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Worth The Wait

Worth The Wait

4.5 31
by Claudia Connor
An emotional second chance love story.

He broke her heart. Now this FBI agent is down on his knees to win back the only woman he ever loved.

Nick Walker found his one and only when he was just nineteen.

Found her.
Loved her.
Lost her.

It's been ten years since Nick watched Mia walk out of his life. Now


An emotional second chance love story.

He broke her heart. Now this FBI agent is down on his knees to win back the only woman he ever loved.

Nick Walker found his one and only when he was just nineteen.

Found her.
Loved her.
Lost her.

It's been ten years since Nick watched Mia walk out of his life. Now this FBI Special Agent will do anything to win her back.

But it won'y be easy.

Mia's heart was shattered by Nick. They'll have to face their painful past if they want a future, including Mia's own secret about that day it all fell apart.

Editorial Reviews

Kristan Higgins
"Claudia Connor writes the kind of romance I love the most. Warm, realistic, steamy and heartfelt."
RT Book Reviews RT Book Reviews
"Connor's writing is strong enough to maintain the emotional intensity of the main couple's relationship through it all, providing a reading experience that will no doubt satisfy fans and leave many eager for more tales of the passionate McKinney Brothers."--RT Book Reviews
Jessica Scott
"This book gutted me. It's been a long time since something tore me up like this - in a good way. Claudia has taken the second chance love story to a whole new level. I loved it!" --Jessica Scott, USA Today Bestselling Author
"One of the most emotionally consuming books Connor has written to date...." --T'S BOOK REVIEWS
"I love a second chance love story when it hits on all cylinders . . . when the couple involved is believable, the emotions real, the pain agonizing, the passion intense - when the author makes me care so much that I feel every hurt, every regret, every lost opportunity just as deeply as the couple involved. Worth The Wait is one of those rare gems of a second chance love story..." --CROSS MY HEART WRITINGS AND REVIEWS

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Claudia Connor
Publication date:
The McKinney Brothers (A McKinney/Walker Novel) , #4
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Barnes & Noble
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Meet the Author

Claudia Connor is the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling series, The McKinney Brothers. Claudia writes, warm, heartfelt contemporary romances with a bit of steam, a lot of family and always a happily ever after.

Claudia attended Auburn University, where she received her undergraduate and masters degrees in early childhood education, and completed her studies in Sawbridgeworth, England.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys movies, reading, and travel, with a heavy dose of daydreaming during all three. Claudia lives near Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband and three daughters.

