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World of the Weird

by Tracey Turner

Real-life phenomena and mind-boggling scientific adventures can often be really weird.
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Real-life phenomena and mind-boggling scientific adventures can often be really weird.

Editorial Reviews

Booklist - Hazel Rochman
Facts can be as exciting--and as weird--as the wildest fantasy, and each double-page spread in this small title is packed with experiments and information about bizarre science, from meteorites and spontaneous combustion to clothes that make you invisible.... This [book] provides plenty of fodder for discussion, including the need to keep an open mind; and each spread includes a Web site, directing readers to more awe-inspiring science information.
This volume of trivia contains topics that children will find fascinating, disgusting, and, well, just plain weird. The information is presented in bite-sized chunks, just enough to peak the reader's interest and give them a little something to chew on. There are links throughout the book to related web sites for further exploration and the graphic content of the book is outstanding. Readers looking for something a little offbeat will find a trove of interesting tidbits in this book.
VOYA - Ed Goldberg
This title identifies some oddities of life in snippets. Separated into nine sections with titles such as Weird Life or The Unexplained, each section contains two-page color spreads on peculiarities like Creepy Crawlies (giant gurgling worms, caterpillar poo, exploding beetles) and Revolting Science (experiments with urine, vomit, smelly feet). It is great stuff to entice reluctant readers, science buffs, or teens interested in the unusual. Each spread has a photo or drawing, an introduction, boxes with concise explanatory paragraphs, and one source of additional information. Many contain Weird Thing To Do projects for at home, such as grow a bacteria colony. The bright green cover makes this book eye-catching. Once opened, it continues to entice readers with its high-gloss color pages. The shape and angle of the information boxes varies. For example, those in Alien Encounters are shaped like aliens. Readers are introduced to ESP, ghosts, venomous fish, the mysterious sliding rocks of Death Valley, and deja vu. There is only enough information to spark inter—that is not sufficient to learn details—spurring readers on to consult more in-depth sources. The book needs not to be read linearly; readers can skip around. The language is simple and straightforward, describing topics that range from the more common place (Coincidence) to the truly odd (Museum of Weird). Some of the information is unusual, leading readers to retain factoids such as the difference between venomous and poisonous. The one-page glossary is helpful. Librarians might see teens hanging out and sitting on the floor to read this book. Reviewer: Ed Goldberg
Kirkus Reviews
A first-rate browsing item, from the bicycle-riding frog on the front cover to the recipe for chocolate-covered crickets at the end. In entries designed for microscopic attention spans, Turner presents barrages of snippets on extreme sports ("chessboxing"), uncommon maladies ("exploding head syndrome"), oddball festivals, bizarre beliefs ("Eating stolen bacon is a cure for constipation." Do tell!), strange creatures real or otherwise, supernatural phenomena and, as they say, much, much more. It's not just straight reportage, either, as along with the chocolate snacks, the author tucks in directions for creating green ectoplasm, several magic tricks and other hands-on activities. Unusually for compendia of this ilk, she also includes a URL or other source on each single-topic spread. Illustrated with photos that are often startling but never gory or gross, this compact page-turner will light up the imaginations of motivated young readers and jaded nonreaders alike. (Nonfiction. 10-12)

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Firefly Books, Limited
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Product dimensions:
5.25(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range:
10 - 13 Years

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