Wright & Forrest's A Bag of Popcorn and a Dream (revue)

Wright & Forrest's A Bag of Popcorn and a Dream (revue)


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  1. A Bag of Popcorn and A Dream (originally written for Jane Froman)
  2. Southern California Blues (originally written for Jane Froman)
  3. Has Madame Had It? (from the musical "At the Grand")
  4. I Hate Music Lessons (from the musical "At the Grand")
  5. I Discover New Worlds (from the musical "Thank You, Columbus")
  6. Pilgrims' Chorus (from the musical "Thank You, Columbus")
  7. Thou Shalt Not Dance (from the musical "Thank You, Columbus")
  8. Easy Livin' (for the proposed film "Millionaires Don't Whistle")
  9. Mr. Navy (for the proposed musical "Mr. Navy")
  10. All At Sea (for the proposed film "The In-Between")
  11. In the Shadow of Sugraloaf Mountain (for "Copacabana Revue of 1943")
  12. Chapultapec (for "Copacabana Revue of 1943")
  13. See Rome and Live! (from the musical "At The Grand")
  14. I Lost My Love in London (for "The Ziegfeld Follies of 1942")
  15. I'm Going Moroccan For Johnny (from a Copacabana revue)
  16. Fall in Manhattan (for "The Copacabana Revue of 1943")
  17. I've Got A Date With New York (for a Copacabana revue)
  18. The Love Life of a Sailor (for the proposed musical "Mr. Navy")
  19. Hit The Ball (from "Barney Gerard's Follies of the Day")
  20. Lonely Little G-String (from "Barney Gerard's Follies of the Day")
  21. Do Not Disturb (from a version of the musical "At The Grand" (unused))
  22. Domesticity (for the musical "Kean" (unused))
  23. Inevitable (for the musical "Kean" (cut))
  24. Crescendo (originally written for the musical "At The Grand" (unused))
  25. Let A Little Love In (for the projected musical "Whirlygig")
  26. Finale. A Bag of Popcorn and A Dream (originally written for Jane Froma

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Judy Kaye   Vocals
Karen Akers   Vocals
Fred Barton   Synthesizer,Piano,Musical Direction
Richard Centalonza   Horn,Woodwind
Marcia Lewis   Vocals
Karen Murphy   Vocals
Ron Raffio   Tuba,Acoustic Bass
John Redsecker   Drums
Lucie Arnaz   Vocals
Joan Barber   Vocals
Donna Lee Marshall   Vocals
Walter Willison   Vocals
Geoffrey Holder   Vocals
Ashley Rose Orr   Vocals
Kathi Moss   Vocals
Jeff Calhoun   Vocals
Sean Lough   Vocals
Kathleen Thompson   Violin
Diane J. Findlay   Vocals
Rob Sutton   Vocals
Douglas Holmes   Vocals
Concessionaires   Ensemble
Andrew Driscoll   Vocals
David Green   Vocals
Rick Centalonza   Horn,Woodwind
Melinda Hopkins   Vocals
Simon Jones   Vocals

Technical Credits

Fred Barton   Arranger,Director,Programming,Orchestration
Bob Forman   Booklet Design
Jeremy Harris   Engineer
Walter Willison   Director,Producer,Liner Notes,Concept
Bruce Yeko   Executive Producer
Chip Fabrizi   Engineer
David Lillis   Booklet Design
Chip M. Fabrizi   Engineering

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