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Worth The Wait 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
nelriv 7 hours ago
I received an ARC for honest review for netgalley. It was a heart wrenching story about second chances. Nick lost his parents at age 19 and ended up guardian to his younger siblings, but he felt more responsible, for his two year old sister Hannah, who became his, his whole world. Then he meet Mia, and it was instant love, and she because sort of part of the family. They still had a couple of years to finish school and even though they were many years apart they were still in love, and kept relationship going. Then she comes home, and unfortunately tragedy strikes and Nick does not handle it well, and he blames himself and Mia. Mia ends up leaving him, and Hannah grows up a finds herself reconnecting with Mia, which totally shocks Nick, of course there is still heartbreak to go thru, but eventually they rekindle there love and get there HEA. But it was a long road
Anonymous 1 days ago
Another good story from the imagination of a very good author. SerenityWoods continues to amaze me with her writing style. I am learning so much about New Zealand and its customs. I think I will go on to read the novellas. LA-TXN
rlane 4 days ago
4.5 Stars Nick and Mia met and fell in love in college right after Nick’s parents died and he became guardian over his younger brothers and two-year old sister, Hannah. Both Nick and Mia knew their love was the forever kind, and I loved going back and watching them fall for each other; loved seeing Mia become an integral part of Hannah’s life. But tragedy strikes, and the aftermath shatters them. Guilt, anger and blame deals the final blow to their relationship and Mia leaves, no longer able to bear Nick shutting her out. They haven’t spoken in the ten years since Mia left, but neither has really moved on, so when they run into each other it brings all the hurt and pain back, but also the undeniable, intense love they had. Like Mia, I wondered whether Nick could ever let the past go to have a future with Mia. And I wondered if Mia would ever be able to forgive Nick for pushing her away. Even though I felt for Nick and everything he went through, my heart went out to Mia more. I hurt so much for her! With their breakup Mia not only lost the love of her life, she lost Hannah who was basically like their daughter, and Nick’s little brothers, too. But Nick felt so guilty, angry, and helpless over what happened he had no room in his heart for anything else. He didn’t feel like he deserved any happiness because of what happened on his watch, and so he let Mia go. I was glad that this time Nick wasn’t going to make the same mistake. Back when I read Hannah’s story in Worth the Risk, I begged for a Nick and Mia story, because it seemed like it would be an amazing second chance romance, and it was! I’m so happy Ms. Connor granted my wish! Worth the Wait was a very emotional read, I cried several times while reading. I was so invested in Nick and Mia’s story I couldn’t put it down and ended up reading it in one sitting. It was heart-wrenching at times to see what Nick and Mia went through, but that just made their journey back to happiness all the more satisfying. My heart soared and I cried happy tears in the end!
BananaTricky 4 days ago
This felt bigger than just a second-chance romance, it felt like it was wrenched from the depths of Claudia Connor's heart- almost too emotional. Remember Hannah Walker, the girl who was kidnapped and now runs a horse therapy ranch from Worth the Risk? Well she had an over-protective old brother Nick, who is an FBI agent. This is his story. After their parents died in a car crash when he was just sixteen, Nick raised his baby sister Hannah almost single-handedly whilst also trying to look after his three brothers. Whilst trying to attend college and bring up a three year old he bumps into Mia a young serious girl who dreams of becoming a doctor. Mia and Nick were very much in love but broke up. Neither of them has ever found love again. Eleven years after Nick and Mia split up, they meet again when Mia visits Hannah in hospital after she has a panic attack. Both Nick and Mia feel that they were the broken-hearted one over their break-up. Nick is determined to win Mia back, but can she trust him with her heart again and has he really put the past behind him. Told in a series of flashbacks interspersed with present day action over many months the reader gradually watches the young Nick and Mia fall in love and learns why they split up. The story overlaps with the events of Worth the Risk and takes it further. Nevertheless, I believe that the way the story is told you could still read this as a stand-alone. This was a difficult book to read, Nick and Mia have had very sad lives in many ways and I have to confess tears were dripping down my face more than once. It seemed that one thing after another was put in their way to test them. Lesser people would have quit much earlier. Seeing Hannah's kidnapping from the viewpoint of her older brother and guardian was gut-wrenching. Seeing the sacrifices that Nick and Mia made for each other and for Hannah was awe-inspiring. Seeing Nick trapped by his feelings of guilt and anger was heart-breaking. Basically I spent all day Sunday lying on the sofa reading and crying! And Nick is the first of the Walker brothers, we have Luke, Zach and Dallas to come. I received a free copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
