Writing Across the Curriculum: A Prentice Hall Pocket / Edition 7

Writing Across the Curriculum: A Prentice Hall Pocket / Edition 7

by Stephen Brown

ISBN-10: 0131565818

ISBN-13: 9780131565814

Pub. Date: 07/28/2006

Publisher: Pearson

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New Edition
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5.29(w) x 8.49(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

1 The Environment

The Obligation to Endure Rachel Carson

The Next Step for U.S. Climate Change Policy Warwick McKibben

U.S. Forest Conservation May Increase Deforestation Elsewhere Pam Mayfield

Big Mac and the Tropical Forests Joseph K. Skinner

The Ugly Guzzlers Derrick Z. Jackson

2 The Media

Propaganda Under A Dictatorship Aldous Huxley

15 Questions About the Liberal Media Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon

Television: The Plug-In Drug Marie Winn

The Coolhunt Malcolm Gladwell

3 The Arts

Why The Record Industry is in Trouble Jann S. Wenner

Cop Out? The Media, “Cop Killer,” And the Deracinialinization of Black Rage (Constructing [Mis]Represetnations Christopher Sieving

Born in Fire: A Hip Hop Odyssey Jeff Chang

Understanding Youth, Popular Culture, and the Hip-Hop Influence Patricia Thandi Hicks Harper

4 Technology

We Are Not Special Rodney Brooks

Isolated by the Internet Clifford Stoll

Text as Mask: Gender and Identity on the Internet Brenda Danet

5 Gender and Race

The Girls of Gen X Barbara Defoe Whitehead

Marked Women Deborah Tannen

Just Walk on By Brent Staples

6 Literature and Language

Mother Tongue Amy Tan

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Raymond Carver

The Story of an Hour Kate Chopin

Ode to My Socks Pablo Neruda

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