Writer's Guide: History / Edition 1

Writer's Guide: History / Edition 1

by Henry Steffens, Arthur Biddle, Toby Fulwiler, Mary Jane Dickerson

ISBN-10: 0669120022

ISBN-13: 9780669120028

Pub. Date: 01/02/1986

Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Cengage Learning
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Writer's Guide Series
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New Edition
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5.37(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.37(d)

Table of Contents

1. Writing to Learn History What is history? Why write history? You and the writing process The writer's decisions Further thoughts on writing history: Thomas Jefferson as Writer 2. Journal Writing in History Why keep a journal? What is a journal? Characteristics of journals Suggestions for keeping journals What to write Keeping a research log Studying for exams with your journal Further thoughts on history journals: Student Reactions 3. Approaches to Writing and Learning History Getting started Creating historical contexts Writing, revising, and editing Using the computer Interpreting history: narrating, explaining, and persuading Creating closure Further thoughts on writing history: Edward Hallett Carr 4. Writing Short Essays In and Out of Class Reviewing books and articles Reviewing lectures, films, and exhibits Writing from primary sources Writing essay examinations Further thoughts on practicing history: Barbara Tuchman on the Historical Task 5. The Research Paper as the Model for Short Scholarly Writing The nature of historical sources Selecting and developing a topic Handling and organizing your research Writing your paper Further thoughts on writing history: Margaret Yourcenar's "Reflections on the Composition of the Memoirs of Hadrian" 6. Principles of Library Research and Basic Bibliographies The library Starting your research at home Card catalogue Cataloguing systems Periodicals Two research strategies Help from the reference section The research log Computer searching Further thoughts on writing history: Historians on Research 7. Documentation Techniques Uses of bibliographic references Comprehensive bibliographies Selected bibliographies What do you need to cite in your endnotes? Endnote citation format Guides to style Additional examples of documentation 8. A Concise Guide to Usage 9. Make Punctuation Work for You Further Thoughts on Writing History Index

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