Anonymous 5 days ago
Great story
Anonymous 5 days ago
What Nick and Mia go through is heartbreaking and their journey back is so gripping, so real. This is a wonderful addition to the series. If you haven't read Ms. Connor's other books, please do! You won't be disappointed. She writes such heartfelt stories, full of emotion and love, and Nick and Mia's story is no exception. I hope that we will see more of them in Zach's, Luke's, and Dallas's stories!? Please!!
Lorizen 7 days ago
Claudia Connor. Enough said. The book made me feel like I was at Disney on Mr Toads wild ride. From the emotional mountaintop down to the pit of hell, this is one great story. Since I assume you read the blurb and get the general idea, I'll just throw my feelings for the book out here. Nick couldn't have been more abrasive initially with his sister in the hospital, seeing Mia and then blaming everyone in the span of about two minutes. But that's Nick, federal agent, raised his siblings, fell in love with Mia in college, endured his sister's kidnapping and torture and let Mia slip away. Mia was off to med school when she decided to come home to help him with her, after the incident, Nick isn't coping, he pretty much opens the door for Mia and out she walks. And there's a lot Nick doesn't know about Mia and what's happened between then and now. 10 years is a long time, so matter how you cut it. Mia isn't sure she can risk her heart with him again and has so much healing to do from an unbearable loss. She slowly lets Nick in. Nick, I don't know. There were times I looked at him and wanted to shake him and times when he made me melt. He has to deal with the notion that his sister is in love and engaged, has a job she loves and a man who loves her. I really liked Stephen. Stephen stood his ground with Nick and I liked that. He's good for her. He has to deal with the aftermath of how he demolished his relationship with Mia and her life after that. He's got an overflowing plate. This book is stunningly beautiful, despite the pain and the history. It's second chances, new love and forgiveness of others and self. It's a huge do over that not many people get and or are given and will take the risk. Thank you Claudia for a deeply moving story. If you haven't read the series, please do. And yes, you can start here. I highly recommend this book. **arc from NetGalley and Publisher in exchange for a fair review** Many thanks to the publisher.
connie430 7 days ago
This is one of the best books I have ever read. Its the start of a spin off series from the McKinney brothers series by this author. You don't have to read the previous books but I highly recommend that you do for the simple fact you will fall in love with every book! This story is about Nick and Mia. Nick is Hannah's older brother(you meet Hannah and Nick in the McKinney series) Nick's parents died when Hannah was only 2 so he was raising her and trying to go to college where he meets Mia. She quickly becomes a part of the family and takes on the roll of a wife and mother even though they haven't gotten marrried. Something horrific happens to Hannah and Nick cannot deal with it so he shuts down and the relationship between him and Mia slowly falls apart. Its now ten years later and they see each other again. The book goes back and forth between the past and present and is so well written you never get confused, it flows perfectly. You will absolutely fall in love with Nick and Mia from the beginning of the book and will be so invested in them that the story will bring you to tears many times. Even though there are some heart wrenching moments the book is a beautiful story of emotional healing and a true love that never dies.
SandraHoover 7 days ago
I love a second chance love story when it hits on all cylinders . . . when the couple involved is believable, the emotions real, the pain agonizing, the passion intense - when the author makes me care so much that I feel every hurt, every regret, every lost opportunity just as deeply as the couple involved. Worth The Wait is one of those rare gems of a second chance love story that hits on all cylinders. I was immediately drawn in and felt every high and every low with these characters all the way through the last page. I laughed, cried, and mourned with them. I felt the heat of their passion and the devastation of their loss. I'm not going to rehash the story for you - you need to curl up on the couch and take this emotional journey yourself - as I did, reading it in one sitting. Worth The Wait flashes flawlessly between past and present, allowing readers to experience Nick Walker and Mia James falling in love and then later . . . falling apart. It speaks of passionate once-in-a-lifetime love, sacrifice, responsibility, and fate. It also speaks of loss, heart-shattering