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X3: Healing Entities and Aliens

X3: Healing Entities and Aliens

by Adrian Dvir, Chani Solomon (Foreword by)

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A book describing ongoing aliens' medical activity in Israel and all over the globe. The aliens medical team collaborates with psychics and cures humans. The author is a psychic and describes his first-hand experiences.


A book describing ongoing aliens' medical activity in Israel and all over the globe. The aliens medical team collaborates with psychics and cures humans. The author is a psychic and describes his first-hand experiences.

Editorial Reviews

The Jerusalem Post
With 40% of Israelis and 70% of Americans believing in aliens according to recent polls, Dvir’s book… is drawing the attention of believers and skeptics alike.
Israel Hotel Chain Magazine
Adrian attempts to make sense of the universe in which we live, and the universe which unfolds is beyond our wildest imagination, populated by a broad range of creatures existing in cultures much more developed than ours, who have come here in order to help us.

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Life the development of complex biological systems that reproduce themselves is the most wondrous occurrence in the universe. An additional, wondrous event occurring in the universe is the development of consciousness that is, the being conscious of itself and of its surroundings. These are the two wonders of creation and for these wonders our gratitude goes to a higher power, which we know as God. The mathematical probability of these two events occurring together approaches zero, and yet it has occurred. To our surprise, it has not occurred once, but many, many times and it continues to occur today; evidently, it will continue to occur in the futurethe development of new life forms that reproduce themselves and the concurrent development within these life forms of conscious thought

Intelligent life takes diverse forms across many different types of matter. Some of them are unknown to us even though our researchers are engaged in unceasing efforts to discover and study new life forms, which are encountered all the time throughout the infinite space of the universe. Your planet is one of the sources of life that we have discovered and currently are studying. 

Beyond pure scientific research, we also provide assistance to developing civilizations that we believe are deserving of our help. Some cultures move in a negative direction toward self-destruction, representing a danger to themselves and to other cultures; we do not assist such civilizations. On the other hand, to civilizations with a potential for development on the path of Light, that is, positive development, we give many forms of assistance. Our aim is to help these developing civilizations to achieve, as quickly as possible, a stable state of existence that will ensure them long-term continued existence without danger of extinction. In other words, we help them toward accelerated technological development. 

The process of providing aid starts with an in-depth study of the civilization in order to ascertain whether or not our assistance is warranted. If we decide to provide assistance, we then decide on the best way to assist. This study of the civilization is very broad in scope and conducted in cooperation with interplanetary organizations—organizations that bring together a huge diversity of life forms from tens of millions of populated planets that represent the cultured life of the universe, life forms with consciousness. We want you to be aware of the importance of your work with us on a worldwide scale, regarding your own planet, and an interplanetary scale. You are part of a great effort. 

Medical treatment is only one element in the efforts to motivate human beings to come into contact with us. Without medical treatment, we surmise that the points of contact between us and humans would be minimal. One of the aims of treatment is to learn about the nature of human biological and psychological systems through case studies of patients. At the same time, we are continually learning how to treat humans and improving our methods and techniques. 

You no doubt have noticed the wide range of aliens that have been taking part in the medical teams. These teams frequently are replaced by new teams to allow a greater number of life forms to come into contact with humans. The more contact we have, the more we can come closer to you and offer our help. 

It could be said that most of the planets taking part in this effort are in the stages of initial evaluation. Each planet is entitled to decide for itself whether it wants to be part of the efforts to help the planet Earth or not, or any other developing planet anywhere in the universe. Therefore, each planet must gather its own information and form its own impression. The treatment encounters conducted through you allow this to take place. 

We would like you to know one more thing: We are pleased with your activities. The various researchers have all given positive reports, which increases the possibility that more and more planets will take part in helping Earth. We wanted you to be aware of the importance of the work you are doing. 

What People are Saying About This

Ana Agranat
I’d been reading for three days, not being able to concentrate on anything else. Although I had considered myself to be an open-minded person… the book… left me stunned. I felt that my life would never be the same again.
I didn’t doubt a word in this extraordinary narrative, no matter how fantastic some information in it might seem…The sensations I felt in Adrian’s special room were beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. The extraterrestrial visitors claim that their ultimate goal is to help humanity and with all my heart I believe that this is really so - doesn’t our beautiful and polluted planet really need help?
It strikes me how significant the information given in the book is for us humans. It’s not fair to conceal it from millions of intelligent people. I admire Adrian’s courage and determination to tell the unsuspecting world what’s going on under our own noses.
The revelations that you, the lucky reader, will find in Adrian Dvir’s book will be life-changing because the time is right to hear them, to perceive new reality, and eventually, to come to grips with it.”
Ashkelon College, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

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