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Writer's Reference / Edition 6

Writer's Reference / Edition 6

3.9 8
by Diana Hacker, Jane Rosenzweig, Tom Jehn, Nancy Sommers

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ISBN-10: 0312450257

ISBN-13: 9780312450250

Pub. Date: 11/23/2006

Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's

A proven success. The best-selling college textbook of any kind. Thoroughly class tested and enthusiastically endorsed by millions of students and their instructors at more than 1300 colleges and universities across the country.


A proven success. The best-selling college textbook of any kind. Thoroughly class tested and enthusiastically endorsed by millions of students and their instructors at more than 1300 colleges and universities across the country.

Product Details

Bedford/St. Martin's
Publication date:
Edition description:
Sixth Edition
Product dimensions:
6.62(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Composing and revising
Sample Paper
Research writing
Conducting research
Evaluating sources
Managing information
Planning and drafting
Citing sources; avoiding plagiarism
Integrating sources
Revising your draft
Effective sentences
Needed words
Problems with modifiers
Mixed constructions
Coordination and subordination
Sentence variety
Word choice
Glossary of usage
Wordy sentences
Active verbs
Appropriate language
Exact language
The dictionary and thesaurus
Grammatical sentences
Subject-verb agreement
Other problems with verbs
Problems with pronouns
Adjectives and adverbs
Sentence fragments
Run-on sentences
Esl Trouble spots
Special problems with verbs
Sentence structure
Other trouble spots
The comma
Unnecessary commas
The semicolon
The colon
The apostrophe
Quotation marks
Other marks
Spelling and mechanics
The hyphen
Italics (underlining)
Format/Basic Grammar
Document design
Principles of document design
Academic manuscript formats
Business documents
Electronic documents
Mla documentation
In-text citations
List of works cited
Information notes
Manuscript format
Sample Paper: Mla Style
Alternative styles of documentation
Apa style
Sample Paper: Apa Style
Chicago style
Sample Pages: Chicago Style
List of style manuals
Basic grammar
Parts of speech
Parts of sentences
Subordinate word groups
Sentence types

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Writer's Reference 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
C_J_SINGH More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by C J Singh (Berkeley, California)

A WRITER'S REFERENCE is a compact version of THE BEDFORD HANDBOOK, reorganized with plastic comb binding for convenient use.

I taught editing workshops for several years at UC Berkeley using The Harbrace Handbook as the basic reference. At the suggestion of a former colleague, I agreed to take a look at his favorite, The Bedford Handbook/A Writer's Reference.

The first thing I noticed was its publisher's claim that the Bedford/A Writer's Reference is the all-time best-selling college textbook. For years, I used to introduce the Harbrace to my classes by quoting its publisher's identical claim. (Sic gloria transit mundi.)

Perusing the Bedford/A Writer's Reference, I agree it's decidedly more user-friendly. For example, Harbrace's opening chapters on grammar introduce adjectival and adverbial clauses without adequate explanations, which discourages many students. Bedford/A Writer's Reference begins its grammar section with the traditional parts of speech; in contrast, Harbrace mentions "parts of speech" only in its Glossary of Terms at the very end of the book.

A WRITER'S REFERENCE with Extra Help for ESL Writers devotes almost one hundred pages of grammar issues and intensive exercises (with solutions) addressed to them. Most helpful.

Particularly impressive is Bedford's section on researching online, with its advice to watch out for dubious websites. For example, in researching hazards of using cell-phone while driving: "In particular, some sites were sponsored by the wireless communications industry, which has an obvious interest in preventing laws restricting use of its products. Even a site sponsored by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis seemed somewhat suspect, since the wireless industry funded the center's study concluding that the risk of using a cell phone while driving is low compared with other risks."

Bedford/A Writer's Reference invites readers to visit its open-access website comprising: electronic writing exercises; electronic grammar exercises; electronic research exercise; resources for writers and tutors; model papers; research online, and language debates. This feature makes Bedford a truly amazing tool for self-learning.

The pages on Language Debates, I hope, will be enhanced in future editions. Too few entries; for example fewer/less usage issue is not mentioned. Moreover, Bedford makes no mention of THE MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH USAGE, published in 1989, which comprises 2300 usage issues and 20,000 quotations from writers. On the fewer/less issue, the MW Usage book presents a detailed history, with a cheery endorsement of "less" with count nouns; for example, "Ten items or less" sign on the express lanes at supermarkets is perfectly acceptable. (No doubt the editors of the Bedford are aware of MW Usage book; however, the books they cite are much more prescriptive.)

The Bedford/A Writer's Reference is the most user-friendly college handbook.

-- C J Singh
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great resource for writing a paper ! Highly recommend for college students!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This reference book helped me alot in my english class esp. with all the changes in writing rules this is a great book to have and keep.
Guest More than 1 year ago
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