pain, guilt, and regret . . . and ultimately, of forgiveness of not only others, but of ones self. It speaks of opportunities lost and second chances. As an added bonus, the strong support cast includes favorites from the McKinney Brothers trilogy - Matt, Abby, Stephen, and Hannah as well as others. While you can read Worth The Wait as a very satisfying standalone, the McKinney Brothers is an awesome series that is well worth your time. Worth The Wait is an intensely emotional story that took me by surprise as I alternately smiled and wiped tears throughout the story. Nick and Mia touched my heart as I pulled for them every step of the way. Beautifully written, this book will resonate within me for a long time. The good news is . . . there are three more Walker brothers with stories that need to be told! And I can't wait! Worth The Wait is a Page Burning Must Read!
Ejaygirl 7 days ago
Nick Walker had to grow up fast following the death of his parents. He took on raising his three teenaged brothers and his two-year old sister while he was enrolled in college. In the middle of this chaos, he meets and falls in love with Mia James. Theirs is an epic romance...until tragedy strikes some years later and he lets her walk away. It's been ten years and suddenly they find themselves face to face for the first time. This is not your typical second-chance romance with easy issues to overcome the next time around. You'll fall hard for Nick and then want to strangle him. Mia is sort of a mystery until her story unfolds and then you struggle to not lose it. The story transitions at will from past to present, depending on the aspect of the story being told at the time. It may seem confusing but I had no issues keeping up and it made for more compelling storytelling. I've wanted Nick and Mia's story since they first showed up in Worth the Risk. I knew it would be intriguing and this story delivered and punched my emotions unmercifully. I highly enjoyed it, though I needed just a smidgen more groveling from Nick:) I'm excited about the books to come in this series as the Walker brothers are queued nicely in this story. (I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review)
mjlovestoread 7 days ago
Claudia Connor obliterated my heart with this one. I've read all about the McKinney brothers in her previous books and those were very emotional. But as we take a look at the love story between Nick Walker (Hannah's brother) and Mia, one that started when both were in college, and one that ended way too soon all those years ago, it's a wonder I was able to survive their heartbreak, let alone them! This is one of those books where you have a perpetual lump in your throat and pit in your stomach because as you get to relive the history of Nick and Mia's love affair, you can't help but mourn the demise of their relationship right along with them. So perfect together, they brought out the best in each other as Mia found an overwhelmed college student in Nick, forced to become a father overnight when his parents were taken away far too young, struggling with his baby sister all the while trying to keep up with his studies. But once their fairytale is ripped apart quite suddenly and without warning, everything changes and they find themselves forced to separate, neither one ever looking back. Gah! How I love a great second chance romance. And with Worth the Wait, the moment of reckoning between Nick and Mia gutted me time and again. This is not an easygoing book. Not even close. But it's so compelling and so very well written, there is no way to even think of turning away. You feel every bit of pain they experience as they come face to face again and stumble trying to get back what they lost so many years ago. It's heartwrenching but oh so worth it. The characters are extremely likable and you can't help but root for that hard won happy ending. I was put through the wringer over and over but their journey is one I would gladly experience again. It's that good. Do yourself a favor and grab this one. Actually start from the beginning with Worth the Fall and fall in love with the McKinneys and Walkers just like I have. You'll be very happy you did. 5 solid stars!!
beckyb0416 7 days ago
I was captivated from the first page in this continuing series of the McKinney brothers. This is the first book by Ms Connor I've read, but now feel the need to read the first two books in this series. It's been quite awhile since an author has been able to evoke as much emotion from me for a book as this author has. Her characters have so much depth, dimension and heart that they fairly leap off the page...with her descriptive narratives, it was very much the same as watching a movie in my mind...Ms Connor is just that good. In many ways, her writing brings Nora Roberts to mind in how well the characters are developed and real. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more work from Ms Connor as this book has whet my appetite for more from this author. This book was provided by the Publisher and Netgalley, I am voluntarily proud my honest review
LoraJ 7 days ago
