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by Teymur Roshdi

'Writing!' is an article about the purpose and the goal of creative writing,about the impact of words on our world today and what all writers are searching for by writing novels,stories,science-fiction and so,also why some writers and authors became famous throughout human history.


'Writing!' is an article about the purpose and the goal of creative writing,about the impact of words on our world today and what all writers are searching for by writing novels,stories,science-fiction and so,also why some writers and authors became famous throughout human history.

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Teymur Roshdi
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I can be whoever and whatever, living here or there,it doesn't change anything; I'm not an exception either and I observe and think about things like all the other people do, each one through their own way. Maybe my independence and freedom in considering things might be noticeable and this is my way.

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Writing! 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Do u get to write stories in this writing book?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The city of hope,peace,and joy was a white,tall castle with a green garden and a clear lake. The villagers had strong whlte houses.But that was all locked in a homless boy's mind.For he had no one.He had no food and was on his way to find his "lost" parents. When he made it to a house that was broken badly he knocked on the dusty door.A tall women opened the door."Oh...oh my..."The women gasped"son!"Her name was June,and she knew somthing bad would happen.(I'll write more later!!!)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I awoke to the sound of cows chewing their cud and horses softly nickering to each other. As if they knew there were two .... i dont know. Outlaws maybe? Sleeping in the hayloft. I rolled over to face him. People really do look younger in their sleep. The 14 year old survivor and killer i was looking at appeared to me to be more of the innocent little boy he once was. But thats gone now. We are alone now. We can only trust each other. As for everyone else.. dead or wanting us dead. I sat up and brushed the hay off me and our burlap sack. Soon his eyes opened. The first thing out of his mouth was "your leg?" "Sore but itll be fine." I replied in a whisper. "Emma we cant risk it. Not when theyre after us." Yes by now you are probably wondering who we are exactly. Im Emma Pharr a brown haired brown eyed girl. Your average um lets say woodcutters daughter. He on the other hand is Luke Ambring. A tall brown haired boy. We could be twins but hes just my cousin. Hes been like a brother though since his mom was killed by her lover. Lukes dad when Luke was three. We grew up together. Sharing everything not eating if the other couldnt. Most people said we were joined at the hip. Theres one thing that sets us apart. His ice blue eyes. They are always filled with something like unforgivingness. He claims that when he finds his father he will kill him the same way he watched his father kill his mother. (I have a lot more for this story. Tell me if i should put more in the next result)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I woke up to the sound of birds chriping in my ear. "Carley!!" My best friend yelled. His nam is Chance. I got up and spreaded my wings out. Yeepp.. wings.. 12 feet long both sides. I put them in and yawned. Then got to my cloths. Today: some long black super skinnyjeans. And a cut neon pink shirt that said : wings. I went to the kitchen and saw my mom her wings were out and making pancakes...mmhmmmm!! I love pancakes. If your asking why i have wings ill tell you why: we are aliens. The earth ened. The humans died and only one speices lived. The wings. The good thing was that we are humans that were experimented on. Yep. So thee is a lots of wings. My family: mom, dad, chance(not related), charlie(not related), eva, and little Sara(not related) have wings. I grabbed 4 panncakes and put some maple surup on them. Mhmmm!! BANGBANGBANG!! It sounded like a person was banging on the door. Dad went to the door and opened it.. Dr. X14 (robot) was standing right there. "Hello.. You have not paid yet. I need Carley to come with me. And eva." He said in a robot voice. I grabbed my plate and some food with a backpack and put juice and water same with food. Caus i knew wheee we gping they wont feed us. I pulled Eva to my side and walked out the door. A hovercraft was floating in the yard. Dr.X14 pushed us in and started the car. We flew to the View. The view is where all the important robots and aliens live. Once we got there he grabbed us and a blue alien with a purple tail slapped me and eva in the face. My eyes widen with angry. Thats it! Im out for blood! .. and robot parts.. ::: end of chapter 1:::
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Make more. Make every chapter seven pages and not anything bellow seven. It seemed a little rushed though! Great job!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The kit screamed. "Fox," yowled one of the warriors. "My kits," their mother yowled in fright. "Dont worry Silvertail i got them," said a deep voice. It was Dewstar! Dewstar ran to the kits but he was to late the fox had already picked up Snowkit. "Momma momma dont let it take her," Flamekit wailed. Dewstar was right behind them. "Kits go to your mother," Dewstar growled. "What about Snowkit," protested Rabbitkit. "Go," he growled. They ran as fast as they could to their mother. Dewstar slashed at the foxes muzle it yowled in pain and droped Snowkit. Snowkit ran to Silvertail. The fox sprang at Dewstar but Dewstar was too quick he moved out of the way. He jumped and went for the foxes belly he racked at its belly. The fox ran away yowling. Fawnpelt went up to Dewstar "Do you have any wounds,"she asked. "No," he replyed "check on Snowkit." "Shes fine just shaken," Silvertail said "come on kits back to the nursrey." She led her kits in to the nursrey. "Mom why did the fox come," Flamekit asked. "Fox," Watermint said "will my kits be safe." She wraped her tail around Stonekit and Dewkit and brought them close. "Dewstar chased him off," Rabbitkit said. "Your kits will be fine but right now its time for bed," their mother said and they all fell fast asleep. (Tell me if i should write more - Candycrazy)