Worldwide Science and Technology Advice: To the Highest Level of Governments

Worldwide Science and Technology Advice: To the Highest Level of Governments

by William T. Golden

ISBN-10: 0080404073

ISBN-13: 9780080404073

Pub. Date: 01/01/1994

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

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Transaction Publishers
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Science and Technology Advising in a Dynamically Changing World1
Foreword: Science Advice in a Global Context6
Preface: International Cooperation in Science - A New Agenda10
Report on the International Forum on Science and Government - Weizmann Institute of Science, December 9-13, 1989: Report on the Proceedings15
A Decision-Maker's Guide to Science Advising28
Building Up a Common European Science and Technology Policy42
A Blueprint for Science and Technology in the Developing World61
Designing a Science-Led Future for Africa: A Suggested Science and Technology Policy Framework80
Science and Technology Advice in Australia93
The Science Advising Organization in Bulgaria101
The Canadian Situation: Evolution and Revolution in Giving Advice107
The Role of the State and Government in Chile's Scientific and Technological Development111
Science and Technology Advice to the Chinese Highest Authority124
An Example of Science Policy-Making in the People's Republic of China130
The Role of Foreign Science Advisers in the Republic of China (Taiwan)133
Science and Technology: Their Roles in the Development of Cuba144
Science and Technology Advice to the Federal Government and Parliament in Czechoslovakia153
The Central Science and Technology Organization in Egypt159
Science and Technology Policy Advice in Finland169
Science and Technology Policy in France: Evolution of the Decision-Making Processes177
Advisory Activities of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) Academy of Sciences193
Science Advice to Government in West Germany202
Science and Technology Advice to Government in Hungary208
Science and Technology Advice: The Indian Situation214
Science and Technology Advice for Developing Countries: The View from Indonesia223
Science Advice for Governments: Ireland and the European Community243
The Advisory Situation in Israel259
The Postwar Evolution of Science Policy in Italy267
The Activities of the Science Council of Japan277
The Council for Science and Technology: Its Contribution to Japan's Science and Technology Policy285
Policy Mechanisms and Development Strategy for Science and Technology: The Approach of the Republic of Korea (South Korea)296
Science and Technology Advice to the President in Mexico302
Science Advising to the Government in The Netherlands310
Concerning Research Policy Advisory Functions in Norway320
Science and Technology Advising and Policy Formulation in Pakistan328
Science and Technology Advice in Poland335
Science Advice in Portugal343
Science and Technology Advice to the Government of Saudi Arabia348
South African Science Planning: Western-Styled to Africa-Specific352
Science and Technology in Spain358
Government Science Policy in Sweden365
Science and Technology Advice to the Government of Thailand370
Organization of Scientific Research in the USSR374
Science Policy in the United Kingdom382
The Importance of Access and Knowledge to the Science Adviser to the President of the United States393
Vatican City State: The Pontifical Academy of Sciences403
Science Policy Advising to the President of Venezuela409
Science and Technology Advising to the Government(s) in Yugoslavia419

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