4 1/2 out of 5 stars NIck and Mia’s story is a wonderful second chance story. After sharing a tragedy that no parent - or big brother - ever wants to face forces them apart, time finds them together again, but will they be able to let go of the past to find a better future? The story was told back and forth in time and gave details from both his and her perspectives which was a great way to tell it to get the maximum out of the story. The characters were easy to connect to and I felt many emotions for them while reading. Nick was forced to grow up way too soon and Mia chose to join his crazy life. Their love and protective natures were amazing to witness. My only complaint about this book is that we don’t get enough of the HEA with them. We got their good times in the past and their reconnecting, but I just wish I could have had more of their time together once they were back together. Regardless, I don’t think that Ms Conner could write a bad book! (AND I can’t wait for the next installment!!!)
DannyJeffbooks 7 days ago
Worth The Wait is a brand new stand alone novel from Claudia Connor and I was provided with a copy of this book from the Publisher via NetGalley; there was no inducement or obligation. This is an extremely emotional second chances romance. I have to say, Claudia did an amazing job in getting across the angst and emotion in this story. It's immensely heartfelt and heartbreaking and for a fair amount of this book, my heart was in my mouth and I shed more than one tear. However, I wish there had been a little more shade and light relief as more than once I needed to step away from this book to take a break from the intensity. Worth The Wait is a slow building book that really hooked me in overall I really enjoyed it.
BookReaderAnnie 7 days ago
I often take forever to write reviews. I always want to have a well-written review. Give you enough information to make a judgement on if you want it or not. Sometimes reviews are very completed for me because I have so much to say and I'm not sure how to say it. Worth the Wait is going to be one of those reviews. I both loved...and at times was driven crazy with this book. I know, confusing. I did warn you that I was going to have trouble writing this. I really enjoyed Worth the Wait. More than once it tugged at my heartstrings. In fact, at times this book broke me heart. I loved the characters so much and I'm so glad that the author continued these characters. This is a very complicated story. It moves between the past and present and not always seamlessly. Most of the time I kept up with the switch, every once in a while I was lost until I figured out what was going on. I didn't mind the story being part past, part present, what I did mind was the way it was done. I think the story should have started in the past and moved to the present. Other then that, I really did enjoy this story. It is so emotional and touching. You want to shake them both and yell at them to open their eyes. I get why they have done what they've done. It's easy being outside the window looking in. Of all the hero's I've read Nick might have been one of the best. He's such a great, stand up guy. When his family most needed him he was there for them all. For most of it Mia was there too. It was like they both raised a family when they were so young. They never had a normal dating period. It's not easy growing up so early. See, I told you this one was going to be slightly confusing. All I can tell you is that it's well worth the read and I can't wait for the next one. I might have confused you with my review but believe when I say that Worth the Wait is really a very good story.
Anonymous 9 days ago
Another excellent book in this series!
Momscookingthebooks 9 days ago
Well this had me wrung out! Wow! This is an incredible story of loss, young love blossoming into mature love, tragedy, grief, misunderstanding, 10 years of lost love and trying to find a common ground to find forgiveness in oneself and others. Yup, there’s more! A chance to try again with the only person you ever loved. Yes, I was wrung out. This is the first time I have read anything by this author and it won’t be the last. This is a great start to a new series and I look forward to reading more by this author. The characters were well developed and they had such amazing chemistry. They went through so much! You could feel the push and pull going on in the relationship and I kept thinking, don’t give up, don’t give up. All the outside factors adding into the story. My heart broke for them. There is so much to this story! I feel like I should let the reader enjoy this emotional second chance love story, so I won’t give anymore away! I truly enjoyed it and I highly recommend it.
KaliMcQuillen 9 days ago
