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Wounded Angel

Wounded Angel

4.0 3
by Stacy Gail

Book three of The Earth Angels

A descendant of the Angel of Vengeance, Nate da Luca was gifted with an uncanny ability to find things. It made his job as a detective a breeze—until he learned the hard way that some things should remain hidden. After that, his powers vanished, along with his belief in himself. Which is going to make tracking down


Book three of The Earth Angels

A descendant of the Angel of Vengeance, Nate da Luca was gifted with an uncanny ability to find things. It made his job as a detective a breeze—until he learned the hard way that some things should remain hidden. After that, his powers vanished, along with his belief in himself. Which is going to make tracking down Gabriella Littlefield for his latest client a challenge.

Personal trainer Ella Little paid a hefty price for her life—now all she wants is to live it in peace. Then a sexy hulk of a man turns up in her gym, reigniting desires she thought she'd left behind along with her real name and hair color.

Desires she can't deny even after she discovers Nate's no stranger to her dark past.

Before he can convince her the attraction is mutual, Nate's going to have to earn Ella's trust. But a demon is playing for keeps in the world of humans, using Ella as bait, and the last thing they have is time…

Go back to the beginning with Nobody's Angel, available now!

63,000 words

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The Earth Angels
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"Do you want to be helpless? Are you happy with the idea of being someone's prey? If so, quit now and let the pain win. Quit, I say! But, if you refuse to be a victim, let's do another five reps!"

Deaf to the heavy metal beat thrumming through the kickboxing gym, Ella Little crouched in front of the long black bag she'd already beaten to within an inch of its life, and went through the drill for what felt like the millionth time. The combination was a tricky one—three sharp left jabs and a fast uppercut right, then into two side knee strikes, aiming for the ribs or kidneys. Next was a flurry of half a dozen close-in body punches and an elbow strike before a front kick to gain space, then finishing off with a pivoting roundhouse kick to the head.

Balance, speed, power. A kill shot in each hit. In order for it to be effective in real life, putting deadly intent behind each hit was the way it had to be trained.


Within The Body Electric's cavernous kickboxing training room—or the Doom Room, as the more dedicated gym members called it—people were dropping like flies. No surprise there. The trainer was Jacob Braun, perpetually rabid and an agent of Mossad before deciding to retire to Chicago to torture its unsuspecting residents. He was in fine form this blustery March evening; with his eyes bulging and veins popping, he looked like a man who'd missed his daily dose of anti-psychotics. His salt-and-pepper hair was shaved so that it was little more than bristles, and he didn't need the microphone headgear as he screamed his peculiar brand of motivation while his mad eyes swept the room for easy prey. Ella hardly noticed her co-worker and friend as he pounced on a flagging gym member, far more intent on letting the power sing through each fluid punch and kick.


Though she loved her job as a personal trainer and self-defense instructor at The Body Electric, this was Ella's favorite part of the week—kickboxing with Jacob. Where else was it legally possible to let her violent flag fly, and even better, have it encouraged? The front kick snapped out, zinging all the way up to her hip, and she couldn't stop the fierce smile. That one would have buckled an opponent's knee, no problem, and that knowledge shot satisfaction through her system. That was what this class was all about—survival. Survival of both Jacob's wild-eyed instruction, and survival of the darkness that could swallow a person whole.

The kind of darkness that had once done its best to swallow her.


Man, she was tired.

To keep her mind off the lava-hot burn of lactic acid in her quads, biceps and deltoids, Ella tightened her pink-gloved fists and let her gaze wander to her neighbors. One of them was bent at the waist with his hands on his knees in a position that showed he was either in the process of regaining his breath or about to hurl. Another was barely managing to lift her foot high enough to reach the bag. Jacob would make them pay for their weakness.


Her bag jounced with the impact of her kick, and its movement coincided with another bag off to her right and ahead a few rows. Someone else was determined not to incur Jacob's wrath, if the bag's violent dancing was any indication. Her attention drifted to the man working the bag over like it had done him dirty, and her well-oiled rhythm skipped a beat.


Meet the Author

A competitive figure skater from the age of eight, Stacy Gail began writing stories in between events to pass the time. By the age of fourteen, she told her parents she was either going to be a figure skating coach who was also a published romance writer, or a romance writer who was also a skating pro. Now with a day job of playing on the ice with her students, and writing everything from steampunk to cyberpunk, contemporary to paranormal at night, both dreams have come true.

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Wounded Angel 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excitement from page one to the end. Two wounded souls that come together and overcome their inner demons and the demon that has been attacking all the Earth Angels.
Sailon More than 1 year ago
Ella Little has remade her life to escape her past. Suffering from a serial killers attack she hides in her new life. Working as a trainer in a gym she focuses on self defense and strength...she never wants to be a victim again. Angel of Vengeance descendant and private detective Nate daLuca is searching for Gabriella Littlefield, he’s been hired by the grandmother of Ella’s attacker’s estate. Her attacker’s grandmother wanted to make retribution for her pain and suffering.  But when Nate finds Ella to be Gabriella, he discovers all the woman he had on his list of potential Gabriella’s have all died of recent accidents. Realizing too late that his investigations lead a killer to Ella’s door step, Nate must earn Ella’s trust to keep her safe. It was fabulous watching two very powerful personalities collide and become romantically involved. Even though this is a novella length story, it still packed a punch. Stacy Gail writes a fantastic paranormal tale where demons and evil live and hunted angelic descendants fight for survival and those in need.  This ARC copy of Wounded Angel was given to me by Carina Press in exchange for a honest review. This book is set for publication May 27, 2013.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
After being victimized in a brutal kidnapping, then escaping, Gabriella Littlefield vows to never be a victim again. Running from her old life, Gabriella becomes Ella Little and is learning to take charge of her destiny, although falling in love is the furthest thing from her mind. Enter Nate daLuca, too handsome to be real, with a special ‘spark’ about him that has Ella’s ‘girly parts’ in a state. Yet, he also raises her hackles. Nate also has a deep secret, he is the descendant of Nathaniel, the Angel of Vengeance and is able to ‘find’ what he is looking for, which as a private detective searching for Ella, comes in handy. He just didn’t expect to find such a strong woman that drives him crazy. But has Nate brought more grief to Ella’s door? These two have only each other to depend on as they fight for their lives. Wounded Angel is a fast-paced story with two very strong characters, each with their own baggage to handle, each madly attracted to each other. Stacy Gail has delivered another hit in her Earth Angels Series! This ARC copy of Wounded Angel was given to me by NetGalley and Carina Press in exchange for my honest review. Publication Date: May 27, 2013. For more reviews check out Tome Tender's Book Blog or find us on Facebook.