The Writing Teacher's Sourcebook / Edition 3

The Writing Teacher's Sourcebook / Edition 3

by Gary Tate

ISBN-10: 0195083067

ISBN-13: 9780195083064

Pub. Date: 10/28/1994

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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Oxford University Press, USA
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Older Edition
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6.31(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.05(d)

Table of Contents

Four Philosophies of Composition3
Contemporary Composition: The Major Pedagogical Theories9
Diversity, Ideology, and Teaching Writing22
Teaching the Political Conflicts: A Rhetorical Schema35
Notes to Stella55
Embracing Contraries in the Teaching Process65
Reading Students, Reading Ourselves: Revising the Teacher's Role in the Writing Class77
Teaching Across and Within Differences92
The Listening Eye: Reflections on the Writing Conference96
Multicultural Classrooms, Monocultural Teachers105
Male and Female Discourse: A Bilingual Approach to English119
Collaborative Learning in the Classroom: A Guide to Evaluation132
The Risky Business of Group Work141
Understanding Composing149
Between the Drafts155
Writing and Knowing: Toward Redefining the Writing Process162
Crumbling Metaphors: Integrating Heart and Brain Through Structured Journals173
The "Research Paper" in the Writing Course: A Non-Form of Writing180
Teaching Argument: A Theory of Types186
Beyond Argument in Feminist Composition195
The Components of Written Response: A Practical Synthesis of Current Views207
Learning How to Teach: A Progress Report224
The Meanings of "Audience"233
Audience Addressed/Audience Invoked: The Role of Audience in Composition Theory and Pedagogy243
Closing My Eyes as I Speak: An Argument for Ignoring Audience258
Static Abstractions and Composition279
Teaching Style: A Possible Anatomy294
Revitalizing Style: Toward a New Theory and Pedagogy300
Use Definite, Specific, Concrete Language310
Diving In: An Introduction to Basic Writing321
Redefining the Legacy of Mina Shaughnessy: A Critique of the Politics of Linguistic Innocence327
The Study of Error338
Remedial Writing Courses: A Critique and a Proposal353
Elements of Classical and Medieval Rhetoric in the Teaching of Basic Composition371
The Rhetoric of Technology and the Electronic Writing Class381
How Word Processing Is Changing Our Teaching: New Technologies, New Approaches, New Challenges391
The Electronic Discourse Community: god, Meet Donald Duck400
Suggested Readings415
Bibliographic Resources417

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