Wow! This book sure will give you the feels. I felt every emotion you can name. It tore my heart up, put it back together again, SHREDDED IT and slowly put it back together again. It's an emotional ride for sure! Nick and Mia were always supposed to be together. They were soul mates, they couldn't imagine not having the other in their lives. Nothing should have been able to come between them, nothing at all. I loved the flashbacks so I got a chance to see what kind of relationship that they had from the very beginning. I got to watch it grow and flourish. Unfortunately I watched it all fall apart. The sadness, the despair, the horror of events, the guilt, the everything! I also got to see love, soul, gut wrenching love. I've slowly started to love 2nd chance romances and this book is a good reason why I have. I do wish that it didn't take couples 10 years to realize that they were meant for that special one. 2 years authors, 2 years. It's a nice round number and would still work for the story.
EllenAnderson 10 days ago
GRAB YOUR TISSUES!!! Seems we've waited forever to read Nick and Mia's story, and what a story it is. While definitely heartbreaking in parts, misunderstandings and other life happenings, it's a case of love never ending. Mia has got to be one of the strongest women I have ever encountered, and I believe she would have to be to take on such a tough loving guy like Nick. I loved this story. I do recommend you have your tissues ready for this one.
SullyGirl 10 days ago
As a longtime fan of Claudia Connor's books, I knew I was in for both a treat and heartbreak with Nick and Mia's story. While this book can be read without reading any of the previous McKinney books, I feel like you may get want to tackle Hannah and Stephen's story, Worth the Risk, first to fully understand the events that helped separate Nick and Mia. That said, this story of second chances and lost loves is beautiful, sad, hopeful and touching. Nick and Mia were college sweethearts, together for years until tragic and traumatic events surrounding Nick's sister Hannah tore them apart. Years later, they are reunited, quite accidentally, through Hannah. Much of their story takes place in the past, but as others have mentioned, speeds up once they connect again in the present. I, frankly, don't feel as though the present was rushed at all...if anything, I was more frustrated with their early courtship. It all makes sense once you read it and I won't give anything away here! For those who are visiting the McKinney and Walker families again, you'll catch up with most, if not all of your favorites while also getting a glimpse of whose story is next in line. One of my favorite things about series books is visiting old friends and Connors never disappoints. Enjoy the journey through Nick and Mia's love story!
ytcruz 10 days ago
Another excellent book written by the very talented Claudia Connor. If you are looking for a romantic, fluffy story , this one is not for you. But if you want a story that is not only thought provoking, and will make you FEEL all kinds of emotions, then this is definitely one not to be missed. The story centers around Nick and Mia. Nick, at 19, lost his parents to an accident and was left as guardian of his 3 teenage brothers and 2 year old sister, Hannah. A teenager force to grow up and loose his innocence. A parent at any age is a challenge, at 19 , an incredible load. He meets Mia, while in college and the two become a unit. 12 years together until a devastating incident occurs with Hannah. Love didn’t seem to survive, guilt took over, hurt was felt and Mia leaves. 10 years later, they meet again. The hurt is still there, as well as the guilt, but also hidden is the love. You will want to yell at them at times, hug them at others . You will feel your heart ache and on the verge of tears, but you will not regret the emotions. Paraphrasing the author, it’s a time of coming home, love lost and found and reconciliation of hearts. Bravo, Ms Connor for another outstanding book. Can’t wait for more stories about the Walker brothers. I was gifted this book. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
SiobhanDavisAuthor 10 days ago
Actual: 4.25 Stars This was an emotional second chance love story that made my heart swoon and collapse in equal measure. I definitely had all the feels reading this one. Nick and Mia were soulmates who found each other early in life. Nick had just been thrown into the deep end after his parent's tragic death, and once Mia came into his life they both became quasi-parents to his younger siblings, especially to two-year-old Hannah. I loved the way this book moved between past and present and how the story was slowly unraveled one layer at a time. I also loved both Nick and Mia and seeing them together from youth to adults I was completely perplexed as to how they could have split up because they were just so perfect together. I knew it was tied up with whatever happened to Hannah and when it was disclosed I felt my heart break right along with Mia. Watching their true love self-destruct was one of the hardest things and I had a painful lump in my throat throughout those chapters. Circumstances reunite them ten years later and it's clear they never got over one another, but the demons of the past were never resolved and they are still forming a solid obstacle, preventing them from reconnecting. This one seriously tugged at my heart strings. I bounced from one emotion to another and I wanted to slap some sense into Nick on more than one occasion. The ending was amazing and couldn't have been more perfect. I'm now totally invested in this series and it definitely makes me want to read the previous three McKinney books. I enjoyed Claudia's writing and although the inner monologue became a little repetitive in parts, in the main, it flowed well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this if you enjoy well written contemporary romance with all the feels. Thanks to the author for providing an ARC of this book via Netgalley.
