Wrecked for God: The Surprising Secret to True Transformation

Wrecked for God: The Surprising Secret to True Transformation

Wrecked for God: The Surprising Secret to True Transformation

Wrecked for God: The Surprising Secret to True Transformation


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Growing up in a Christian home dictated by legalism and religious ideals, Dianne Leman set out to find something more than the fear of not being enough or doing enough to earn God's favor. In her search, she found that Jesus was bigger, better, and more beautiful than she had ever dared to dream—and it wrecked her for good.

In her faith-altering book, Leman guides believers out of Christian lives of doing into union with the Lord Jesus Christ that provides rest, freedom, delight, and grace that is not exhausting but exhilarating. This non-striving guide will help you

· lose your religion and strengthen your faith
· pray in power
· offer mercy to the "messy" people
· and much more

Break the shackles of religion, and embrace the fruitful, fulfilling life with Jesus that you never thought possible.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780800799960
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/02/2021
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Dianne Leman is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Vineyard Leadership Institute and Vineyard Bible Institute. She and her husband, Happy, founded the Vineyard Church of Central Illinois in Urbana and serve in full-time ministry. They have five children and a growing number of grandchildren. Learn more at www.dianneleman.com.

Table of Contents

Foreword Randy Clark 13

Acknowledgments 23

Introduction: God's Best Secret 25

1 An Outright Scandal, an In-Sight Secret 33

Subtitle: God's secret is a hidden treasure, ready to be seen and too scandalous to ignore.

Dilemma: What is this secret, and how do I discover it?

Description: While this secret has been revealed for thousands of years, it is now exploding in both academic and practical concern. Find out more!

2 Lost for Good, Found Forever 45

Subtitle: If you want to find Jesus, lose your religion-for good-and find true faith forever.

Dilemma: I keep trying, but I can't seem to really find life in Jesus. Jesus, are You in me?

Description: Religion is the stumbling block that keeps us from finding Jesus and our true self. We can live free of fear, full of faith-in union with Him.

3 Life, Not Death 65

Subtitle: Jesus is the Living Word. Don't let the Bible "kill" you.

Dilemma: The Bible can be hard to understand, difficult to apply and even hurtful.

Description: "We can search the Scriptures, know the Scriptures and miss Jesus, who lives in us. Here are ways to approach the Bible in union with Jesus.

4 Saint Now, Sinner No More 81

Subtitle: Jesus brought you out of the grave. Embrace the new you, don't fix the old.

Dilemma: If I am new and no longer a sinner, why do I still sin and struggle with the old?

Description: Believing in Jesus means we died and are buried with Him, but too many stay in the grave and wait until the final day to rise and truly live in newness of life. We can come out now, stop putting makeup on our corpse and live as a new, resurrected being in union with Him.

5 Better Drunk Than Sober 103

Subtitle: Jesus provides the best wine. Get drunk daily in the Holy Spirit and enjoy life with Him. God created us for the enjoyment of many pleasures with Him.

Dilemma: But doesn't that mean I'll look foolish? What about reason? Plus, I feel guilty enjoying ordinary pleasures!

Description: We need a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit every day so we can walk and live in the Spirit. He is God in us, showing us how to live in union with our Trinitarian God, enjoying all of life.

6 Intimacy, Not Imitation 125

Subtitle: Jesus wants intimacy with you, not imitation of Him. He wants participation, not performance.

Dilemma: How do I have intimacy with an invisible God?

Description: We are now hidden in Him-in union with Him-and there is no more imitation of Christ. Instead, there is participation in the divine life we share together as one.

7 Contempt or Compassion? 149

Subtitle: Jesus asks, "Why do you treat Me with contempt? I desire compassion."

Dilemma: I might be too compassionate or tolerant of sinful behavior in others. Shouldn't I judge wisely?

Description: Jesus sees, loves and has compassion for all types of people. We can partake of His compassion, care and love in union with Him or persist in our contempt and criticism of others.

8 Messy Ministry 169

Subtitle: Jesus makes a mess wherever He ministers and invites us to say yes to the "mess" and the miracles, too.

Dilemma: I really don't like messes, but I do want miracles.

Description: Ministry in union with Jesus is messy, and that is confusing. We expect things to be nice, neat and successful. But it is often the opposite-and miraculous, too!

9 Powerful, Not Pagan 191

Subtitle: Jesus knows best how to pray in power. No more pagan prayers, please.

Dilemma: My prayers seem weak in spite of God's promises.

Description: Jesus is weaned of our super spiritual groaning, moaning intercession that is similar to pagan prayer, where we try to impress and/or manipulate God. We can enjoy the wonderful privilege of asking in His name-in union with Him-and watch Him answer in power and love.

10 Bonfire or He I If ire? 213

Subtitle: God is a consuming fire. Let Him prune those dead branches so you can produce abundant fruit.

Dilemma: But I'm afraid of the fire!

Description: Wood, hay and stubble of dead "works need to go now so our union with Him can bear all the fruit God has ordained for us.

Conclusion: Unravel the Revelation 233

Notes 235

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