The Working Woman's Guide to Managing Stress

The Working Woman's Guide to Managing Stress

by J. Robin Powell, Holly George-Warren

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Barbara Jacobs
By now any working person has had at least a nodding acquaintance with stress, be it body pangs, poor dietary habits, or simply a lack of energy. But women, says clinical social worker and psychotherapist Powell, need to learn how to manage tensions and disturbances more than men because of the dual work-home responsibilities. Her prescriptions--some obvious, some not so--range from changes in diet and exercise to setting clear-cut goals and exploring assertiveness training. Each section includes explicit directions for specific stress-management techniques; employing psychological and physiological methods recognized by health practitioners, Powell and her coauthor not only combine these under one cover but also provide viable suggestions for getting stress under control and answers to the I-have-no-time quandary.

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