RobertaCapizzi 10 days ago
This book has been definitely worth the wait (pun intended!). Ever since reading about the Hot and Grumpy FBI brother in Worth The Risk (yes, both with capital letters!), I couldn’t wait for Ms. Connor to tell us Nick’s story. He only had a few cameo appearances in the book, but it was enough to make me want to know his story. Ms. Connor didn’t disappoint my expectations. Worth The Wait isn’t just a beautiful romance. It’s heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, and so full of strong emotions it will make you laugh, cry, swoon and leave you a sobbing mess with a contented smile. You will not want to put it down until you’ve reached the end. And even then, when I finally got the happy ending I was waiting for from chapter one, I wanted to go back and read it again because, honestly, I couldn’t just leave Nick and Mia. There are some beautiful, romantic moments between Nick and Mia, scenes that will make you swoon and, at least as far as I’m concerned, envy Mia and make you want to be her. But the sweetest, most heart-warming moments are those involving Nick and Hannah, or Nick, Hannah and Mia. Every single one of these scenes, including the toughest moments of Hannah’s life, stole my heart. If you’re looking for a sexy, heart-warming, tear-jerking second chance romance that will cause a flurry mix of emotions and will hold your heart hostage for a day—or ten—after you’ve finished reading it, then you will definitely want to pick up Worth The Wait and immerse yourself in this beautiful story of family bonds, of loss and heartbreak, of life struggles, and ultimately of redemption. And most of all, of love—the deep, strong kind of love that can withstand the worst trials and overcome the biggest obstacles. The kind every woman dreams of experiencing at least once in her life. Thank you, Claudia Connor, for writing another amazing story I will treasure in my heart—and on my Kindle—forever. ***I received a complimentary NetGalley copy. I was not compensated for my review and the opinions are my own.***
Nicola_1202 10 days ago
Back in 2015, after reading Worth the Risk--the second in Claudia Connor's McKinney Brothers series and my favourite--I said I hoped that the introduction of Hannah Walker's brothers was leading towards something more. Worth the Wait is the more, and it lives up to its title. "I ruined us. I know I did. You tried to love me, and I pushed you away. But please tell me there's a chance. Tell me I haven't lost you. Not again." Nick and Mia have a love that has spanned decades and we're taken right back to where it all began following the death of Nick's parents when he was 19 and shouldering the responsibility of becoming guardian to his three teenage brothers and toddler sister. What this couple experience is everything from heartwarming to utterly heart wrenching and Claudia Connor gives them the story they so deserve. "I loved you yesterday. I’ll love you tomorrow. Every day." This was an absolute joy to read and with a couple who I loved. From Nick's sigh inducing moments as the protective older brother to a sweet little girl, to his inner torment and understandably over-protecting nature, to Mia's unwavering love and support despite the mistakes made and years they've spent apart, they are unforgettable. I applaud Claudia for how well this story worked hopping between the past and the present, and how she has linked Worth the Wait with Worth the Risk, giving existing readers a continuation of Hannah's story with certain little holes filled in, yet for new readers it can be read as standalone. I can't wait for more from the Walker's and the McKinney's.
Christine_Miller 10 days ago
Where to even start. This book was everything I love. A second chance love story. A story so well told that it breaks your heart and then puts it back together. The Walker brothers give us more stories to look forward to. Nick and Mia had a once in a lifetime love, but things happened in the past that they both had a hard time moving past. Now, ten years later, they are getting a second chance at that lifetime of love. Will they be strong enough to leave the past in the past and move on with one another? This book gave me all of the feels. My heart broke from the beginning for Nick and all that he gives up to raise his family after his parents die. The writing in this book is so good. The author describes all of the characters in such detail and you feel like you know them as a personal friend. The feelings are real. Your heart will break with Nick and Mia's and then you will slowly feel it mend and then there is hope of a future. I absolutely loved this story. I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could. Awesome read!