Xcode 4 Iphone Development Beginner's Guide

Xcode 4 Iphone Development Beginner's Guide

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by Steven F. Daniel

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Xcode 4 iPhone Development Beginner's Guide 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Boudville More than 1 year ago
The main task of this book is to teach you how to write and debug Objective C code under the IDE of Xcode 4. It is not meant to be primarily a way to learn Objective C. If you are indeed a C programmer, you probably hail from the classic Kernighan and Ritchie C, which is also more or less ANSI C. In this case, Objective C is just a minor set of dialect changes, and you should not have any problems with the code snippets in the text. Daniel's value is in explaining how the IDE makes your programming life much easier. The end target is to have functioning and tested executables for the iPhone and iPad. Given that now Apple is the largest or second largest market capitalised company in the US, there is great incentive for you to develop this expertise. The most obvious benefit is the iOS simulator. This lets you develop your code on an Apple desktop machine under Xcode, and run it immediately on the same machine. Without having to futz around with transporting the executable to an actual iPhone or iPad and then running on the latter. A great timesaver. So look with appreciation at the many examples in the text where screen captures from the simulator are shown. You cannot tell intrinsically from the images themselves that they hail from a desktop simulation and not from actual screen captures from a handheld device. And that is the point! The code examples in the various chapters walk you through all the aspects of graphical programming you are likely to need, to make a simple application on the handheld. Nothing is too intricate. And the compile, build and run cycle should soon become almost automatic. The debugging ability is also important. Where you can insert breakpoints in the code or where you can step through the code. Well developed to be easy to learn and apply.
GPUToaster More than 1 year ago
Xcode is the heavily loaded programming environment for iOS development. With XCode 4.0, you will definitely discover lots of useful tools that will make your development life easier. Daniel has authored this amazing book that would enable your ability to learn quicker with his beginner's approach. This book covers lots of feature related stuff and theory attached to it such as OOP, MVC Concepts, Accelerometers, touch architecture, etc. The book uses simple classroom like approach and presents topic discussion with ample amount of images and codes. Remember this book won't teach you Objective-C language, it primarily focuses on XCode 4 new features and shows you the development experience in this new IDE. This book is a good start for beginner reference, but is useless unless you know or aware of Objective-C. GPUToaster rates this book 8.5/10. For more in-detail review visit: GPUToaster's Blog(Google Search Keyword: gputoaster)