; the Phrygian Cadence.
17. Harmonic Sequence.
18. Secondary Dominant Chords; Elementary Modulation.
Appendix 1. The Essentials of Part-Writing: Conventional Procedures.
Appendix 2. Instrumentation: Ranges, Clefs, Transposition.
Appendix 3. Elementary Acoustics.
Appendix 4. The Medieval Modes.
Appendix 5. Answer Key.
Index of Compositions.
Subject Index.

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