Wrestling with Tom Sawyer

Wrestling with Tom Sawyer

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by L. L. Samson

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There’s no one under the sun like Tom Sawyer!

Preparations are underway for the monthly party, “Bare Feet and a Straw Hat Never Hurt anybody, an evening with Mark Twain.” The gang agrees that Tom Sawyer should be brought into the Real World. He’d be a refreshing change after Captain Ahab and Lady D’ Winter—much


There’s no one under the sun like Tom Sawyer!

Preparations are underway for the monthly party, “Bare Feet and a Straw Hat Never Hurt anybody, an evening with Mark Twain.” The gang agrees that Tom Sawyer should be brought into the Real World. He’d be a refreshing change after Captain Ahab and Lady D’ Winter—much easier to handle. However, upon arrival, Tom immediately picks a fight with Walter, falls in love with Ophelia, and continuously attempts to one-up Linus. When Ophelia is kidnapped, Tom is determined to save her, just like he did with Becky Thatcher. But the clock is ticking…

Praise for the series:

“A fantasy steeped in classic literature…narrator Bartholomew Inkster brings Lemony Snicket–like irony to frame the story.…References to literature throughout the narrative make this a feast for middle-grade book lovers. Kids who like quirky adventure stories with idiosyncratic characters will enjoy a simpler kind of fun.” – Publishers Weekly

Praise for Saving Moby Dick

Generously infused with animating elements of mystery, romance and comedy—plus a particularly lively and diverse supporting cast of grown-ups. -Kirkus

Editorial Reviews

School Library Journal
Gr 5–8—In this fast-paced addition to the series, precocious, quirky 12-year-old twins Linus and Ophelia Easterday and their friend Walter embark on an adventure with the enchanted circle, a phenomenon that enables characters from well-known literary works to cross over into the Real World each year at 11:11 p.m. on September 11. The fictitious character can remain here, intermingling with actual people for only 60 hours and then must return to the Book World. Now the twins' uncle is having his monthly literary party with Mark Twain as the theme. Ophelia loves The Adventures of Tom Sawyer so she brings Tom through the enchanted circle to join the trio on a sometimes-humorous roller-coaster ride of an adventure as they try to unlock the mysterious secrets surrounding a tunnel under the Pierce School for Young People. Details about Tom's actual story are interspersed with the plot. Unfortunately, the too-frequent interruptions and asides from the narrator, Bartholomew Inkster, LF (Literary fussbudget), derail the story's flow. Using italics to delineate these musings from the action itself, Samson has Inkster comment on miscellaneous ideas about literature and current mores and values. In spite of this intrusion, readers will find this installment a lot of fun as the trio goes on their search.—Renee Steinberg, formerly at Fieldstone Middle School, Montvale, NJ

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The Enchanted Attic Series
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5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.70(d)
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9 - 12 Years

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Robert Poulin was born and raised in the New England state of Connecticut. After spending his late teenage years in Boca Raton Florida, Robert moved to upstate New York where he lived with his uncle Wilbrod Poulin and attended the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. After earning a Bachelor's in Political Science and a Master's in Teaching, Robert went back to Florida where he taught Social Studies for a few years. After returning to Northern New York, Robert took a job with the North Country Center for Independence: a disability rights and advocacy organizations. Robert has worked for NCCI for thirteen years and is now the Executive Director. Wail of the Banshees is Robert's first novel; he has been a huge fan of fantasy and science fiction since second grade when he discovered The Hobbit. Urban fantasy in particular has become Robert's favored genre in the past decade. Robert has been legally blind since infancy, but thanks to a mom that encouraged independence, hard work, and a healthy dose of dreaming, the disability has mostly just been an inconvenience. Robert is currently in the editorial process with his second novel, Death Toll, and is writing Echoes of Madness the third novel in the Veronika Kane saga.

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L.L. Samson lives in Kentucky and has been writing for longer than anyone needs to know. Suffice it to say, L.L. has been reading even longer, loves to do it, and hopes you will too! Chickens, children, and a cat live in Lexington with L.L. and spouse, Will Samson, who writes too. Despite this, it’s difficult to find a pen in the house.

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Wrestling with Tom Sawyer 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
mojo_turbo More than 1 year ago
This is the 4th book in the Enchanted Attic Series by L.L. Samson. Other titles include Moby Dick, the Hunback and the Three Musketeers - so as you can see this series is about other great literary works. This is a great idea that Samson has - a way to bring classical works of literature into a young reader's hands - and to introduce them to the possibility of reading the works that her novels are inspired from. The basic premise of this series is straight forward, a group of kids find a abandoned magic attic wherein they bring famous literary characters to life. Think "Bill & Ted" for Junior High kids. These books are targeted at young readers - maybe 9 years to early High School and are written with wit and charm. Of course, being that these are Zondervan books, there are also trace hints to Christianity as well. These are wholesome books that teach strong values - well recommended.  Thank you to Zondervan & Zonderkidz for this advanced copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.
majibookshelf More than 1 year ago
Ophelia and Linus the twins, and their good friend Walter decided that they need another adventure right at the beginning of the semester, and they decided they should bring out Tom Sawyer out of his book. But the twins have an annoying cousin named Cato who plans to do whatever it takes to mess with them. When Cato brings out Injun (pronounced like "engine" ) Joe, a ruthless man who wants revenge so bad he'd kill for it, and has him kidnap Ophelia and Tom, its up to Tom's cleverness and Linus and Walter's quick wits to help Ophelia and Tom escape a (possible) murderer. This book is great! Ophelia was a bit annoying in this book, what with correcting every grammar mistake that Tom makes. I understand the problem with people who have horrible grammar, but I would have quickly realized that there was no point in even trying. I kinda dragged my way through the majority of the book, as it was a bit boring with some interesting bits thrown in. Thankfully, the book became more interesting when Ophelia and Tom were kidnapped. Nothing except the beginning of the book bothered me. The flow was great, and the writing was nice. I like how the author explains how each character is feeling, but not in a very confusing way. The book is the fourth in a series, and by the way it ended, I'm guessing there will be a 5th, which I'm excited for. I would recommend this series to tweens ages 11-16.